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  1. It sounds like a place that I would want to spend more than a few hours visiting. We visit Florida quite often. I probably need to plan a few days there.
  2. Taxable for Federal and State where I live. Many PT minimum wage workers wouldn’t come back when we started to open. Many weren’t Making $600 a week to begin with. These would typically be high school and college kids who still live at home. On a positive note there were plenty of opportunities for those who normally are only looking for a summer job.
  3. Cruising won’t begin until the United States can actually unite as one country to stop the spread. Almost 6 months in and people are having Covid parties because they still believe it’s a hoax. Do you really want to be on a ship with these people. Florida is the key player for the cruise industry. It’s not looking good for this year.
  4. It sounds like a good startup plan. I hope it works out.
  5. To be honest I was shocked when I saw footage of the riots. The first thing I said to my wife was I assumed that retailers especially the big companies would have been proactive securing their buildings knowing that they would be closed for a period of time.
  6. I think a part of our recovery had to do with weather conditions in the northeast where we were still in winter mode. It's hard to contain people in places like Southern California and the Southern states when the weather is nice and people want to be out.
  7. People have to work. They don't have to smoke. You can slowly open businesses and operate with caution. Cruising will not start up until the positive cases come down and with Florida being a major player for the cruise industry it's not happening anytime soon.
  8. The idiots should have boarded up the windows like they do when preparing for a hurricane before the shut down. With all of the none mask wearing protests, riots and looting going on, the original epicenter is in a better position than the states that didn't set and enforce safety standards.
  9. Those who keep booking sailing after sailing as they get canceled.
  10. I don't think lenquixote66 lives alone. If you have family members living with you who go out than you still have contact. My wife who is still working from home is no longer safe now that my son and I are back to work servicing the public.
  11. If someone enters the store without a mask which hasn't happened, they are asked to put on a mask. If they don't have one we will provide one. If they refuse they are asked to leave and if they don't we refuse their sale. There will always be those in groups who refuse to comply but the protesters whether they are for Blue lives or Black lives matter are outside and you can avoid them. I forgot to mention that we also have a minimum capacity to follow and the state inspectors have started to come around making sure we are in compliance.
  12. I work is a store everyone who comes in is wearing a mask. Even the homeless in NYC are wearing masks. It was a main focus from the being and people have been compliant. The only issues have been in bars where people can't wear them while drinking and don't social distance .
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