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  1. Have you thought about buying at a second hand store at your port of embarkation a tasteful blazer to be used onboard. Then you can donate it when you leave.
  2. Looks like the season is a big GO. Ships are already heading down. In line are Silver Explorer, Silver Cloud, NG Explorer, Ponant Charcot, NG Endurance, followed by Quark near Morocco and Le Lyrial just leaving Portugal.. All heading to Montevideo for refuel and then on to the embarkation points.
  3. Seems like my post disappeared so I will repeat it.. We have used multiple companies including Travellex, Travelguard, Nationwide, CSA, plus sometimes GeoBlue for just Med/Evac Being over 70 the prices are $$$$. They range from7 to 10% of your cruise price. Travellex is good. They were perfect when our COVID cancelled cruises occurred and moved the insurance to another trip at no charge twice. Travel guard is OK to. Disadvantage is that you must insure all of your travel costs to get their pre existing condition waiver CSA is good because they will cover pre existing conditions as late as your final payment. GeoBlue is good for Med/Evac insurance as they are a Blue Cross provider and have a good network of doctors and hospitals.
  4. Disagree with most here. Go for it life is short. Polar bears are pot luck. You will not get close to one except if you see them from a ship. We saw several on our Silversea Explorer cruise. The best view was from the ship.
  5. I agree -- rather self serving. With new builds from Seabourn, Crystal, Ponant, Quark, Atlas, Poseidon etc.. and no new builds from SS. I think SS will find the competition in the future stiff. These new builds have additional advantages that SS will never have, including undersea viewing portals, helicopters for inland explorations, submarines, plus easier, quicker and safer launching of zodiacs.
  6. I would talk to Steve at the tripinsurancestore. He can give you straight advice for your particular situation. I have used his agency for 90% of my trips.
  7. You can also look at A&K (Abercrombie & Kent). They charter one of Ponant's ships (this season Le Lyrial)
  8. These are private companies contracted by Oceania. No real official guidance. We generally give a small tip if the tour is particularly good. Also depends on the country (ie. Japan would not) if tipping is a norm.
  9. First what kind of insurance?? Medical/Evac or Trip Cancellation/Med/Evac If you are concerned only Medical and Evac. Geo Blue is a good plan. If you want a good all around plan -- Travelex and others are good . However many of these require advance purchase with you trip to cover preexisting condition. There is an insurance section in Cruise Critic. There are a number of sites that offer multiple plans like tripinsurancestore.com and insuremytrip.com that you can check out.
  10. Agree with both. My guess is that they will pick a downtown location. Having done this with Silversea, they offered either the Grand or the Radisson Blu. We booked additional advance nights direct and not through the cruise line and did exactly as Roland stated.
  11. Things change daily. Came across this today... J&J and Janssen are the same. Dated 6 October so definitely new. https://www.infobae.com/salud/2021/10/06/covid-19-la-anmat-aprobo-el-uso-de-emergencia-de-la-vacuna-de-janssen/
  12. Been on 3 Silversea Expeditions and our next one is on Quark for the Solar eclipse. Learned the hard way on the first. As we purchased boots. Ships boots are fine, odd size rent them. We ended up donating them on our last Arctic cruise. So they are likely on Explorer. We go by 2's -- 2 of everything. 2 sets of casual clothes for dinner/evening. 2 sets of general for morning/noon on ship. 2 sets of warm gear. 2 layers of merino tops, plus water proof pants and wool socks. Combining them for the day on the ship, jeans with a merino wool top is easy and gives flexibility. Only item single is the hat and neck gator. Brought goggles on first trip never used them. Camera -- believe in twos here too. We had a camera body fail on our first Antarctica trip. Backup came in handy. Also a spare battery charger. Mine did not fail, but I did loan my spare to someone whose did fail. Dry bag is a must on this trip. Leave room in luggage for your parka. Only one caveat. The charter flight at least in Argentina, they were picky on carry on weight. Stuck to the 8Kg limit.
  13. Finally some good news on the Argentina front. Just checked the United Airline site and they are open for visitors from neighboring countries (ie. Uruguay and Chile). This was announced earlier but actually implemented on the 2 October (on schedule). So hopefully good news for the 1 November date..
  14. Thank you Woodrowst. We are Crystal fans. We booked the Quark expedition because of the unique itinerary -- total solar eclipse. Hopefully others will add the other lines. like Ponant. Issue with the lines using Argentina is that no protocols have been released and of course Argentina in general does not hold to dates announced. At least with Chile -- the procedures are in place entering as a foreigner.
  15. Would like to summarize the current season so far -- others can chime in and add: Seabourn Odyssey -- season Cancelled Quark cancels Ocean Diamond, Ocean Adventurer, World Explorer. Only new built Ultramarine will sail from Ushuaia. Quark will bubble in Buenos Aires on day before at the Hotel Emperator. Silversea has moved all ships to Chile. Either Puerto Arenas or Puerto Williams. They will bubble in Santiago. Only question is whether Silver Wind expeditions will be cancelled and ship is still in dry-dock in Poland. FB rumors say TA's have been offering moving bookings to Silver Cloud. National Geographic will bubble in Miami and provide charter flights (at additional cost $2900 economy $8500 business RT) to Ushuaia. Oceanwide has cancelled Ortelius and Janssonius this season and moving passengers to Plancius and Hondius Hurtigruten will move departures to Chile. Cancelled is Fridtjof Nansen departures. Albatross. Ocean Atlantic cancelled for 2021. Ocean Victory still is sailing. Poseidon. M/V Sea Spirit is still listed on their web site as operating. Ponant (including A&K) still a go.
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