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  1. First of all many thanks to those who have responded. Being from the UK hiring a car is not an issue for us as everyone drives on the "proper" side of the road for us 😁. Having hired a car the last time we were on the island we were looking to see if there were any alternates open to us but it seems clear using public transport is not viable and while the use of the ferry may be a nice way to travel across to Rum Point getting from the port to the ferry terminal and then getting back again seems a lot of faff for us so I think we will go with the hire car option again. LSKC We were there about 10 years ago and we just hired a car for the day, not part of any tour etc. I cannot recall the name of the hire company but my wife assures me it was an International company such as AVIS, EuroCar etc and their office was in George Town not at the Airport. We actually walked to the office from the port so it was definitely within 10 mins or so of the port exit gates. We did have the car hire in place before we left the UK. Given the advice above we will be doing the same when we visit next February. The island is relatively easy to drive around, providing you do not leave everything to the last minute for getting back to the ship in case you hit rush hour. We just went where we fancied and ended up at Rum Point. Just along the road from the restaurant there we found an area that was totally empty and was, in our view the epitomy of what we expected a Caribbean island to look like. There was gently sloping calm walm waters, palm trees growing out of the sand and absolutely no one else there. We are hoping it will be unchanged when we get back there. Subject to time and traffic we also plan on stopping to see Bodden Town. Last time we visited Hell when we headed back to George Town which was interesting for a short visit but is not somewhere we will go back to next February. Good luck with your research and enjoy your visit.
  2. We will be visiting Port Canaveral as our first port of call in February next year. Port times are shown as arriving 13.00 departing 21.00. We do not want to visit any beaches as we will have Caribbean beaches to visit later in the cruise and we do not want to visit any Disney resorts as they do not appeal to us and I understand they are to far away from port for us to get any real benefit if we were to go there. We would love to go to Kennedy Space Centre but again, given our arrival time of 13.00 we do not think that is practical as they close at 18.00 so at best we would only get 4 hours there. Can anyone suggest anything that may be worth doing during our visit? We have never been to Port Canaveral and are unlikely to come back again unless it is for a cruise that departs or ends there so any ideas would be appreciated. We like sightseeing so would happily consider an excursion to any local places of interest. Many thanks in advance for any ideas. John
  3. Many thanks to both of you for your information. I will check out the timetables, fares and amount of effort needed to use either of these options compared with using a hire car and will go from there. Cheers John
  4. My wife and I will be in Grand Cayman in February on our latest cruise. We have visited the island before which is when we discovered Rum Point. During our next visit we want to go back to spend time there before heading back to George Town and Seven Mile Beach for the rest of the day. During our last visit we hired a car to tour around and would be happy to do that again, especially as we are from the UK so it means driving on "the proper" side of the road 😉, however from reading other threads it seems we may have a couple of other options open to us now, public transport and a ferry crossing. Can anyone first of all advise whether or not there is a public bus service from near to the port to Rum Point or would we have to change from one bus to another in Bodden Town? If we have to change buses would the cost of our ticket take us all the way to Rum Point or would we need to buy one to Bodden Town and then a second one from there to Rum Point? Secondly, is it actually possible to get a ferry from the port area or from Seven Mile Beach to Rum Point and if so from where and what is the cost of a return ticket? Subject to ferry timetables and costs this may actually be our preferred option as it would enable us to see more of the Island from the sea. We will be visiting on a Saturday so hopefully everything will be operating that day. Many thanks in advance for any help/information provided. Cheers John
  5. Many thanks for the response. Having read up a bit more since I posted my question I had come to the decision to get taxi's both ways if we decide to visit the beach resorts. One port down, several more to research. LOL.
  6. crewsweeper Can I ask why you say get the tram down to Mahahual but get a taxi back? Does the tram not do return trips? How much do you think a taxi will cost if we do take one back to port. I will be there in February and am starting now to look at trips while in port but was a bit confused by the tram/taxi comment. Thanks. John
  7. Many thanks for the information. Will check out the websites and decide what suites us best. Cheers
  8. My wife and I will be visiting for a day next month as part of our cruise, we have never visited the island before. I am aware there is an Island Tram tour available near to the cruise port, has anyone used this tour company? We have a few questions we hope previous cruisers can answer for us. Where does the tour start from? Is it a hop on hop off type tour or are you on it from the start all the way to the end? How long does it last? How many stops are there, and where are the stops? How much does it cost? and finally;- Is the fare an all day ticket or do you pay for each portion of the tour if you get off and then back on? Many thanks in advance for any help. Cheers John
  9. JerseyGirlJen/lx200gps Many thanks to you both for your information. Seems like we should be able to find somewhere to eat and got our pre-cruise provisions quite easily on the Saturday morning. Cheers John
  10. FOPMan Thanks for the help. That seems close enough for us to manage. Regards. John
  11. Many thanks for the replies, pleased to hear it is straightforward to do. Regards. John
  12. I note from Carnival's website anyone over 21 is permitted to take on board one bottle of wine each during their embarkation process, providing it is not drunk in the MDR. I was always under the impression no one was allowed to take wine on board unless they paid a corkage fee. Has anyone done this and if so have they encountered any issues whilst boarding? My wife and I like to have a glass of wine each evening before we head out of the cabin and by being able to take a bottle each with us it saves one of us (usually me), having to go up to a bar and bring the drinks back down to the cabin. Many thanks in advance. JOHN
  13. We are staying at Pier 66 the evening before our cruise. As we arrive late in the evening we will not have time to scope the area out before cruise morning. While we could have breakfast in the hotel we need to get out to pick up one or two things before we head to port and will probably look for breakfast while doing that. Can anyone please advise if there are any shops/malls within walking distance of the hotel where we could eat breakfast and pick up some wine/soft drinks/snacks etc before we head to the port. Many thanks in advance.
  14. Our cruise arrives at 08.00 and IRIETOURS had advised our tour will start at 10.00. They have asked we arrive 10 - 15 mins before that if possible so I am assuming they schedule their tours to begin 2 hours after docking. I hope this helps.
  15. Many thanks to you both for the information. We are looking at possibly going to the hotel we are staying at prior to the cruise and either leaving bags there for a few hours or taking out a day pass for their complex. Cheers
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