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  1. We did the Getaway in a rear facing Haven suite. We enjoyed ourselves. The ship is big, but in a Haven you get priority everything, from boarding to shows and a special reserved section up front. Food, ate in only specialty restaurants, so steakhouse was like Longhorns, Italian was Carrabas, -- so it was nothing special but decent.
  2. Just off Serenity. Hope you have a wonderful cruise, with less children than we did (86 to be exact). Most were well behaved, but the two above our stateroom -- less just say could have been walked off the plank..
  3. Agree 100% ... Great cruise. Great staff and food. Still on-board on the Baltic.
  4. The biggest issue these days is not getting the points but trying to spend them. United is getting worse and likely even worse in November when they revise their redemption again. Been trying for the last month (starting at day 330) to get flight to Hong Kong on UA (direct) at a reasonable rate (not the ridiculous 180K or even 270K one way).. Ended up on Virgin for 105K.. I am finding using my Amex card with the 5X points gives me a great deal of bang. All of my work flights are being purchased on Amex...
  5. We just did a whale watching tour in Akureyi Iceland. Crystal price was $139 pp. 65 shipmates booked this. You walked from the ship to the whale watching ship. Another cruise ship also in port had 85 passengers and arrived first and took all the viewing seats. Another 20 people booked directly with the tour ship for less than $90.. No value added for using Crystal, just profit for them... They did say next year because of all of the passenger complaints they will do an exclusive booking of the ship.
  6. Not really... As FlyerTalker stated the R ships were Euro by the bed. On the O class ships they are USA. The videos/pics of Insignia after refit confirm this.
  7. Thank you already in beautiful Reykjavik... We have a pretty active (for Crystal) roll call.. Also doing a B2B with the next segment which is the Baltic.
  8. They provide a low wattage with a safety cutoff to prevent chances of fires...
  9. PaulMCO


    You get no more speed for the extra money. What you get is the unblocking of selected streaming site like You Tube and others (which eat up more bandwidth). I agree with Ken -- that Crystal allows 4 devices per person. Had no issues with it also on Symphony in November with 800+ passengers plus crew. The fix is to buy or allocate more bandwidth
  10. But don't bring your own hair dryer/blower because that is NOT allowed. Our last O cruise, the attendants were proactive on disconnecting anything connected to the outlets when not in the cabin. That included iPads, PC's or anything that was charging.
  11. Definitely more space than on the Renaissance Class ships of Azamara/Oceania. You can check videos of the Verandas on the cruise deck plans site... https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/category-detail.php?c=420
  12. If you were on NCLor Crystal you could get it from your Nespreso machine... But oh we beat that thread to death... 😄 Horizons is the best place. Last time we were on board Baristas opened at 0630h...
  13. If it comes into the fleet in Summer season of 2022 -- it has no bearing as to the Summer season of 2021
  14. The new prices are listed in the revised cruise, That is what they are offering at a minimum. They look 40-50 % less than the Cuba cruise. https://www.oceaniacruises.com/Caribbean-cruises/miami-to-miami-INS190718/?sr=%2Fcruise-finder%2F%23sailDates%3D2019|07%23ships%3DINS They are supposed to reach out to those affected in the short term on Monday.
  15. Looks like all the Timeless Cuba Sirena for 2019 and 2020 winter season have become Mayan Mosaic Cruises with a rather ho hum itinerary. I hope that O will do something different for Sirena in the 2020/2021 season to replace the Cuba cruises. (note they forgot to change the map). The price for an A1 is around 1500 pp less than the price for Timeless Cuba- so everyone can get 40% discount 🙂
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