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  1. If you are evacuating, hopefully it will not be like Hugo. With 4 lanes open it should be much better. I drove south on the Interstate and saw unbelievable backups going the other way. The stories everyone told were very memorable. One director of a mental health clinic said they had released all of the patients that they could except for the most needy. They then decided to put patients into individual staff cars to evac. The backups became full stops and after a while many folks were taking trips to roadside bushes for relief. He said, "Can you imagine being responsible for the welfare of individuals that on a good day might be difficult in a regular bathroom setting? For hours?' He said all trips in the future would be on a bus with a bathroom! Travel with refreshment and perhaps a bucket! Go early if you can. Good luck to all!!
  2. Watching this hurricane is like being stalked by a turtle!
  3. As of 10PM on Saturday night-Orlando airport will now remain open. They had been scheduled to stop flights on Monday at 2AM.
  4. File away that Sanford has an airport just north of Orlando. They have flights into center PA with Allegant Aitlines. Low cost and convenience is amazing. https://www.allegiantair.com/interactive-routemap
  5. So sorry to hear of all your trials and tribulations. You DESERVE a cruise! Good luck!
  6. "Swine flu" was declared and all ships to Mexico could not go. We were en route when it happened. Princess came through with a new trip and vouchers before the trip started. Everyone was posting to Cruise critic and comparing deals. Carnival did not offer much but as pressure mounted because of what the other lines were doing, eventually they raised the ante. Best wishes-sorry so late getting back to you, I had hurricane prep at the house to do!
  7. Been there experienced that. They came through after all other lines were nicer. Just later.
  8. Have fun! Get vanilla and sterling silver. Maybe a hammock!
  9. The storm moves forward at a rate of maybe 10-12 mph. It does it 24/7. Usually, airports are up and running very quickly. Several years ago, Charlie came right through the Orlando airport area. Flipped a couple small planes on the ground and broke a glass wall at the terminal. Barely affected travel.
  10. Best guess at this point is the storm coming on land Monday afternoon. Affecting a 40 mile wide area at the coast starting on Sunday afternoon. Outside of that area, it will be mostly sunny with a slight breeze if any. My absolute pure GUESS at this point is not a direct hit on PC. Cruise lines rarely cancel. The storm could hit anywhere from south Florida to Georgia. Those "spaghetti lines" show a possible path that a different weather agency has predicted. They just aren't very dependable at this point.
  11. no-Each airport will be very different
  12. Pelican Bill and I might start a fan club of each other! I agree with him. It would have to march right up the ship's channel to make a mess of the area. Possible but not all that likely. TV around here is showing a little bit further left turn. TOO SOON TO TELL. The whole state by the way will not even know a hurricane came through. The small area where the storm first touches is where you will see damage. The rest of us will just continue to complain about how hot it is.. and the rain from normal rainstorms. This is where the category of the storm becomes important. This is not an Andrew, Hugo, etc. That is a whole different ballgame. It is also why you pay attention to the news for updates.
  13. PC would be open quickly after the storm moves through if it comes to that area. This is the frustration of hurricanes. The not knowing of where and when until things get much closer.
  14. It will be OK. Really! Be flexible and they will look after you. My sister is on an NCL right now. They will put an island between you and the storm. Florida has 4 ports and if they needed to bus you from another port-ONLY if they HAD to-they would. Storms keep moving 24/7. It only the very center of the eye that has the highest winds. Move out from that area and there isn't very much of anything. Worst case scenario, they would keep you on board a little bit longer. Load any app that lets you rebook flights. But my guess is that you will not need it.
  15. Small area will take the impact usually. You can drive to area that has all the amenities. Here is what several lines are doing https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/4381/
  16. Weather is hot and sunny in Orlando (well it was today earlier). It will be fine until hurricane gets much much closer. Surf will pick up as the days go by. Tomorrow at 4 will be a lovely sail away. I have sailed when hurricanes are out "there". The ship will move where the storm is not. Take sea sick prevention pills (I take Bonine) before any motion. My entire family has been fine!
  17. Are you driving? Can you cancel? Many chains will move you inland w/o a hassle. What day/s do you plan to be there? I used to live on a barrier island. It is better not to stay on the coast. 99 out of 100 times you would be perfectly safe but, inland is better. It all depends WHERE the final landfall occurs and it is still too early to say for sure. I have gone through lots of hurricanes but they can be unpredictable. Inland, even if it come right to you-in a regular strong building, it is just fine. Coastal flooding and limited roadways along the coast are not good.
  18. I ordered some currency for each port. Totally unnecessary. Charge cards used everywhere, even in local markets and cups of coffee.
  19. Just back from Regal July 18th. Enclave was lovely. Beds were warm except up the step on the left. Water in the mineral pool was warm and sauna great. Fountain pours down and relaxes your back, other jets work on legs.
  20. Please keep posting updates so I know if I need to be early or late. Doing an Alla tour on the 21st In St. Pete . Regal Princess starting on July 15
  21. When in port I use Verizon. It is $10 for 24 hour total access-I use it like I am at home. I call and text and check email, etc. I am Elite so at sea I email.
  22. I have bought jewelry on board several times. No issue.
  23. I sent a light weight cotton blouse. The tags used to identify it put 3, 1/4 inch holes in a triangle pattern. T shirts and jeans fine, but nothing that needs a gentle touch.
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