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  1. Joe Banana's Limo was great! I highly recommend it. We did this in 2015 and are going again in a few weeks! We did the all inclusive tour which includes a family style lunch! It was our favorite meal in Italy! We visited Sorrento, Positano and Pompeii! It was an 8 passenger Mercedes van audit was great!
  2. We are sailing on the Epic on 8/29 R/T Rome. We rented an Airbnb apartment. It looks beautiful in the reviews and photos! I will let you know!
  3. We are sailing on the Epic R/T from Rome. We are also in the Haven with priority disembarkation. If we carry off our own bags and have the shuttle reserved, can we reasonably make our 11:45AM flight? When I called NCL they said we would definitely be off the ship by 8:00AM. I understand that it is close to an hour drive to get to the airport. Thoughts?...
  4. What about 11:45AM? Same scenario. Haven -so we have priority disembarking. Less people disembarking in Rome since Barcelona R/T is more popular? Is that doable?
  5. I called NCL and the rep asked a supervisor. They said we would be off the ship no later than 8am. (Handicapped, then Haven). If we had a shuttle reserved, we could get there by 8:45-9:00. That is just cutting it too close for me with a 10:50am flight. I will just have to stick with my original flight (and a Xanax!) Thanks!
  6. Thanks! We originally had flights on Norwegian Air with plenty of time (6:05pm). They have changed the flights to a charter (Privilege Style) which makes me nervous. We can cancel without penalty. Of course, since I had searched for alternate flights, I keep having ads pop up on my newsfeed with rates from NY-Rome. I can't help clicking on them and found a good deal on United for about the same price. Privilege Style has no Wifi or entertainment which is going to be a big disappointment to my daughter and niece. Oh well.
  7. We are sailing on the Epic 8/29-9/5. We are in the Haven. I know that we can get priority disembarkation. I have read that we can hire a private shuttle to FCO and it is approximately a 45 minute drive. We are scheduled to arrive in Civitavecchia at 6am. Would you do this?
  8. We are going to Nachi Cocom on 3/29. I have been there twice. It is a beautiful, relaxing day. My daughter and I each had a massage on the beach. It was very reasonably priced and worth it. The guacamole is amazing! Enjoy!
  9. The pre-existing part of the insurance is not necessarily the travelers health. It would include the immediate family members of the traveler. My daughter was booked on a flight to Paris while in college to visit a friend. Her dad had been diagnosed with stage IV cancer two years before. As her trip got closer, his condition became terminal and we cancelled her flight. He passed away one week later. We were refunded the entire cost of the trip. I am sailing to Alaska next week. My Mom just had an angioplasty today. It could have turned into a complete bypass surgery. Thankfully, everything went well and she will be discharged tomorrow. You just never know what the future holds. Just my .02 Liz
  10. I will be sailing on the Anthem this Saturday to Bermuda. Can anyone tell me what perks, if any, that RCCL will offer to Casino guests. I have only sailed NCL thus far in comped cabins. They provide priority boarding, free premium beverages (including water) in the casino, no fees for cash charged to stateroom account, spa and dining credits, etc. Thanks.
  11. You could always get some hot water for tea in the buffet, and place the bottle in the water to warm it. Easy solution! :)
  12. The passengers currently in the mini suites will probably bid for an upgrade to a suite and that would open up some mini suite cabins. The only way that you would get a suite is if you did an upsell or bid for the suite yourself. Does that make sense? Just because they are not showing any available cabins in a particular category doesn't mean they are not going to be moving people with the upgrade advantage.
  13. On our last cruise on the Getaway in January 2017 the person in the mini suite next to my sister and her family was smoking a cigar on the balcony on more than two occasions. I was in the cabin next to their's and it was disgusting. We called guest services each time but we don't know if anything was done. Yes!!! No!!!
  14. This is a follow up to my original post. I called the Celebrity Casino Department on Monday (yesterday) and they extended the "Reserve By" date until the end of the month! Thank you all for the advice and have blessed day!!! :cool:
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