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  1. Sky Ride - Yes (Ropes course too) Capitano Lunch - Yes Ji Ji Lunch - Yes Guys BBQ - Yes The other stuff I do not know for sure. Just returned a couple weeks ago
  2. We booked above the Havana cabins - When we looked down, from our balcony, expecting to see gorgeous blue Caribbean sea, and found drying swimsuits, dirty dishes and other stuff from a Havana cabin - so buyer beware - your view is not obstructed, but it isn't what you may be expecting.
  3. I just booked the Freedom out of Ft Lauderdale Nov 2021 - So long away. I wouldnt cruise out of Galveston again, and Vista was not my favorite ship. But hey - different strokes for different folks. I did complete the ropes course, and am deathly afraid of heights on the Vista. That is something I will NEVER forget! I actually did it! Have fun
  4. Where is this cyber $50 deposit listed? How did I miss it!
  5. My quote from Galveston Limo was a lot more than $90 bucks... Oh well, lesson learned.
  6. What a shame - We love Jamaica - Go see the falls; get out of MB. The area is beautiful, and green, and clean. There have been some substantial "clean-ups" along the highway! Beware of the Maragaritaville Slide - It will provide an Atomic Wedgie like no other! Not even kidding!!! I think they are remodeling Margaritaville from the land side, but since you will dock there, you may not even see it.
  7. When you go down Tracy Arm, they shut off the loud speaker and music for noise. Find yourself a nice window, or if its warm enough, go outside on your balcony with a blanket and binoculars. We say a great big Griz back by the glacier.
  8. PS - Not sure if I mentioned anything about the Carnival Hub app - you can download it to your phone; it does not use any roaming data - and the information on your phone was pretty handy, as well as the reminders I had set for things I was interested in. If you pay the $5, you can IM someone else that has the app. Gone are the days of Highlighters and Post it notes.
  9. I have the fun times and the carnival app and didnt see it. The customer service desk told us a letter was in our "mail" - which it wasn't for us. I will look at my fun times when I get home - but I still say your best bet is to ask Customer Service when you get on board. They will have the answers.
  10. We are in Boise now, but used to be from Poky. The breakfast buffet was free and for lunch, the bbq (outside the sushi place) is free.
  11. We were lucky heading into G from the airport... almost quick but not painless... ugh. Have a blast!!
  12. I am having a tough time seeing the correct days so I will try again tomorrow to upload the rest on my laptop ok?! my apologies
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