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  1. I think when all is said and done the cruise lines are really going to have to change some policies in order to get us to cruise. One would be dropping the NRD in order to receive a better price. When the dust settles there will be many who will have to rebuild financially. Myself included. Then you have the 70 and over crowd who will either be afraid to cruise or won't be able to get a doctors note, which I think will eventually end but time will have to pass as we gradually get back to life as we know it. The cruise lines can't rely on those with FCC's as that is money already spent and will not contribute to new cash flow. They have basically purchased passengers on credit by offering additional FCC's. As this develops further and as more and more cruises get canceled they may not even be able to offer the additional FCC's
  2. The TA I used last year and many that advertise on CC charge a $100 cancelation fee which has nothing to do with Royal Caribbean and their fees plus the initial $24.99. They are up front about it. I didn't know Royal was still paying commision to the TA under the new policy. It that case the OP shouldn't be charged the cancelation fee.
  3. If the agency charges fees for cancellations then they have every right to collect them if the passenger cancels. If the cruise line cancels the cruise which isn't the case here then the agency should waive the fees since they are being paid the commission anyway. Many here are waiting for Royal Caribbean to cancel their cruise so they can get their NRD back.
  4. I very rarely book through a TA. However I booked my last cruise through my big box warehouse TA. I used them because I didn't need to leave a deposit until a month before final payment and they offered a large OBC. They were very clear that there would be a $24.99 fee which was charged immediately and a $100 cancelation fee on top of any cancelation fee Royal was charging for NRD. Did your TA disclose this information to you before you booked?
  5. He's not to blame. It's all of the Floridians who continued to be optimistic and carried on like nothing was happening. Governor Cuomo had to shut down the parks yesterday because even here with makeshift hospitals, military presence morgues full of dead bodies people are still not social distancing. Unfortunately government has to save people from themselves. I suspect given the current event in Florida that this will delay the cruise industry even longer.
  6. No. I haven't seen my parents who live in the next town since the end of February My son and his fiance' had diner with us for the first time since Feb. DW and my younger son were commuting to Manhattan three weeks ago. Now that they have been quarantined we feel it is safe to socialize with my older son. I still won't visit my parents. My mother just returned from the hospital yesterday. 7 staff members tested positive for covid. Now it will be another 2 weeks for her to be quarantined. Never apologize for keeping someone safe.
  7. Not looking good now since your Governor finally woke up and closed the state.
  8. Oh ok. By the way do you have do the parent teacher conference in front of mirror? The only thing keeping me sane right now is the fact that my kids are adults and are done with school. It was bad enough getting them to do homework when they were in school.
  9. Yes but the numbers for Covid are so inaccurate since for so long there weren't any tests. Also how many of those who died had underlying conditions like cancer that was already killing them? I just don't see how deaths from the flu which has been around many years can be compared to Covid 19 which is new and lacks all of the data.
  10. They say NY is 2 weeks away. I don't know why everyone is so hell bent on death statistics.
  11. Congratulations on your success. Finally some good news.
  12. It has nothing to do with the death rate. Life will begin to start when we reach the peak of the spread and the number of new cases delines.
  13. Those poor people. I guess they were the few optimistic people who declared they would sail no matter what.
  14. Covid Prince, Pandemic Viking, Ventilator of the Sea.
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