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  1. I understand that Silversea still does.
  2. I believe that J (and U) are award categories (with AA anyway). Full fare or discounted business class tickets fall into different buckets. Below are award ticket buckets only - not paid tickets . This is from ExpertFlyer: https://www.expertflyer.com/sessionlessClassList.do American Airlines (AA) F First - AAnytime Award (for 3-cabin flights only) Z First - MileSAAver Award (for 3-cabin flights only) A First - upgrade using Miles/SWU or restricted purchase of First class on 3-cab
  3. J is one of the classification buckets for business class tickets (awards); F stands for First class. Some airlines (UA) classify business awards as I but J is still a universal term for frequent flyers to indicate business class.
  4. Do you have one of those and is it required for you to vote? I ask because I don’t have one and I have no trouble voting as I am a registered voter.
  5. Most of their flights are much shorter in Oceania and. Australia - lie flat seats are not essential.
  6. No flat lie-down seats in business class - a deal breaker for me.
  7. We had 4 O cruises scheduled for 2020 and all were cancelled by O. This is exactly why I chose to get cash refunds on all 4 to avoid the FCC “mess”
  8. You are welcome. Good luck!
  9. FWIW - JL releases their awards exactly at T-330 6PM PST/5 PM PDT Also, learn how to navigate JL’s award charts as they are more accurate than AA’s for availability.
  10. I am not sure what you are worried about - after all, you are already Incognito 😃
  11. Agree with your choice of AA over Singapore for reasons you quoted. I suggest you try to use AA miles for Japan Airlines immediately when bookings open. Usually you should not have trouble getting 2 J on JL (sometimes even F is available). Alternatively, try UA miles for ANA and not for UA..
  12. Most likely routing. Or it could be AC to SFO and then UA to Tahiti. I would prefer that routing plus you can earn miles on AC all the way.
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