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  1. We hear that a lot when we go down to Florida. But it's not exclusive to the Villages. It seems to be on the rise at many of the Adult communities.
  2. Up North we refer to Florida as God's waiting room. With that said I look forward to waiting there for a long time.
  3. Well to be fare the Ad does say Kids (Plural) sail free. I’m sure if you called that’s the angle they would work.
  4. These days it’s rare to find a Priest in Church they seem to have been replaced with Deacons.
  5. Really! You can't afford it? You booked a Grand Suite for Christ's sake.
  6. That's my concern as well. This seems to be popular. One would think that they would just have a generic cake (for a fee) that they could just right Happy whatever on available at anytime. In the past on Princess we would let them know that we were celebrating an occasion in our planner. When we arrived there would be a postcard in our room for a cake. We would just bring that postcard to the dining room on the night that we wanted to celebrate and hand it to our waiter. There wasn't any charge for this. I can't believe that passengers on Royal are paying for a cake and there are so many issues. Seems like it should be simple. You buy a cake you receive a cake.
  7. Do you think that would work if you have MTD?
  8. Break from the kid's at any price is reason enough for me. Unfortunately my kids are at the age were they need a break from us.
  9. This is not sounding good. I think I'll just ask for a candle in a piece of cake.
  10. The poor service or "Not to our liking" does or did affect you.
  11. I'm going to follow this thread as well to see what others have to say. I agree it could have been some kind of mix up and they had to put something together quickly.
  12. Here is a link to an old thread on the cake topic. DW will be celebrating her 50th Birthday on our cruise. I was going to order a cake but after reading the thread I decided against it. a picture of the actual cake received is at the bottom of page 2
  13. So why fill out the survey to begin with? Seems like a waste of time. I wonder what the cruise lines would do if nobody filled out the surveys?
  14. That's my issue as well. Experience has taught me what things should cost so when it doesn't add up I dig deeper.
  15. This is the mentality that allows them to get away with what they do. I work retail and I'm fully aware of the fake MSRP and we were doing BOGO's long before the cruise lines were. However 50% off a fake $100 MSRP is still $50. Simple math. Also department stores list the fake prices. Royal Caribbean uses a % off on board price but doesn't let you know what it is. You need all of the facts being fake or real to know if you have a true value. Sales alone don't work anymore in retail. Now they need a coupon too. I wonder when the cruise lines will stoop to that.
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