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  1. Great info and many thanks. After much persistence, and escalating to the 1K customer service, United relented and refunded both of my tickets to the original credit card. They did not have to, but thankfully 36 years of being an MP+ member and my 3 million miles flown did have some loyalty benefit.
  2. Yes non refundable and changeable with a $450 pp fee. So far I did get them/UA to agree to a fee waiver. The agent said you might want to wait, in case they extend the waiver until May and to either Japan or Singapore. Then they could do a refund. The other SFO to MCO is only $250 fee and Oceania will pay that charge. pingpong1 -- yes we had difficulty finding anything that was interesting on short notice. Those we liked were fully waitlisted. Others are later in the year. We picked a Montreal to Miami late fall cruise to use our FCC. Of note the 25% of the full value cancelled cruise is NOT yet in our account -- so we booked it and our TA is after O to get it calculated.
  3. I know... 🙂 Should have used FF miles instead of a cheap business class fare. Still have hope since all they have to do is make a change to the flight which grants automatic waiving of the change and refund. Will wait to the last minute to cancel as two can play the game of chicken 🙂
  4. Paying with $$$ and using miles are two different things. Easy to waive redeposit fees, but refunds? We have a flight from MCO to to SIN and SFO to MCO. The rule are if you cancel you pay a fee to reuse the ticket. The ticket must be reused one year from the ticket date -- which is July 2020. Yes we can get the fee waived but the ticket for us is useless and we are not going to travel until end of the year.
  5. In the cancellation email they said they would reimburse/refund for $300 pp. The original mail said OBC for $300pp. I plan on asking for both, assuming I cannot get a refund from United. But like you I am waiting to see if they do waivers of the fees as the virus hits more places.
  6. I was told same - have one from Insignia and one for a Sirena Cuba cruise. Again will see when the FCC are posted.
  7. Thanks for another episode. So much better than reading another Corona virus thread. 🙂
  8. The thread is titled REFUNDS and not what is Jancruz's occupation. YoHoHo -- I do not think his comments are directed towards you. You have the same oar in the water. Hopefully we will not have to address refunds from the Med..
  9. You can do a search, there is lots of history on CC. For those interested -- since this IS A REFUND thread... this is the cancellation email received. I plan on testing the $300 change fee refund. I have at least 1 from Virgin (for Hong Kong) plus additional from United. Important Information Regarding Your Reservation Dear Valued Guests, We are very sorry to inform you that your Insignia voyage scheduled to depart on May 24, 2020 has been cancelled. Out of an abundance of caution and as a result of the uncertainty surrounding port entry and berthing availability in various destinations in Asia, Oceania Cruises has made the prudent decision to cancel all voyages in Asia through June 2020. Our commitment to the safety and well-being of our guests and crew is uncompromising and always our number one priority. All guests will receive a 100% refund of their cruise fare paid along with any other ancillary items purchased from Oceania Cruises such as air, transfers, pre- or post-cruise packages, shore excursions and visas. To thank you for your understanding, you will also receive a 25% Future Cruise Credit of the cruise fare paid, good for any Oceania Cruises voyage embarking by December 31, 2020. Oceania Cruises will also reimburse change fees for independent air arrangements up to US$300 per guest, upon receipt of documentation for the changes. Any other travel related expenses that you may have incurred should be submitted as a claim to your travel insurance carrier. Please email SpecialServices@OceaniaCruises.com with any questions or back-up documents for refund of airline change fees. Should you have any questions, please contact your Travel Advisor or Oceania Cruises at: United States and Canada 855 623 2642 United Kingdom and Europe 0345 505 1920 Australia 1300 355 200 New Zealand 0800 625 691 Singapore +65 31 651 677 / Malaysia +60 3-30992292 / India +91 22-71279118 / Taiwan +886 2-77031292 / Hong Kong and Rest of Asia +852 2165 6010 / China 400 842 8362 Future Cruise Credit Terms and Conditions: The Future Cruise Credit will be issued and added to your Oceania Club profile. You may redeem your future cruise certificate on any Oceania Cruises voyage departing by December 31, 2020. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to welcoming you back aboard on an Oceania Cruises voyage in the near future. Warmest Regards, Carlos Ortega Vice President, Guest Services Oceania Cruises
  10. Has anyone gotten any definitive dates as to when refunds will be processed..
  11. You get to smell 200,000 penguins. Not very exciting.. Did that on Insignia in 2009.
  12. I would be more concerned for Crystal's parent Genting. They will bleed more cash since they are China based (AKA Dream Cruises), plus own a Shipyard that is in need of cash.
  13. Regent and Oceania have now ceased all cruises in Asia. The ships and itineraries were diverted to Dubai or to Australia. All guests are given refunds plus Percentage FCCs for the inconvenience.
  14. Yes indeed plus I still have Israeli stamps in my primary one. It also helps to have the "other country" stamps segregated from the main passport, when I do go to Israel 😁
  15. To enter the EU you only need a 3 month validity from the date you plan on leaving. To reenter the US you just need a valid passport. I have two passports -- up until 4 years ago the second passport was valid only for 2 years. Was really a pain since in effect it is valid only for 18 months. Now at least they changed the rule and issue a 4 year passport.
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