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  1. I do not know what more could have been done Captain kept everybody updated, yes toilets were an issue but was told to use your cabin. Lunch was either a barbecue or a cold buffett in the Peninsular. Staff used evac chairs to help passengers around the ship.
  2. Sailing from Southampton did not fill in forms in November and December
  3. Was not an issue for us last week we were on Riviera deck at the back
  4. Just back off Ventura and my son attended the art class on each sea day cost £21 for his kit, they did a morning and afternoon session in Metropolis. The instructor was very good and has written some books, my son really enjoyed it
  5. Christmas Eve is a normal day usually in port, they hold midnight mass shared between passengers and crew. Christmas Day is at sea and has a full program and is formal you even get a visit from Santa. If you are on freedom then they request you to pick 1st or 2nd sitting for Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve makes it easier for the waiters to finish and enjoy. We are on Oriana from 21st December and do it most years
  6. We have our shares with Equiniti and do not have to do anything as they are regocnised by P&O. Just speak to Bolsover who apply the OBC. We get the dividend paid into our bank every quarter and a confirmation email works well for us. just returned off Ventura a 13 night cruise and got the maximum £150 when we thought we would only get £60 so pleasing surprise
  7. We are booked on this cruise and have waited till retirement to do it. Booked early and got a good price. We did the last leg from Dubai a few years back.
  8. We did the cable car just walked up the road from the drop off point no real queues, would by the tickets from the cable car station rather than the shops on the way up as was €2 cheaper. We found it very busy at the top as the ship tours seemed to visit early was they had gone not a problem
  9. Just back of Oriana June 9th no mention about this, though some of the crew were mentioning contract changes to other ships. Very sad to see her go as a great ship for dancing. Will have our last cruise on her Xmas
  10. How far is the cable car station from Pile gate and is it worth booking tickets before we arrive as we will be in Dubrovnik on the 3rd June?
  11. hi, we are on a world cruise in 2020 and looking for insurance for a single trip to cover this and i cannot get a quote on line, has anyone booked insurance so far in front in the UK? we have a current annual policy which we will renew for 2019 for cruises already booked, would this cover our deposit till we can book a policy for the world as the days are only max 31 for any single trip
  12. Lesanne


    We did this in November we walked down the front to the ferry terminal where you have to by the travel card 0.50cents for the ferry across, when you get off the bus station is in front of you get the local bus up to Christo. it then costs €5 to go up the lift. Very easy to do and when got back walked into Lisbon.
  13. We have done Eavesway back to Bolton and I know they pick up from Lancaster. Modern coaches with free WIFI. their website is http://www.eaveswaytravel.com
  14. the dance instructors are very good and aimed at beginners and the lessons are on sea days usually in the morning and again in the afternoon. Dancing is in the atrium and i would not worry about getting in the way experienced dancers should have the floor craft to get around. just get up and have a go
  15. Was on Oriana over Xmas and in the inside cabins the TV's were the same so not been upgraded and yes they are hard to read
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