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  1. Do they have a do not downgrade choice to check off as well?
  2. There is a thread on the Royal Caribbean board saying the Royal Caribbean is renting tuxedos. If anything Princess would have more business than Royal. After my last sailing on Anthem of the seas I won't even bring a dress shirt and tie next time. Maybe Princess with offer the service again. https://tuxedorentals.rccl.com/tuxedo/tuxrental.nsf
  3. I also left out the lingering stench of urine and the having to step over the diseased homeless people. I'm sure the germaphobes are running for the hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes as they read this.
  4. When Celebrity started out offering the perks in2013 it was a good sale. Now the cruises are way over priced with the included extras. It forced me to book on Royal Caribbean. Even with purchasing a deluxe drink package and refreshment package the cost per day was less expensive than Celebrity's bundled plan for a similar cruise. I would have also had to up grade to Celebrity's deluxe drink package in order to get the brands I drink.
  5. My son has had a cold that turned into bronchitis. He is now on antibiotics and prednisone. Should I throw him out of the house? Actually I should because I'm scheduled for hip replacement surgery next week and if I get sick I have to cancel.
  6. I wouldn’t go if my health was compromised like your husbands. However I’m not understanding why you think these same issues can’t happen on another cruise line and why would Princess extend good will if you have no intention of sailing with them again. They are in business to profit and protect the share holders.
  7. And there you have it! I can't even believe someone would suggest outside help when there is a quarantine.
  8. Since money seems to be no object to you maybe you can write a check and mail it to the OP or better yet send it electronically for the $100 difference.
  9. In these times of click and add to cart and social media score cards your friends "Brick and Mortar" TA should be bending over backwards to satisfy a client who is supporting a dying industry.
  10. You suggest that someone from the outside should risk becoming contaminated by delivering food which would have to be delivered to the rooms by the staff anyway. Now you have the outside company, a food company at that, spreading the outbreak even further. As far as Norovirus , all cruise lines are vulnerable as well as schools, restaurants, religious institutions or any other public place. I live in NY and make several trips to Manhattan which is a target for terrorism, exploding manhole covers, plane crashes, falling cranes and a larger chance of coming in contact with foreign tourists who can be spreading Coronavirus. Yet I stand on a crowded bus practically cheek to cheek (all 4 of them) with the people who surround me. I actually would feel safer on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. OK....... get ready to clinch your bowels and clutch your pearls......I even touch elevator buttons and handrails with my bare hands and haven't been sick.....😲
  11. Only one. My two kids are 3 years apart so 13 and 16 was fine.
  12. Do you really believe what you are saying? This would actually promote sharing the deluxe package if they thought they were being monitored when they purchased a cocktail, beer or wine with a medical exemption. They would also be assuming that they are purchasing it for themselves when they could actually be buying someone they just met a drink.
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