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  1. Well, it's worth a try. Thanks for the encouragement.
  2. So how much different is the wind speed measured on land versus on the water where the ships are sailing? For example, this is regarding wind speed at Skagway airport: This is a screenshot regarding Ketchikan: I'm the first to admit I know nothing about this, which is why I'm asking. Thanks.
  3. I was offered an upsell 9 days ago for my June 8 sailing on the Royal Princess.....The offer was “Choose one of our STANDARD balconies for $229 per person or a DELUXE Balconies (includes seating area) for $259 per person”. We decided not to take advantage of either offer.
  4. This just makes me sick to my stomach. My cruise tour is half of what I paid (interior cabin). And a balcony is still $500 less than I paid and I was emailed last week to upgrade to a balcony.....for $250 a person. Damn.
  5. I have completed my online check in for our Aalskan Cruise, departing June 8. I was surprised that we weren't assigned a specific check in time. Having never sailed on Princess before, is this typical? Can we choose to arrive whenever we want? Thannks.
  6. Can anyone share the typical turn around for laundry? How soon can we send out laundry? We have a few days in Amsterdam before our cruise. It would be great to get on board and send out some laundry right away! I'm packing a limited wardrobe, so knowing the turn around time would also help. Thanks
  7. Thanks for all of your suggestions! I'm still refining my list. I'm a CA girl and I get cold easily!
  8. An Alaskan cruise in June and a Norwegian Fjords cruise in July. I'm already working on my packing list!
  9. I typically wear a pair of capris and a cute top (T-shirt, blourse, etc). If we head to the pool I wear my swimsuit and a sundress over it as a cover up.
  10. Thank you for your comment! That makes me feel more confident!
  11. I realize “require” was a poor choice of a word. I have notice that on cruises out of the US, I am probably more dressed up than many in the dining room for cruise casual, and in the mix for the gala nights. I am trying to plan my wardrobe and want to feel good about my choices. For cruise casual evenings I am planning on black slacks and a nice top, or a tunic and black leggings. For the gala nights I am less confident. I have these tops, basically a lightweight almost scarf like material over a shell of something that feels like a jersey knit. With nice dress pants and heels, would this work for gala nights sailing out of Europe?
  12. I typically choose navy blue and taupe, with pops of whatever color is my current favorite, or black and taupe. But this summer I’m changing it up and using only black for my base color, because I am bringing a variety of tops to acommodate my varied activities and the weather. I’m like you....I am bringing 4 very different black pants, but they will all go with all the tops, so I have more options. I feel like having many different styled tops (styles, patterns, colors) will serve me better than varied bottom colors. I think black with varied purples (maybe add in some teal as well?) would be very pretty!
  13. I have read somewhere that cruises that depart from Europe tend to be less casual....meaning that there is more formal attire on "gala" or "elegant" nights and people dress nicer for the cruise casual dinners in the dining room? Is this true? I am trying to plan what to wear and need some help!
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