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  1. That does seem pretty extreme. Have you inquired about the second deposit from your TA or O?
  2. I do agree that there is some randomness to the process. Of the 4 refunds (1 cruise + 3 deposits) the very first refund I received was for the very last cruise. Maybe different people are handling things in their own batches - who knows? As long as it will get here eventually. 🙂
  3. Hope it all works out well and your mom won't be disappointed.
  4. Here is what I think you might be too optimistic about. You may not be getting off the ship but everybody else will be and IF anyone gets infected, you may find yourself in the middle of it. It is even more infectious than Noro. Of course, things may be very different by then and you may be perfectly safe. All the best for your cruise .
  5. This is where the activity has shifted: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2744517-oceania-refunds-has-anyone-actually-received-any-cash-yet/
  6. Do you mean HCL as in Hydrogen Chloride aka Hydrochloric acid? Let's not confuse things further.
  7. Most definitely not you - it's a wrong post quote. Should have quoted Aloha 1 I fully agree with you (see my post). The reply was meant for Aloha 1. Sorry about that.
  8. I had a full page reply to your post that unfortunately got lost before I posted it as I was doing research and I am not about the try to redo it. Some of it is in the post by 1985rz1 above. Bottom line - if you check the most reputable sources like The Lancet and JAMA you will find that there is no evidence of any effectiveness of Hydroxy... in treatment of COVID. If I were unfortunate enough to have to make choices of treatment of COVID for me, I would choose either convalescent plasma or remdesivir over Hydroxy in a split second. YMMV.
  9. I agree with you. I have only been on a few Seabourn cruises but enjoyed them very much. We have almost 30 cruises on Oceania but we saw some changes lately that made us start thinking of alternatives. Seabourn was number 1 as an alternative but not anymore. It's a two way street.
  10. This is an absurd statement. How would you prove that it is a prophylactic unless you took it and got actually actively infected with the virus and not get sick. Not only that, you would need a very large sample for it to be a fact as a few people not getting sick would mean very little. After all, there is a large number of asymptomatic positive COVID patients that became positive without taking Hydroxychloroquine.
  11. (underlining mine) Yes - it's a very useful drug for several diseases just not COVID. AFAIK, WHO has stopped all clinical trials of using this medicine in prophylaxis or treatment of COVID nor is it approved by FDA for use in COVID. Can you please quote the data that substantiate your claim that this drug is a potential prophylactic or a current treatment?
  12. January is summer in Southern hemisphere - perfect time to cruise in S. America, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, N.Z. etc (if one wishes to).
  13. AFAIK FCC cannot be used as a deposit for a future cruise - thus additional funds must be paid out to book a new cruise (and we're not talking $500) 😀 The FCC can then be used towards the balance due. Is that not correct? PS This is the note I got when I cancelled my cruise (underlying mine): For Guests Who Choose to Cancel: Future Cruise Credit (FCC) Terms & Conditions The value of this credit may be applied to the cruise fare only of a new reservation with Seabourn, and is combinable with any other applicable discount. The credit is valid for a cruise departing within one year from the date of this letter. You may choose any available suite category, but the credit may not be transferred, refunded, or used as a deposit, nor may it be used for taxes, onboard expenses, or optional programs or services such as flights, shore excursions, pre- and post-cruise packages, or the SeabournShield® program. This credit is attached to your Club number and will automatically be credited toward your cruise fare. We do suggest that you or your travel professional verify this credit with our Reservations agent at time of booking to confirm that the credit has been applied.
  14. 2 Viking deposits refunded in 3 days, 2 Oceania deposits refunded in 42 days, 1 American cruise line deposit refunded in 30 days How is that not better?
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