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  1. Let us know what you find out if you cancel one person from the stateroom please.
  2. Is Captain Kate staying onboard for 3/15 sailing or is she going on break?
  3. I love nuts and berries. Never thought to order one onboard but I will be soon 😍.
  4. I love anything with St Germaine. Thanks for sharing a great idea!!!
  5. I live on these on our Celebrity cruises...my favorite is with Don Julio Anejo, but it is not always available.
  6. I always love hearing what other cruisers like to order for their drinks with the drink package especially since it has been a few years since we have cruised on Royal Caribbean. I searched, but didn't see any recent posts for this. If there is, please share the link...if not...please share your favorite cruise beverage!!!
  7. Not going for a debate about clothes in the dining room. Just curious as a general rule, if people tend to go more casual or more dressy on a 4 night cruise vs. a 7 night cruise? We almost always do 7 night cruises and a lot of them on Celebrity so we don't mind dressing up. I still have lots of long gowns and my husband his own tux from back in what I consider the good ole days of cruising. I know things have changed...but we are going on the Indy for a short cruise this week and just looking to "blend in". I am assuming people dress more casual on short cruises especially with the lower
  8. Tropical dress code in the dining room is a new one to me...can you give me an idea of the typical clothes worn...I am sure it is a wide variety, but it sounds very casual to me especially on a 4 day Indy cruise?? Thanks!
  9. This is awesome...thank you! We also have a Celebrity cruise in March...do you happen to know if they have an official one too? I would love to find their compasses, but search didn't find one.
  10. I am guessing that the 20% gratuity they may be talking about is for the Ala Carte Specialty restaurants like Sushi on 5.
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