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  1. And a place for the Key icon if you purchased the Key!
  2. Like someone else already posted, perhaps one or both ships will go to Cape Liberty and do the Short Bermuda cruises.
  3. This is not my photo, I just borrowed it from a popular social media site that has a “CocoCay- Perfect Day” Page. The poster said they caught a great sale and got it for $189. Pictures were from yesterday. Hope this helps.
  4. I have seen them used on occasion but agree, because of the location, I never use that area.
  5. So now they will need to change the Suite reserved seating by the pool that says “Gold Card only”!
  6. We had a suite on Anthem and there was definitely an outlet by my side of the bed. I used it to charge my phone and set the alarm clock on my phone. My husband was a little annoyed that there was no outlet on his side of the bed!
  7. I have seen posts where people have done this. But you may want to give Club Royale a call and ask if this is still allowed. On our last cruise RC did advertise that casino certificates awarded on that cruise, could be used with booking onboard with NextCruise.
  8. We really liked our aft JS on Deck 10 on Mariner, it had a great balcony. However, it was a long walk to get back there!
  9. Thanks for the info on the microfiber towels, that is a great tip!
  10. I live in Florida and I have been checking my Club Royale account on the website all day. Still no offer!
  11. We saw a show on Adventure called “Invitation to Dance” and thought all the dancers were very good.
  12. The Casino Host can also help by upping the discount certificate that is issued based on points. On our last cruise my husband played the slots every evening but never got a nice hit. He only made around 700 points. But we interacted with the casino host every night and we were very happy when the host gave my husband a $200 discount certificate, even though he did not reach 800 points.
  13. Thanks for the link. I was able to use it to place a bid for our July cruise. Also tried it for our August cruise but for that one, got the “must be within 30 days” message.
  14. Thanks for the info, we are cruising on Explorer for New Year’s and really looking forward to it!
  15. Yup I was thinking the same thing!
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