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  1. Because if you re read my post you would see that it would have been more beneficial to book the higher category at the time of the booking, lower price and more OBC. Either you want the higher category or you don't. People who Royal up are just looking for a deal and from what I experienced there was no deal. Why would I pay more to upgrade weeks before the cruise when I could have had the pick of the litter at the time of booking. Now if you just booked a few weeks out then there is a better chance of an upgrade deal. The location is more important to me than the room size so I'm not even sure I would up grade for free.
  2. That's funny because when I booked a cruise is when the emails stopped. I never got offers to purchase drink packages or for excursions. The only emails I got were to Royal up my cabin. Maybe it was because I booked my cruise through a travel agent.
  3. Discounting inside cabin for someone who hasn't booked yet isn't the same topic as discounting a higher category cabin for someone who wants to upgrade.
  4. Just keep a record of what it would cost for the grand suite if you were to book now so you know how much to bid.
  5. I was on the 9 day Anthem last week 6/6 -6/15. I never bid on any offer. It was the same offers emailed on different dates. I kept track of the prices for a JS and deluxe balcony when I booked 16 months out. Even the lowest bid was the same price or higher than it was at the time of booking. It would have been more beneficial to have booked those categories at the time of booking because I would have received more on board credit at the time of booking through my TA and Royal Caribbean. They are banking on the fact that people don't pay attention and are only comparing the price to the current price at the time of the Royal up offer. Also I was happy with my cabin selection and I wouldn't want to risk being placed in an undesirable location.
  6. The Deluxe package also includes coffee from the coffee with spirits menu as well.
  7. They seem to be pretty determine to only upgrade via the royal up program. I received 3 offers for my cruise with the last offer only a few days before sailing. I doubt they are discounting anymore.
  8. And it's difficult to prepare for the masses.
  9. Last week on Anthem we attended We will Rock you at 6:30 on the second formal night. I made dinner reservations for 9:00. The timing of this show couldn't have been planned at the worst time on the worst day. It really backed up the dining room. We didn't have a long wait because we had reservations. They did have to seat us in the traditional dining room Chic. This was probably the worst dining experience I had all week. They never took drink orders and they just rushed us through. I had just complained about the poor service to Juan Carlos the head waiter the day before and formal night service was a disaster. The timing of the most popular show was the cause of the bums rush service. Juan Carlos approached us the next day in Silk and asked how the service was. He didn't like our answer and my survey also reflected my dissatisfaction.
  10. I don't know how cold they will keep the drink. I noticed a lot of condensation on the cups that were being used outside by the pool. They do have a little handle to hold it when traveling and the straw tucks in so it doesn't have to be sticking out.
  11. That's how I felt about them. They reminded me of the type you get at an amusement park. I couldn't be bothered hunting down one of those machines and just ordered water and soda via a waiter or bar. The waiters on the sun deck were very plentiful. I didn't have to walk to the bar once.
  12. We received the new one on Anthem last week I didn't bother to use it. I would have preferred the old ones.
  13. Here is a word of caution about cruise ship lobster on all cruise lines. Order a back up dinner. We were a party of 5 with 4 of us ordering lobster. I haven't been on Royal Caribbean in almost 20 years so I thought that I would give it a try just to compare with the other lines that I have sailed on. I also ordered the prime rib as a back up. As I suspected the lobster tail was the size of a giant shrimp. I ate half of it because it was like chewing gum. Out of the other 3 people 2 of them enjoyed the lobster but when they ordered a second one it was rubber just like mine. I figure you will have a 50 50 chance of getting a good one. I might also suggest that if you purchase the lobster listed at the bottom of the menu for an up charge you will probably be better off.
  14. This is when it pays to call and book the drink packages with a Royal Caribbean Rep. I purchased one deluxe package for my wife and one refreshment package for myself. At the time when the rep was taking my drink package order he asked if I wanted to add an internet package to my deluxe package for an extra $10 a day. It was only added to one drink package for one device. We just logged out when the the other person wanted use the internet service.
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