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  1. Yep -- this will be my third cancelled cruise. This one was booked with FCC that had to be used in 2020 per the last cancellation terms. Using all of the saved money from cruising to treat myself to a 2020 Corvette.
  2. But of course Oceania has not said a thing... The ban is through 31 October.
  3. Have filed a DOT complaint?? If not file one at least you may get to speak to someone from CS at the executive level.
  4. Oh the horror River Cruises on the Ocean board Some of these changes are going to be in place before the Ocean cruises. Waterside -- back to reserve seating - 2 seating's to insure social distancing and ability to manage the flow. This way you are with your same table mates for exposure control. Reduced number on excursions 50% of seats will only be booked on bus trips.
  5. FDR already stated no cruises until September..
  6. I would think many early 2021 cruises would be doubtful. If the do late 2020 cruise they would likely be sea day cruises to the Caribbean with stops at the cruise lines private Islands.
  7. Transporting crew 🙂 In an interview, Frank Del Rio, NCL CEO, stated that they still had 10,000 crew still on board ship. Hoping to get down to 7,000 soon..
  8. Yes it is.... I am waiting for O to cancel. Have $400 in cash for a A2 to Penthouse upgrade the rest is FCC -- so they can deal with the FCC and when I can use it since they had a shrt expiration date on both cancelled cruises it comprised of.
  9. Then your hair might turn orange 🙂 Crystal is sure flogging their river cruises. NCL is as bad as Crystal. No word on their summer and fall season. We have an upcoming late fall cruise paid for with COVID FCC that had to be used in 2020...
  10. Typical NCL comments: Asked whether he had any ships that we sailing when the no cruise order came. He hesitated and then said maybe a few. I am sure as CEO during a crisis he knew exactly which ships were at sea. Oceania, Marina was specifically lost a sea with no ports wiling to accept her. Discounting -- another misstatement --- Oceania late in 2020 are being discounted almost 20%. I wish Cramer has the balls to ask him about the numerous Class action law suits about misstatements made about Covid.
  11. I think we all want to get back to normal. Feels like a year of pain already but it is hard to realized that all of this has been only 2 months for many of us.
  12. I will join both when Bill Gates becomes a Republican 🙂
  13. Jim Cramer's 6pm show..."Mad Money" See how he stands up to Cramer. Cramer is very negative on the future of the cruise industry.
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