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  1. Yes, but that person also does not have to pay the $300 for O Life. Thus the cost for this person is only the amount above $100. Hence a tour costing $149, for example, would cost only $49 extra for this person.
  2. Do you not agree that OP could potentially double their investment by choosing O Life excursions perk - in other words, by paying $100 extra per excursion one can get up to $199 value per excursion? Also, they would be 3 included excursions closer to getting 25% off on additional YWC excursions. Of course, this implies that the person does not object to O ship excursions and OP did not express that sentiment.
  3. I doubt that - these decisions are made independently of opinions on CC 😊
  4. The definite answer will come when your actual excursions are released (about 240 days prior to the cruise). Until then you can look at the same/similar cruise in the near future that will have prices. Also, you can change your choice of adding or not adding O Life until 14 days prior to the cruise which is the latest time by which O Life tours must be booked.
  5. Mary, Actually O Life can be a very good value if you choose excursions instead of OBC or drinks. Some included excursions can be up to $199 - thus your $600 can buy you as much as almost $1200 worth of excursions. This is the case for 2 people in the cabin - math may be different for 3 people but even then the first 2 people can still almost double their monetary input.
  6. If I understand you correctly, we had a similar situation in Papeete. The ship was there overnight at the end of the cruise. The flights leave late at night (11 PM-ish). Since we’ve been there before we decided to fly home during the overnight stay rather than hang around the next day till 11 PM, mostly off the ship after morning disembarkation. We had no problem with prior notification and request from Oceania.
  7. Currently on the Explorer and had dinner at the Chartreuse tonight and I generally agree although the lobster (in panko batter and with scallop mousse) might have been the best lobster I ever had 😊 I also agree with your restaurant ratings on O ships.
  8. What is the difference between these two prices - what is “gross” pricing vs “net” pricing. Are you referring to a TA rebate or OBC?
  9. GTAgal - FWIW, some of our excursions showed up today - exactly 238 days before cruising. Our wording was a little different from yours (see below): View and Shop Shore Excursions Shore excursions are available 240 to 7 days prior to sail date. Hope yours will show up soon 😊
  10. Exactly. In addition to above the excellent lobster Pad Thai is also not spicy. Among the appetizers the calamari is not spicy either unless dipped in the spicy sauce.
  11. And your point re: OP’s problem is what?
  12. Adequate time, yes- adequate resolution/compensation, not as far as we can tell. OP booked O Life mostly because of this particular excursion; now he is stuck with O Life that he has little use for. In other words, if he had been told that his excursion is full, he would not have chosen O Life. Now, it is possible that the change is due to operator issues but in fact we do not know this to be the case. If the operator caused the problem, O should not hold him responsible for this and should refund him the money (in form of refundable OBC) so that he could use that money for his private tour rather than non refundable OBC that he has little use for.
  13. The additional problem as I see it that OP already paid $300 for O Life that now is essentially useless to him. Giving him $300 non refundable OBC in place of the O Life wouldn’t help much as it wouldn’t pay for his private tour. IMO, he should receive $300 back either as cash or refundable OBC.
  14. Something is wrong with this - you deserve an explanation from Oceania. If the tour was already full you should not have been able to book it - it should have said “not available” or “full” or “waitlist only”. In the absence of that I think they changed the size of the group at some point after you booked it. Very unusual.
  15. carlsbadguy - thank you for that explanation. I have never heard of this happening and I am sorry to hear that this happened to you. Not sure what your options are at this point.
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