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  1. It was not the easiest to watch TV from the bed. It does pull out sufficiently so you can watch from the couch. The angle from the bed to the TV means to look at the TV from the lying position requires you to look up. You have to watch siting up. We had no issues using it. I think the SH TV is in better place than the PH.
  2. Since we are talking about vaccine cards - has anyone had their doctor or health department put your COVID jabs into a WHO Yellow vaccination cards. The reason I ask that some EU countries are using the WHO card to document the vaccine. Going to stop by the Florida Department of Health who gave us our jabs to see if they will. Keith -- they did update this end of April and highlighted in BOLD New for 4.1: Vaccines must be accepted by the country Crystal guests are entering if it requires one. Crystal will accept all verified vaccine documentation. New for 4
  3. Keith where does it say you need a COVID test prior to your journey from home?? The Bahamas government eliminated that requirements (since all will be vaccinated) Clean 4.1 states "Guests will undergo a COVID-19 test at the terminal and must test negative prior to boarding the ship" If you are testing 1000+ people in a 3 hour period, it would have to be a rapid antigen test that can give results in 20 minutes. I hope Crystal will use the hotel venue to speed the process, for those doing the hotel prior to boarding (plus anyone else in the city before).
  4. You can check Trip Advisor for Taxi/transport advice.
  5. On Symphony it swivels and pulls out. Here is a You Tube cabin video.
  6. Yes I have -- more interested in Ocean going ice rated ships.
  7. They were required to do this prior to 1 May (so called 5 day test), so it should have been figured into any fare.
  8. I am in same boat/ship here too. The actual wording implies test cruises with non-vaccinated volunteers. The CDC points out in this that they can skip the test cruises with 95% vaccinated passengers and 98% crew. The CDC recommends that they follow the vaccinated protocols for passengers and provides a link. These protocols are vastly different than those for non-vaccinated. So likely more clarification from the bureaucrats in the offering.
  9. OMG What a poorly written article. You know that the skill in journalism and research is on a definite decline when you read trash as written there. The CDC order released yesterday is for trial cruises. Trial cruises include non vaccinated volunteer passengers. Non of the majors will be doing trials they have all committed to vaccinated crews and passengers. The CDC order order also allow cruise line to start cruising without a trial if they can certify a 98% crew and 95% passenger vaccinated rate and meet the other guidelines in the order. Of course there will be se
  10. Silversea was my go to cruise line for Expedition type cruises, having done the Arctic, Antarctic and West Africa all on the SS Explorer (ex Albert). The Wind and Cloud to me are not true expedition ships. Since the competition in Expedition sailing is active in building purposely designed ship for cruises (ie. Quark, Crystal, Seabourn), what are the Silversea plans in this area. I recently booked another Antarctic trip and Silversea had nothing comparable.
  11. But only one per restaurant in advance.
  12. You lucked out. Site must be one that is "in progress". They have put a time limit into the calendar so you cannot apply until 14 days prior. So today (5th) is the first day you can apply if your visit was for 19 May.
  13. The site is sort of updated. The front info still says that PCR tests are needed. But the application process has a pull down for the COVID vaccine and asks for date of final shot and details of the place/location where administered. Also a link to upload your card/proof. Someone from our roll call already applied and received the Visa and Insurance.
  14. Yes each person is required to open an account. The site as it is right now allows only one person to apply.
  15. And of course please NO multi strips with surge devices. They are a fire hazard.
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