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  1. Sorry to inform you that O won't miss you any more than they miss any one of us - it's a business, not a personal vendetta. I believe you always book upper suites which are ALWAYS full - often before any other category.
  2. Beats the camel ride to the pyramids that costs $1 to get unto the camel and $100 to get off 😀
  3. Thanks for a good laugh - now I cannot un-see this great observation 😀 Couldn't agree more.
  4. Agree completely. This is not to say that food on Regent is bad - I just prefer O's cuisine. I will miss Jacques really badly.
  5. Lyn & FF - thank you for refreshing my memory. Maybe I need a new brain chip (along with all other vital body parts replaced )😀 Is the TA given OBC refundable vs status OBC which is not?
  6. The benefits have been changing over the years. On their website under Plat benefits currently they list $500 w/o stating that it is per cabin and not per person while obviously other perks are per person (free cruise, no deviation fees, PPG, etc) Also I see no spa credit listed. I know the amount has changed but is it gone altogether?
  7. Nothing 😀 Your math is close in most cases to your example. Of course, there will be exceptions where prices are closer but there is no "free lunch" 😀
  8. You are asking for the impossible - only you can decide which you like better after trying them both. Whom are you going to blame when you choose the "wrong" line? We don't know anything about you - how can we convince you of anything. I hate tomatoes (and you don't know that) - convince me that I will love that tomato dish that is your all time favorite. Not going to happen.
  9. IMO there is no "apples to apples" comparison between these 2 lines - they are too different for that type of comparison. We've cruised on both and have our preferences but they are not as simple as price. We have enjoyed Regent but prefer O for a number of personal reasons. This may not be the case for OP as we are not CC of each other. 😀 IMO, OP should try both at some point and decide which, if any, suits them better and then all of our own preferences will become irrelevant for them (preferring one over the other or consider them equally desirable)..
  10. I would agree. I can see all the obstacles you might encounter when re-entering the airport.
  11. You can get an idea of the place in a day but you really need an overnight there to fully appreciate the place. Most pictures show the mountaintop monasteries and as impressive as they are, the treasures are inside. Good luck.
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