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  1. thanks so much for your quick response and the great video. Did you book through the cruise or independently please ? Many thanks
  2. Just found this topic and would like to thank you for posting ... when doing the Flam railway, which side of the train do you recommend sitting for the best views please ? Many thanks
  3. Thanks so much for your prompt reply ... I thought that may be the case ... Cheers Heather
  4. Wow - such a lot of useful information .. thank you to all who contributed to this thread.
  5. I'm researching things to do at various ports in Japan (May 2020 - 5th - 10th) ... our ports are Osaka, Shimizu, Yokohama, Hakodate and Kushiro). There's some great information on this thread - thanks very much to all the contributors - it's very helpful. I'm aware there is a special week - "Golden Week" during our ports of call. Do you think this will have a huge impact on getting around / public transport ? Thank you
  6. All Around Italy is the only tour company I use when in Italy. Why? Because they are reliable, have had years of experience with cruise ship passengers, excellent knowledge of the local areas and great drivers / guides. Their prices are very comparable to other companies and their modern mini vans are very comfortable. All Around Italy can tailor a tour to suit your needs which is a great asset to time poor people / people on shore excursions who want to see the highlights and maybe some hidden surprises along the way … and that’s exactly what we got with this company. All Around It
  7. We are using them again this year in Livorno, Civitavecchia and Naples. They don't do the Isle of Capri but apparently have a great contact there - same with Messina which we are doing this year and we're using a company they have suggested and he seems really lovely and responsive too ....
  8. I agree with Expat Cruise's remarks above ... I know I've posted about ST and to be wary of them, and that some on this board did not appreciate that. However I feel a duty of care to write about issues - to be forewarned is to be forearmed. In this case the tell tale signs have been there for ages with this ship ... sad but true. I truly hope everyone gets their money back ... or sails on the sail date for which they have left their hard earned $$ as a deposit. And I wish I had a crystal ball to tell you you will sail as per your booking ... but in all honesty the odds do not look
  9. To those who do not like negative comments ... those of us who post about the reality of this company / situation and only seem to want to hear good news stories. When I read rojann's post (above) I thought there was something not quite right about ST giving a full refund several months out from the sail date. Normally their T&C do not allow for refunds ... so why now? Well you have your answer ... a strike at the ship yard which clearly ST knew about and knew it would impact negatively on any sailing date in August. What I would like to know is if Scenic Tours has been sent yo
  10. Funny you should say that ... my understanding is in their appeal against the Class Action, Scenic argued before the High Court in Australia last year that it had no responsibility to warn or let customers know about issues before they start their cruise ... which they know has a very real possibility of ending up as a coach holiday.
  11. I believe that people should be forewarned about issues - regardless of whether it's travel related or something you may buy in a homewares shop. Being forwarned allows people to make considered choices IMO. Choose to act on the advice, you may save yourself some angst, heartbreak and a lot of time - choose to ignore it, that's on your head. The thing is, this is an Australian company and we Aussies know from experience going back more than 10 years that the customer service operations of this company have not changed at all. Yet many people on this forum have been disappointed by the la
  12. I think you've stated the position of many cruisers well ... well done to your travel agency for not paying prior to the due date - their phone call asking for early payment smacks of desperate need for cash IMO. I can't blame you for not trusting them nor wanting to take a chance on them again. Let me tell you this from personal experience .. they simply do not learn their lesson about providing truthful advice and good customer service - IMO they think of paying passengers as cash cows and nothing else...they seem to have treat customers like a herd of cattle that can be ushered into on
  13. Totally agree about the bitter disappointment. There are other luxury all inclusive brand ships that are very reputable and treat their guests with respect. Regent comes to mind - up market, all inclusive and small ships (up to say 700). TBH, I just don't get the loyalty to this brand when they clearly they have left a lot of people in the lurch over the past year with this ship alone, not to mention the thousands of passengers who had dreadful holidays with them when other river cruise lines were cancelling cruises and someone in head office of ST decided to press ahead ... where did tha
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