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  1. I believe the coffee card can be shared since it get's punched. Sharing is still better in terms of the abuse it was creating by leaving one punch unpunched just so you can receive the regular coffee free for the rest of your life. It's that abuse that caused them to make the change. I can't say I blame the passengers since you shouldn't have to pay for good regular coffee. I probably would have done the same if it wasn't so inconvenient to go to the international cafe every morning before going to the buffet for breakfast.
  2. They make all kids of unnecessary cuts to save the bottom line. Why can’t they cut Kid’s Sail Free? Says the father of a 24 and 27 year old who are more trouble now than they were when they were kids. Bigger kids bigger problems.
  3. Trust me you are not in the minority and is opinion is also Popular on the Celebrity and Princess boards. The only desert I truly enjoyed were the strawberry scones in Cafe 270. I had one every afternoon with a blended coffee while viewing the wake. It was my favorite time of the day.
  4. Seems like they already eliminated serving coffee with the frozen Sara Lee cakes and the instant custard Creme' Brûlée' desserts in the MDR so $1 OBC would be an improvement.
  5. I never had an issue on any cruise line including Princess with getting DW a soda or cocktail when we both had a soda card. If you both get the coffee card it shouldn't be a problem getting two 2 cups with both medallions.
  6. Couldn't agree more. The donuts and pastry on Anthem in June were stale by my standards which are not set high for cruise ship buffets. They are usually just tasteless. I guess I shouldn't complaint stale at least gives them some substance. These cruise lines are making it harder and harder to gain my standard 7 lbs for a 7 day cruise. I think my doctor is in on it.
  7. This is something that should have never happened which they have admitted. I'm happy it worked out for everyone.
  8. They must have purchased those from Wayfair.
  9. That's the thing. The cruise line operates under a foreign flag but sells cruises out of the U.S. They also sell the service internationally and laws vary. Is the cruise contract the same for U.K. passengers for this situation as it is for U.S. passengers? To be honest I have never read the cruise contract fully I just know the basics. Years ago you never had to worry about such things as this so I'm not sure if there is a clause to cover them or not.
  10. I think a lot of people will be in the same situation especially on the Oasis out of N.J. It wouldn't be cost effective to switch to another cruise if you have to fly to port. He should call and complain and elevate it until he gets results. This shouldn't be hard to fix. I feel this is boarder line illegal. It's the textbook definition of bait and switch.
  11. While I can imagine the disappointment and don't condone it, I do understand that they have the right to change itineraries according the the cruise contract and as long as they returned any NRD they are in the clear. This situation is totally different. You don't offer a benefit to sell a product and don't deliver. Would it kill them to let the current bookings stay the same and only apply the new terms to new bookings?
  12. I am sorry those who booked under the old terms are getting the shaft. I hope there is some resolution for those who complain to the cruise line. Keep us posted. On the Celebrity board they decided to remove the free movies and charge $15 each to view them. This did not go over well as you can imagine since they advertised in room movies as a selling point in the room description. There were enough complaints via phone calls and social media that they went back to offering the free in room movies. This situation only applies to a few so there may not be reason for them to change the policy but they should honor it for those who booked under those terms.
  13. I agree they should be grandfathered. I don't have a problem with change but I can't swallow selling one experience and then switching it to a cheaper version of what you paid for. This is just another Royal Caribbean bait and switch tactic that I'm sure I will be flamed for just by suggesting it. This is also another reason that I refuse to book any line with NRD. There are so many stupid cutbacks on all of the lines. Booking over a year ahead may not deliver the same experience you paid for by the time sail away arrives. This is not exclusive to Royal Caribbean. I read these types of threads on Celebrity and Princess as well.
  14. I have found that on every class of ship among Celebrity, Princess, and Royal. I just couldn't believe how many are up at 5:00am on Anthem getting coffee. As far as shows go that doesn't seem to matter either. You have to get there early no matter what.
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