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  1. On Navigator and several other ships, you can charge to your Seapass card on the slot machine. It will show on your Credit card bill as “Casino-Entertainment” so there is no cash advance fee. There is also no fee from Royal Caribbean if done that way. However, if you charge cash to your room at the Casino cage, there is a 5% fee unless you are a Club Royale Prime tier or above.
  2. There is usually a balcony divider wall between the two cabins. That would be the lines you see on the deck plan.
  3. We did a B2B on Navigator out of Miami. We met in a lounge at 9:15 and received new cards. Once everybody was off the ship, they walked us down to Customs. “Facial recognition” checkout at Customs is so fast! Then they walked us back onto the ship.
  4. I am sailing Allure in a few weeks in a Crown Loft Suite. My app shows CK open for lunch on Day 1.
  5. People have reported different outcomes from sailing at the end of March 2019. The casino host on some ships said that all points earned were awarded at the end of the cruise, so went to the 2019-2020 tier period. Another person reported seeing the casino host manually tracking points on two different spread sheets. Points earned March 29-31 went on one sheet and went to the 2018-2019 tier period. Points earned from April 1 to the end of the cruise were on a different spread sheet and were credited to the 2019-2020 tier year. So it seems like it was handled differently on different ships. We sailed mid-March and all points went to 2018-2019 tier year.
  6. Does Port Canaveral still have the separate check in and Security line for Suites? Do they still allow Junior Suites to use that line?
  7. Happened to us on Harmony Deck 7, was very confused the first day but once we figured out which bank of elevators we had to use, was not a problem the rest of the cruise.
  8. Yes I have and the next day or a day later I got the Congratulations email.
  9. One of the Suite perks is that you can order a complimentary room service meal from the Main Dining Room. The CLS has a small rectangular dining-room table in it. So you could try MDR Room Service one night if you did not like the CK menu for that night.
  10. This is the Brilliance on November 25, 2018 Thanksgiving cruise. We loved seeing the Christmas decorations!
  11. Breakfast in Chops was from a limited menu. For lunch, you can get your lunch in the Windjammer and then go sit in Chops. It is not a free lunch. This is the Suite letter that was in my cabin 2 weekends ago.
  12. Yes you can email and request that the Concierge do your reservations. But I do not know if the Concierge will be able to book your Unlimited Dining beyond Day 1. But you can always email and ask!
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