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  1. Sugar packets and Turvia packets for coffee and tea. We only use a bag of sugar for baking or cooking.
  2. Royal Caribbean isn't my first choice either but it was a family cruise so it fit. I was just surprised to see that escargot was offered every night.
  3. Royal Caribbean offers escargot every night on their cruises.
  4. It's the 21st Century all of those have been replace with Instagram, Facebook, text messaging and email which is not even a first choice to communicate any more. Which brings me a positive change for Colo Cruiser. Improved wifi service!
  5. I would be pleased to hear some. How about starting a thread?
  6. There is a reason they stopped using them in restaurants. The sugar would clump and you would have to open it and break up the clump with the spoon. That should be good for the spread of Noro. I'm not a germaphobe by any means but I just don't think that type of container should be used on a cruise ship. We don't even use a sugar bowl at home anymore.
  7. You don't. That's the beauty of the sale. They can raise the fictional onboard price anytime for any ship or sailing to come up with a larger fake discount %. I find it hysterical how they can get away with this. If you can land a price in the the mid $50 dollar range that's a good deal based on what I know other cruise lines charge. Even the cruise lines that claim they are giving you the free drink package just add it to the over all cost of the cruise. Celebrity pricing is now out of my price range unless I get a last minute deal. I won't sacrifice placing a non refundable deposit for a lower fare with out the included perks.
  8. Hmmmm..... Isn't that their job to provide the basic room service? If you have to ask for soap it makes you wonder if they are even cleaning properly.
  9. My dispenser was broken off of the wall. I had to ask for shampoo. A good room steward would have placed it in the bathroom without asking. This was the first time in over 30yrs of cruising that I didn't tip above the auto gratuity.
  10. They didn't experience that first hand. It was hearsay or maybe a one off situation. If this was a regular issue there would have been a 200 page thread about it that would still be running along side of the Key thread.
  11. I can’t answer your direct question but I can tell you from experience that that I purchased one deluxe and one refreshment because I am an occasional drinker. The price spread at the time was large and it wouldn’t have paid for me to purchase the deluxe since I mostly drink sparkling water. I was able to purchase an occasional cocktail a la carte no questions asked.
  12. You still need a free hand to turn the knob but it’s still easier to use the band to unlock the door. As far making a purchase, it’s just a pain. As much as I hate lanyards I would probably opt for one of those if I didn’t have pockets
  13. I tend to book early when prices are low. For my last Anthem cruise the lowest bid would have been better than the price at the time the bid offer was received which was a month before sailing. They emailed me the offer 3 times so if I bid the lowest price I probably would have won. The price of my original room was going for $200 more per person than what I had paid over a year out.
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