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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Celebrity sailing 100% vaccinated? Meaning anyone who is eligible to get the vaccine 12 yrs old and up must be vaccinated. Also there are ports in the Caribbean who will not allow a ship to dock if it isn't 100% vaccinated. This is causing some issues for Royal Caribbean passengers who have children under 12 or children who would be turning 12 to close to the cruise start date to be vaccinated in time. There are mask rules and segregation of vaxxed and unvaxxed on Royal Caribbean.
  2. I will tell you not to book the cruise ship rainforest tour. It was described as a hike through the rainforest moderate activity level. The day before the excursion I was having an issue with my hip and a hike wasn't in the picture for me so I had to cancel. The rest of the family took the tour. When they came back they told me that I would have been able to handle it but be glad you didn't go. It was basically a bus ride up a hill with the driver describing every pant and leaf. The only walking involved was at the top of the hill. They let you out to walk around, admire the view and take pictures. My wife told me that my walk to CVS to purchase Advil was more of a challenge for me.
  3. My vote is an IT glitch similar to the $18 dollar drink package and they shut it down. I would also image that the general non Cruise Critic public may be discouraged by now with the cancellations and the protocol changes and have asked for refunds. Even the diehards here seem defeated. There may not be as many FCCs out there as we think. Another theory is that Jimbo may have a dark cloud hanging over his head and the universe is out to get him....🙂
  4. The point is people complained about far less and now all of these extra steps and changes seem to be no problem. Sorry I would rather sip through a paper straw than have to breath through a paper mask.
  5. That would be better for them than having to drop the price and probably more of an incentive for those who can taste the next level.
  6. I didn't know that. I'm sure they are drilled to offer the refund that way.
  7. We ate at Jamies on Anthem in 2019 because of a large discount they offered. We were literally the only ones in the restaurant and only saw waitstaff when it was time to bring the next course. I'm not complaining because I like it that way. I don't like chit chat while I'm trying to eat. If it were anyone else they would not be happy with the service.
  8. I wonder how many FCC's are still out there. I would have thought by now with all of the changes, cancellations and now the 2 day covid test that people would have given up and are taking cash refunds.
  9. Back on topic. I am delighted to see that so many positive comments for the new voucher system. Usually these types of changes result in Hell and Damnation towards the cruise line.
  10. Morphed into a tipping thread so yes cruising is back. Next topic can I wear shorts on formal night?
  11. Yes, It was a comment about how the Federal wage hasn't kept up with inflation.
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