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  1. My thought is that I'm glad not everybody wants it. If everybody wanted it I would still be waiting for mine. Any leftovers send to Canada so they can open the border and we can sail to Alaska.
  2. They probably should have been first. Grandma and Grandpa have been sitting home all year waiting this out while the spring break grandchild brings covid home as a souvenir.
  3. Town of Oyster Bay is 60 and I am a beach person. I hope they still have the same social distancing rules as they did last year. It was such a pleasure last year.
  4. Same people who were making money before covid. The rich keep getting richer.
  5. I guess if you figure all of those hospital beds filled with Covid patients some who were there for months. I would like to see a balance sheet that includes the overtime they paid out as well as the money lost from all of the non essential elective procedures like hip replacements, colonoscopies and other screening procedures. Also I'm sure that the hospitals are still trying to get co payments that weren't covered by insurance for all of those hospital stays. I'm sure they will be writing off that debt.
  6. The free parking is for town residents. Check your township they may offer it where you live also.
  7. I want to sail to Bermuda not from Bermuda. Neither the Nassau or Bermuda itinerary appeal to me considering the effort and added expense it will take to get there and back home.
  8. And here they are whining about how wearing a mask is a violation of their liberties.
  9. Thank you. We have been looking on the east coast but now that my son and DIL seem to like Tampa we are considering that area. My wife's family are all southeast in the WPB area.
  10. Unreal. My son and daughter in law are working on relocating to the Tampa area. They will be in Florida before us. They want to buy a condo or house but it's just not affordable here. I can't even afford it anymore.
  11. LOL Nassau County Long Island not Nassau the Island.
  12. My SIL is listed her 2006 Colonial on 50X100 property in Nassau for $950 and moving to a new home in South Florida. She lives in a good school district but not near the shore. Her taxes in NY are close to $20,000 a year.
  13. Yes I can't believe what they are paying for 65 yr old Cape. I'm ready to move to Florida.
  14. The housing market is out of control because everyone wants to leave big cities . Now that so many are working remotely they no longer need to live close to the office and they are finding that they need more work space. Also during the thick of the pandemic they realized that a yard is now important, just like a balcony cabin is now a must have for us in the future. Since they are working remotely they can also take their NY salary to a state like Florida buy more house for their money and not have to pay state tax.
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