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  1. Recently, my sister cruised HA for the first time. I suggested she come to CC for info, but she never did. She kept asking me questions which I was glad to answer, though much of the info came from CC. Some from personal experience. She marveled that I "knew" so much. When she returned home, she thanked me, said that the info was invaluable to her enjoyment. Since she is ready to cruise HA again, I tried to steer her to CC, but she claims she doesn't have time. She really doesn't know what she's missing. Thanks to all who post and help to make these threads a "go-to" source for info.
  2. Either call ship services now or see the maître d' as soon as you board about the dining. If there is a medical reason which can be confirmed by a doctor, you should have no problem switching.
  3. Will be thinking of you. Know you will have a lovely time, as it's a fantastic itinerary. Let's hope you order chocolate at every meal!
  4. According to the hotel director on Oosterdam, the upcharge was a test on several ships. It was removed last week while I was on the ship, and there are no plans to bring it back, according to this source. Yes, the portions were much smaller from the last time I cruised, which was Christmas. Everyone in our group was hungry later in the evening, so we popped up to the Lido Marketplace for snacks or we ordered room service. The only extra charge we noticed was in the PG where some items like the larger steaks had an additional charge.
  5. I was thankful to hear that everyone is safe, but what a harrowing experience, one none of these passengers will likely forget.
  6. We've always started the cruise with MDR luncheon. Quiet room, gracious service. Food may or may not be better, but food quality better or lower than Lido isn't a concern as others have stated. Eating in a relaxed atmosphere is the perfect start to a great cruise. My sister and brother-in-law sailed on HAL for the first time in February, and I steered them toward the MDR for that first meal. They asked for a 4-top and met some wonderful people who work for the U.S. State Department. My sister commented that it was one of the most enjoyable meals of the cruise, and she thanked me profusely for recommending it. They hung out with this couple for most of the week and made some new friends with whom they're now corresponding. Afterwards, they peeked into the Lido to see for themselves, I guess, if my assessment was correct. She was so happy that they didn't have to navigate through the crowd to get their food. Sometimes big sisters (me) can give good advice. LOL.
  7. Or you can book prior to leaving home at the HA site, where you can choose your date and time and be assured of getting a table. Sometimes the more popular times and days sell out prior to the cruise. Better safe than sorry if you must experience these dining options.
  8. Weather channel online reports that Viking Sky ran into propulsion problems, has sent a mayday signal, and is trying to off-load 1300 passengers and cruise off the coast of Norway. Hope everyone is safe.
  9. Yes, I understand. Has HA reached out to these loyal passengers who haven't sailed with them for a while? Have these passengers written to Seattle to make their preferences known? I understand that ships age and must be sold or retired, but if a corporation doesn't respond to customer demands, their bottom line may suffer. I believe HA may be depending upon the "younger crowd" like my 32 year-old-son, who enjoys the newer ships in the HA fleet but isn't enamored of the smaller "older sisters". He prefers HA over all the other lines, since he doesn't enjoy the theme park atmosphere so prevalent on many other lines. I wonder how many younger cruisers feel this way. HA is banking its future, I suppose, on this particular demographic.
  10. You're going to be watching the passing scenery, which is so jaw-dropping that you won't even notice the window washing machine. Enjoy your great viewing platform.
  11. Are there any hard facts/statistics to back up this statement? I sail with HA three times a year, and every sailing I've been on, the ships have sold out. Granted this is only one passenger's experience, and others probably sail a lot more than I do. According to my TA, HA bookings are way up at her big-box agency. True, this is only one agent out of thousands. Just wondering if the statement is opinion or fact with downturn data attached.
  12. Congratulations on achieving this milestone. Exciting, isn't it? I rarely send anything to the laundry as I wash most of my clothes on delicate cycle, using a special liquid that preserves the clothes and prevents fading. But, I do send items to be pressed or steamed. It's wonderful. Like others, I don't iron at home. I wait and send those items out. Everything, including my formal gowns, have been returned wrinkle-free. I indicate on the laundry form that I'm 4*, although I doubt if this is necessary. We were once charged for my husband's shirts and underwear, which we did send to the laundry. I went to the Front Desk, politely pointed out our 4*, the charge was promptly removed, and HA sent us a bottle of wine. Not necessary, but appreciated. My husband enjoyed it, but I rarely drink wine.
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