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  1. Glad to hear this as I like this option. By saying "apparently" I was only relaying info I read in this thread. Last time I tried this I was able to book a B2B2B (which is where I should be right now if not for COVID 😀)
  2. What makes you think they will change their minds about the vaccine when they can’t even accept wearing masks? Believe it or not, there are still a LOT of people that think the virus is a hoax. The reasons behind this trend and beliefs I leave to peoples’ own interpretation.
  3. WOW! That’s what I look for anytime I am in Budapest. Enjoy your Thanksgiving “turkey” 😀 Sorry for going OT.
  4. I know it went down by $100 - thought it went from $500 to $400 but it looks like my memory is failing me once again. 😀 It’s been a while since our last cruise - time to cruise again.
  5. I believe that it is now “only” $400. Your account will remain open throughout the entire cruise and you will have to settle it only once - at the end of the last segment.
  6. My guess is 3 only for first segment as they are all under different booking #s.
  7. Agree with you - since O Life came to be we usually take the minimum required. The rest are either DIY or more O excursions at 25% discount (all types are included in this). That said, booking or canceling O life has to be done 14 days prior to sailing at the latest.
  8. Speaking for myself, they can start sailing anytime in 2021 but I will wait till 2022 to see how things are coming along and await reports from early cruises from experienced O cruisers as to how the new experience compares to the past. By 2022 we should know a lot more about cruising and COVID.
  9. Apparently there is no longer such a thing as B2B. They are now Grand or Extended voyages with a single booking #. Hence you should get your credit on day 1.
  10. I suspect that you are right in most cases. One of the advantages of separate segments is that if that segment sells poorly, the prices may go down and you could benefit from that. In our case one segment offered PPG (not the other) thus we were able to get the full value of that PPG as refundable OBC. Admittedly, these may have been unusual cases.
  11. What will happen if you book the first segment of an extended voyage (provided it is available as a separate cruise) with one booking # and a month later you book the following segment with a different booking #? Will O combine it for you into one extended journey?
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