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  1. We're doing a 5 day out of Singapore on Quantum. The drink package is £41pppd just now, so comes out as nearly £500 for both of us for 5 days. We have only one sea day. Considering taking on 2 bottles of wine, and some water, and buying the soda package. Any thoughts? I'm conscious that we could easily drink over the amount, but I think I'd be making sure I drank just to get my money's worth. Makes more sense to make sure we have soft drinks, as we would generally have 3 of those per day (at least) and I could always have one in the evening after dinner etc too. But do they make y
  2. We are due to board next week. Hopefully we will hear some reports as the ship progresses with this week's itinerary. The social media group was banning posts really because the group was just filled with them, including many which were not true, and also just constant posts about washing hands. I'm not saying don't wash your hands, but honestly all those posts would drive you up the wall, not to mention the feeling the folk about to board must have had. Hopefully things will now improve after the fumigation. I also read (may not be true) that Marella are saying it's N
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