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  1. As said those are stock photos. The Pacific Princess also had a major renovation in 2018. As nice as any of the Oceania R ships.
  2. You are correct. I forgot the P&O yellow funnel !! But the ship looks so nice now...
  3. Could even be an Oceania ship. Photos are stock photos and do not represent either Princess or Azamara ships as they are now. I would most likely think it is a Princess ship (even with the date misrepresented since the photos are), as Azamara invested a boat load of money into the Adonia, and it looks better than the Oceania R ships.
  4. Even after the so called 90 day limit passes, I have had success in disputes by taking the my dispute to the credit card retention department. With enough business Chase and Amex get from me, there is an incentive to be flexible. I am also waiting for a partial refund from Crystal on port fees and taxes for a river cruise.
  5. 14 O cruises to date with one booked in the future. No comparison to the lines as far as food, ambience, service and enrichment. Crystal wins hands down. Only thing in O's favor is the Terrace, where you can get a quick meal in the evening after a long day of sight seeing.
  6. Have to disagree -- Drive by was not enough. Ego Dan ?? Come on. Yes you smell the Penguins. But you do not get close. Best way is to do an expedition. Suggest Silversea, as we did. We enjoyed Antarctica, so much we are going back in late 2021. A must is South Georgia. Want some ego see below. (my Silversea video)
  7. As the article stated -- not about assets versus liabilities -- all about cask flow.
  8. OMG you two on Silversea... Almost like us going on Carnival 🙂 Carnival cancelled our trip and we got a refund in 14 days(that was a surprise). Crystal must have really cut head count -- they cannot even manage a simple move the fare from one cancelled cruise to another without giving our TA fits (same TA as yours). Still not done 3 weeks after they stated you had until the 14th to do so.
  9. Nothing like a 747 compared to the alternative, a 70, when they first were used on Pan Am in the early 70's.
  10. And economy plus cost extra $ on UA (unless you are a MP elite flier). And if you want an exit row they are reserved for their Elite FF fliers. My suggestion would be to book a Premium Plus seat on UA or other airlines to get the extra leg room. They are not that much more on an advance purchase.
  11. WE did 8068 on our last Serenity cruise -- no issues on vibration from ships engines. You really need to check with Crystal as to the perks. Especially regarding Dr and Laundry. The other perks are being offered as OBC for the three WC lengths. Higher days = more money. Specialty restaurants -- there is no limit on the number of times you use these. The limit is the number of free no charge visits. In a suite it is unlimited. For a non suites especially on longer lengths you will get more than one and you need to ask your TA or Crystal for the specifics.
  12. Do you point this out on your site?? Good to know and thanks from a regular customer 🙂
  13. You mean -- from Travelex plan "The Company will not cover Losses resulting from a Financial Default of any person, organization, agency, or firm that solicited Your travel arrangements to you." So if booking with the Cruise line directly -- not covered. Going through a TA - covered.
  14. Just did a booking for 2021/22 season -- Actually specifically on the Ocean Diamond for their Solar Eclipse cruise that includes South Georgia and Falklands. Nov 2021. Financial concern are always a COVID issue. But insurance through a non-cruise line affiliated plan includes financial default coverage. We looked at Silversea, Linblad, Poseidon, and Hurtigruten for similar cruises. They were competitively priced with the 10% discount they are offering now. The ship is smaller than Hurtigruten 189 versus 400 passengers making 2 landings per day possible compared to 1. This would be our second Antarctic trip == first was on Silversea Explorer. Would have chose Silversea but they did not have an appropriate itinerary.
  15. My tickets are on 016 stock (UA) but booked on Austrian. I am hoping Austrian will cancel the flight so we can get a refund. Things are very fluid. My Company (based in Vienna) is still in a lock down mode and has cancelled all of our in-person sales events through 2020.
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