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  1. The problem with that philosophy is that I don’t want to pay some $600+ per day (or whatever) to watch current movies and I don’t want to be on a cruise that visits “less desirable ports” at that cost either . To do those things I can stay in the comfort of my home for no extra cost and go to the movies. 😀 We will be on a trans-Pacific Crystal cruise with many sea days to take advantage of those benefits but I wouldn’t even consider a Crystal cruise for a port intensive cruise.
  2. I agree with that but with a caveat. While Crystal has excellent enrichment programs and other programs on sea days, they do not offer these programs on port days (not even trivia 😀). Thus it works well if you are on a cruise with many sea days but not so much on a port intensive itinerary where few if any of those “nice” things are offered.
  3. Yes - the patient must first spend a minimum of 24 hrs in a hospital before MedJet would transport the patient. That said, the patient must be in a stable condition and be cleared by a physician for such a long airplane transfer and that is not always the case (at least not immediately).
  4. Agree - see my post # 12 above. As always, others may feel differently.
  5. I don’t see why not - as long as Bob was cleared to be flown to a hospital near home. If it wouldn’t be covered, then it’s not worth the paper it’s written on.
  6. Also a good way to “reserve” your table while you are getting your food without anyone having to guard it.
  7. Agree with above. I know that I would choose by looking at menus rather than what “strangers” say as I do not know their tastes or preferences..
  8. Antarctica in June - really? What cruise line?
  9. Agree. The more lines we try, the more certain we are that O is the best fit for us. That includes lines like Crystal, Regent, Seabourn, Silversea, Viking as well as most premium and mass market lines. Many of the other cruise lines have some great features and we would not hesitate cruising with some of them under the right circumstances but when the cruise is taken as a whole, none of them fit us better than Oceania. Of course, this is an individual preference and as always, YMMV. Sopwith - you really should try some of the alternatives to judge for yourself. That is the ONLY way you will have an answer to your question.
  10. Unlike most of the other Carib ports, St Barts probably neither needs nor depends on cruise ship $$$$ for survival. They get plenty income from independent (mostly wealthy) travelers. JMO.
  11. Agreed - that would have been a reasonable solution IMO. Airlines (AA comes to mind) have followed this procedure when there were new changes to their reward programs as has Oceania re: grandfathering full amount of second PPG for those that achieved at least Gold before a certain date while instituting the new rules for all others.
  12. If you find a better reward program please let us know.
  13. Generally speaking - yes. However, that may not be the case for Australians as the gratuities are included in your fare -AFAIK. In such a case, removing the gratuities would essentially be getting a reduction in your fare “after the fact” (not to mention how unfair it would be to the wonderful staff on Oceania who count on this additional income). I am not certain about this point - only speculating. In Australia the basic income by law is such that gratuities are not needed to supplement the income of service staff. That is not the case universally. When in Rome, .......
  14. I was wondering (and concerned) how the pilots would manage without you but now I am assured that all is well again - you are managing this in absentia 😀 All the best to you both.
  15. You are probably right except maybe for some unwritten benefits such as higher preference on extra specialties reservations and such (although, a “next free cruise” is nothing to sneeze at 😊).
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