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  1. Although I haven’t had surgery, I eat a low carb keto diet. On my cruise, I told the MDR waiter I am on a keto diet the first night. He was GREAT. Every night he would make suggestions on what meals are low carb, substitute the starches for veggies and eliminate sauces and butter (I cut butter too). Often times he would bring veggies that weren’t on the menu and they were well prepared. I did not have to ask each night as he was prepared with my options. He would also bring the next nights menu over so I could peak. He knew the ingredients and definitely watched out for me. The waiters were on target and never questioned the amount I ate.
  2. I am so glad you found the review helpful! I hope you have a fantastic time on your cruise and enjoy yourself. I had such a good time that I book another cruise on the Grandeur for the final cruise before she leaves the RC fleet. Ten days is just around the corner. 😁
  3. One of my biggest worries was how to pack for the weather. I packed both summer and spring attire plus a lightweight jacket. I definitely overpacked and had my kids overpack because of the uncertainty of weather. I hope your trip has fantastic weather as well. Enjoy your cruise!!!!
  4. I am glad I saved to compasses. I started to throw them away onboard when packing but decided to pack them instead. It is nice to know they came in handy. And I learned something new on CC. I didn’t know a person could react. Now I need to figure out how. 😂
  5. Ah, the precruise excitement! I am glad the excitement is building. The NE area is so beautiful . Have a fantastic vacation. I keep thinking about my next cruise and scanning the RCI website looking for the raise that jumps out to me and fits into the families schedule. Hopefully it jumps out soon! Haha.
  6. And at last, the Compass for Day 9 😃. I hope these provided the information you were looking for. Now I can go watch some mind numbing tv like The Bachelorette and see what the men have to say in Men Tell All ... ☺️ Grandeur NE 9 Day Compass Day 9.pdf
  7. I could not find the Day 8 Compass but did find a photo of 3 of the 4 pages that I took while aboard the ship (I took pictures each day rather than carrying the compass that way I could refer to it throughout the day 😀). The quality if so-so but it gives the activities for the day.
  8. Thank you. I had so many pictures it gets hard choosing, especially trying to find thumbnail size pictures while avoiding pics with people.
  9. Attached are the Compasses for Day 6 & 7. I still have not found day 8. Grandeur NE 9 Day Compass Day 6.pdf Grandeur NE 9 Day Compass Day 7.pdf
  10. No problem. I actually enjoyed writing about the day each day. It was almost like journaling my vacation. I’ve never done that before but at the end of each day it was a way to unwind before bed.
  11. Compasses for Days 43& 4. Grandeur NE 9 Day Compass Day 3.pdf Grandeur NE 9 Day Compass Day 4.pdf
  12. Attached is the Day 2 Compass. I also came across the Meet the Officers handout and attached that in case there is any interest. Grandeur NE 9 Day Compass Day 2.pdf Grandeur Meet the Officers June 2019.pdf
  13. I am so glad my review was helpful. You will have to let me know what you think of the cruise/itinerary after your cruise. I hope you enjoy the cruise as much as I did, 😃Looking through my papers, I see all of the compasses except Day 8. Day 8 was a sea day and the 2nd formal. I will keep looking to see if I can find Day 8. I will have to scan the itineraries in and try to figure out how to upload a pdf (versus picture). I will upload them in pieces (by day) as I get the time. Day 1 is attached. If this works, I figured it out, 2019-07-18_194902.pdf
  14. GoFundy charges a flat rate, not per person. The maximum is six people but they will take less since he is not loosing money. The nice part is that you can stay longer in areas you like and less time in other areas. I do not know of any other suggestions but would highly recommend GoFundy. If you want to lower the cost, you may look on the roll call and see if anyone wants to join the two of you. As a side note, my DH sent the tour guide Alexei an email asking where he got the maple hard candies he gave us to take home and received a quick response even after the fact. My husband really liked the candy (lol).
  15. As requested, here are some suite pictures of the owners suite from my stay (cabin 8502)...
  16. I received an e-mail a few days before the cruise from the Carlington, the concierge, that listed perks. One was the embankment day lunch. When I first walked into the MDR for lunch, staff told me it was closed for a private function but when I showed my sea pass card I was seated. Carlington was in the MDR greeting individual tables.
  17. Maybe I missed it. I just know my DD ran back to the room to get her license because she couldn’t use the sea pass at the Viking Lounge during late night hours.
  18. Yes, I have tons of pictures. Let me gather a few with different cabin views and I will post them. It will most like be tomorrow as my iPad is at 2%.
  19. I didn’t notice how the name was written. I am glad they gave instructions as my DD loves sushi and I can actually see her making it at home in the future. She really enjoyed the class and said she would take the class again. I wish I had gone with her (my initial intent) but her class ended up being at the same time as the Captains Reception so I went with my hubby instead.
  20. We were in the Owner’s Suite (8502). Space-wise, we were comfortable. The bathroom is the biggest bonus as you can actually move around and fit multiple people in there. It has a separate shower and double sink. The bed is separate from the sofa area and there are curtains to section off the sofa (sleep bed) from the king size bed. It almost creates a hallway of sorts so both areas can access the restroom without disturbing the other area with lights (no guarantee for noise though). The cabin steward offered to bring in a roll away bed on the first day but we declined. My girls shared the sleep sofa comfortably and even with it opened we had room with the table and chair area. I loved the cabin and would not hesitate to reserve the same cabin again.
  21. The only place on the ship she was asked for an I’d from her was at the Viking Lounge during late nights (I think after 10pm). The elevators that lead to the Viking lounge stop at the 10th floor late evenings (versus the 11th) and you walk up the last flight. At the top of the stairs a security officer cards - no scanner. Although they never asked me or even batted an eye .... hmmmmm (lol). 😊
  22. I missed the 50th birthday cake too. 😒. My DD did not get anything immediately after the sushi making class but a few days later a certificate was left in our cabin along with step by step instructions so she can replicate at home.
  23. My 18 year old had mixed reviews. She loves cruising and enjoyed the cruise but thought the NE itinerary did not attract as many young teens/adults compared to the Caribbean. Even so, she had fun. We traveled with friends so she didn’t head out to meet people as she has done on past cruises. Being 18 she could go into the bars and adult shows but she could not order alcohol. I bought the refreshment package and she ordered mocktails which suited her fine. The 18-20 year olds do need to take a drivers license (or proof of age) to get into the Viking Lounge in the evening. Neither of the kids were bored (16 and 18) and I am sure if my 18 year old wasn’t with a friend she would have ventured out more and met people. The were plenty on board just no prearranged meeting places like the under 18 areas. I did see some posts on the community board near Ben and Jerry’s for that age group to meet at the pool but it was near the end so I don’t know if there was a turn out.
  24. The easiest answer first. With all of the US ports and Canada we had service through Verizon. I think that all Verizon plans cover the US and Canada with no roaming but I would verify with you individual plan so there are no surprise charges. At sea, I put my phone on airplane mode. That is when I used the WiFi. The speed varied throughout the day but was slow all of the time. Text did not work with the WiFi but email did. Could have just been me. We went old fashioned use posts-it’s to keep in touch if we didn’t plan ahead of time. They stick easily to the room door. As far as the Windjammer, I only ate there twice, both times for lunch. The food was good and there was probably more variety, but buffet style and not as fancy. My teens liked it more than the MDR. I prefer the MDR, not necessarily for taste as both were good but I hate searching for a seat. I find the pace in the MDT more relaxing and conducive to conversation. Lunch in the MDR is limited. I think it was five choices plus a salad bar. WJ definitely had more choices.
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