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  1. Thanks all. So sad because that island needs that tourist revenue.
  2. I haven't gotten my copy yet. Does the ad give any itineraries?
  3. Now I'm jealous. I've looked for RuthC on my cruises, but have never run into you. Here's hoping that changes at some point in the future, since I am now traveling solo too. Dearest husband died in August 2017, and he is missed, especially on cruises.
  4. Does anyone have any information other than the citizens were rioting, and police used tear gas? Empress of the Seas, the only ship due to dock in San Juan today was turned back before she reached the island. Other ships may be affected tomorrow, according to the news.
  5. I can't answer your question. Sorry. Did you alert your room steward to the problem? In our experience, all we have to do is to let our steward know that something isn't right, and it's corrected before the end of the day. What cabin category were you in? We've stayed in every category available and have found that our stewards take care of whatever problem there is, regardless of cabin. The excellent service is one reason we keep coming back. We have never had to alert the Front Desk because the steward didn't take care of a problem. One time we noticed a mildew odor. By that afternoon, the odor was gone and never returned. I'd love to know what they used , so I could recommend it to some hotels!
  6. When we cruised on Oosterdam 2nd week of April, HAL had already abandoned this idea. The waiters/assistant maître d', and maître d' all said it was a disaster, which they hoped would never become permanent. This sentiment was echoed by the higher level officer who hosted our table during one of the Gala Nights. Front desk also confirmed it was a test which turned into a disaster. That's not to say that HAL can't change its corporate mind and begin charging for 2nd entrée at some point.
  7. Give it a chance. We saw it on Oosterdam in April. I had no clue what it was about. We weren't crazy about the 1st show, but the 2nd one was much better because I knew most of the songs. First time, I only recognized about 10% of the songs. My 16 year-old cousin, who is very active in drama/glee club, loved it. Her parents hated it, both times. Yes, a lot of people were leaving, but we stayed, simply because there wasn't anything else going on at the time. I know, I know. . .a lame reason to stay. Having said all that, I probably won't attend another performance. Been there, done that, don't wish to repeat it. The one show I did want them to see was the BBC Earth (this was their first cruise with HAL), but they showed that during the evening we were in San Juan. We were on the bio-bay tour, so they never got to experience this wonderful show.
  8. Love your photographs. The 1st leg of your cruise, the Baltic, brought back so many memories. Your food pictures reminded me of our last cruise (April 2019) where we had been reading about the quantity cut-backs in the MDR for months before we left. I didn't believe it until we boarded. I don't eat a lot, but I was always hungry by 10 p.m., which has never happened on a cruise. Luckily, the Lido was open, and several nights we ordered room service late at night, a first for us. From your photographs, it looks as though the portions have shrunk again! The spoon in the dessert pic looks almost as large as the cake. Very sad.
  9. Whatever you do, don't buy a prepaid SIM International card, which we did on our med cruise. We used it once to call our son, talked for 5 minutes (we timed it), and from that point on, the blasted card said we'd exceeded our time. We paid $50. Total waste of money. Make certain you read all the fine print, which we thought we'd done, but obviously didn't. Our fault. Never again. You may not want to hear this, but could you unplug for the duration of the cruise? Relax and enjoy.
  10. Congratulations! Always nice to get a better deal. Have a wonderful cruise. The K is lovely, except for narrow Promenade. Be sure to check out NY Deli and Dutch Café.
  11. This morning, I typed "hollandamerica.com", clicked and was routed to NCL! Internet finally connected me to HA, and all aspects of my account were there and correct. I'll have to remember not to check anything on this site during scheduled maintenance on weekends. I guess they got everything fixed to a degree because today I am able to make payments successfully on upcoming cruises, which I wasn't able to do earlier. Thanks everyone for the input.
  12. When I logged into my HA account this evening to pay an installment on our Christmas cruise, I found that the site has not only erased all 5 future cruises which I've booked, but it has also eliminated my cruise history, claiming I've taken no previous cruises with Holland America, despite having close to 300 days. Has anyone else noticed anything similar with future bookings or cruise history? Since no one works on the weekend, I notified HA via email. I didn't know what else to do. Surely they haven't lost my bookings or my cruise history! Say it isn't so, please.
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