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  1. thanks fr the good update going in november is there a marriage game on the the ship, thanks for any input
  2. granni10

    marriage game

    How many years do you have to be married to be in the show ??? THANKS
  3. is there a link for horizon questions from passengers returning from trip?Thank you very much
  4. granni10

    Shows in showroom

    How are the live show productins and how early to be there for a good seat also the comedy club Thanks or any imput
  5. is there a special page to go to for asking questions about the carnival ship Vista thanks for your help we are in our 80 s and not to good at computer searching Thanks again for your help
  6. what type of shows are the playlist on the vista, and is there a show every night Thanks for any input for Nov Dec cruise
  7. granni10

    shows on the carnival vista

    thanks for any input that you can share
  8. hello, what type of shows are the playlist presented on the vista are the shows every night? thanks for any input
  9. hello, what type of shows are on the carnival vista playlist? we have heard the ncl are live shows is that the same as on the carnival. thanks for any input
  10. can anyone tell me what type of shows are on the playlist for the nitely showtimes and about the comedy shows? thanks for any information
  11. granni10

    Harvest CAYE

    thanks very much for the input, i know it is a new stop and the information helped
  12. granni10

    Harvest CAYE

    I know that the getaway has only stopped three times there, but has anyone gotten off the ship to check it out? Any tips or information will be appreciated, going on the cruise next week, thanks so much.
  13. granni10

    Room location

    sorry you were so upset i am 80 and not that great at computers, hope when your that age, you will understand, this is s suppose to be a helpful board you know not to complain about some one
  14. granni10

    Room location

    Has anyone out there stayed in room 5125 or near it of the Getaway? If so can you offer any input? Thanks very much
  15. granni10

    Room information

    Has anyone out there stayed in or near room 5125 on the NCL Getaway? Thanks for any input.