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  1. If someone wanted to get off of the ship it would probably involve a disembarkment process and they would know a head of time that they would not be allowed to board the ship upon return. If you agree to the cruise contract it doesn’t matter if you read it or not.
  2. I think Covid related restrictions fall under the right circumstance category.
  3. It doesn’t make headlines because it isn’t traced to the flight. 2000 passengers quarantined and denied port entry for 3 weeks is the top story. The cruise lines have a lot more to lose than the airlines. It’s going to be a slow start just getting people who enjoy cruising to come back. If what happened in Feb happens again it will take the cruise industry down. People are still flying during the pandemic because it’s an essential means of travel and the least likely way of being exposed unless you drive. If it were 1917 during the Spanish Flu transportation by sea would be essential travel.
  4. Princess is no longer my first choice anymore but that has more to do with the Royal class ships and the interaries.
  5. The buffet was never ideal but it has come along way since my first sailing in 1991. We only ate breakfast in the buffet and for lunch I would make a salad and get a burger or pizza to go along with it. The burgers at the Trident grill are real burgers nothing like the dog food burger that RC serves up in Windjammer. I agree Pizza is on par and at times better than what I can get in NY.
  6. I have not tried it but I have read a lot of positive feedback over the years on the Princess and Celebrity board.
  7. I did have the blooming onion at Sterling Steakhouse years ago. I don't know if it's still on the menu. The food in the MDR for the most part is still good so I don't bother with the specialty restaurants anymore.
  8. Have you looked around at what is happening in the US? There is a nationwide retail apocalypse that has been going on for at least the past 10 years and had nothing to do with covid. There are a lot more full time career as well as part time college students unemployed who have worked year round at these establishments. A few seasonal shops out of business at an Alaskan cruise port doesn't even scratch the surface of what has been happening.
  9. They could be friends or Coworkers. We socialize with people outside of those who are living with us. We don't wear masks when we are in each others homes.
  10. Everyone is vulnerable. It's just a matter of how much of a risk they want to take. I go to work everyday, I handle money, touch counter surfaces which by the way wiping down the surfaces after each customer has slowly been reduced over the past 7 months. I don't see the same cleaning procedures now that I saw in March and April. However I will continue to wear a mask and wash and sanitize my hands as much as possible during the working hours. I will not take part at any social event where social distancing and masks aren't being worn. We eat in restaurants but the one we frequent is still being very cautious with paper tablecloths and paper menus. Today I attempted to vote early. There was a line a mile long and nobody was social distancing. They were waiting outside and some weren't wearing masks. I passed and went home. The point of voting early was to avoid the crowds. It looks like it will be less crowded on election day.
  11. That roast probably wouldn't pass health inspection regulations for cooking food to the proper temperature.
  12. Princess's Crown Grill/Sterling Steakhouse is on par with Outback or the Longhorn Steakhouse as far as food quality.
  13. I have found that many Royal Caribbean passengers prefer comfort foods over specialty dishes. I can't believe how many put Johnny Rockets on such a high priority list even asking if it's included with the unlimited dining package. They have a family demographic so it makes sense that mac and cheese and french fries are featured. We sailed on Princess and Celebrity mostly. Their menu has gone down hill as well. I think Princess replace the beef medallions with a hamburger on the MDR menu. NCL is the worst when it comes to food. You are forced to eat in a specialty restaurant if you don't want the included institutional food that's included in the price. Royal Caribbean is not the line I choose for food but in terms of entertainment it beats Princess and Celebrity hands down. On Anthem I found the MDR food to be good but the service was terrible most nights. I was not impressed with the specialty restaurant menus and would only book them if offered a sizable discount. We ate in Jamie's with a 30% off discount. They offered us 50% off to come back a second time but we declined. Wonderland was a one and done deal. It was all presentation. Nothing offered was worthy of a second visit.
  14. Well stay safe. You can only control your own environment
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