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  1. Thank you so much, Copper, for posting those pictures. I just heard about the heartbreaking news aboard Vaandam. Somehow, seeing your photos brought me some comfort while bringing a pain to my heart. I don't know how to explain that juxtaposition, but I appreciate your sharing.
  2. I have three cruises booked with HAL right now. First is set for July 4 Canada/New England. Second, Christmas Panama Canal. Third, next April 2021 Mexican Riviera from San Diego. Worried about the July 4 B2B one. Time will tell if I get to go or not. I'm more concerned about an economy sliding toward an abyss. Meanwhile, my school system is closed for two weeks, and I watch the stock market each day as my 401K loses hundreds of thousands, which will force me to continue working if it doesn't snap back. Of course, I'm in better shape than others who are wondering how they'll buy groceries this week. I doubt many Americans right now are thinking about vacations. Millions are wondering how they'll stay afloat financially.
  3. Having my meals prepared, being served by smiling, gracious waiters, with no dishes to wash. The freedom to walk the Promenade Deck. How I miss that as I self-quarantine due to my age. Oh, to be on a HAL ship now! Let's hope we work as a country to squash COVID-19, so all of us can return to normal, and that includes cruising.
  4. My dentist office called this morning to cancel my appointment (regular cleaning) tomorrow. They will not see any patient for the next two weeks as advised by the Virginia Dental Association. The school system where I teach is closed for two weeks, but my principal alerted us teachers this morning that we may not be back at all this year. Wow! Kazu, I was anticipating that your government would take this step. Stay safe, our neighbors to the North.
  5. Agree with earlier post that closing the cruise ports without also limiting in-coming flights makes no sense if the idea is to protect Canadian citizens or to limit possible exposure to the virus.
  6. Celebrity. Holland America has similar décor on its Pinnacle Class ships.
  7. My first thought when I read that HAL is suspending operations and refunding fares: will cruise lines survive this virus financially? During 9/11's aftermath, many passengers cancelled to the point that some cruise lines declared bankruptcy. This time the cruise lines are halting business, so to speak, for the next 30 days. In addition, they're returning financial capital. How can any business survive a model like that? Maybe some of you who have degrees in Economics can explain. I pray that HAL has financial reserves to pull them through this crisis.
  8. You can request a specific table and waiter by calling reservations. You can book a table/waiter for three consequtive days. We've done open seating many times and always reserve our table. We've had the same table and waiter for the entire cruise on many occasions. Call when you first get on the ship if you see a table you think you might like. If the service meets with your approval, then request that table/waiter for the next three evenings. As for your wine. No matter where you sit, your unused portion of wine will be stored. You can request it from the wine steward, and he'll bring it out for you. Very easy, never had a problem receiving my left-over wine. Enjoy your cruise.
  9. The lanai cabins automatically have two reserved lounge chairs. You don't have to do anything. The chairs will have the reserved signs on them. We never had a problem with anyone sitting in our chairs. In fact, we ordered room service lunch one day and ate it while sitting in our lounge chairs. The traffic of other passengers walking by never bothered us. When we booked this category, we understood that this deck isn't private, like a balcony, but we enjoyed it nevertheless. I, for one, like watching people. The fact that our chairs were in a public space didn't negatively impact us. As for strangers by your door. Your lanai neighbors will most likely become your new best friends, as you chat and exchange cruise stories. We met some lovely people.
  10. If you're thinking of reserving one, you'll received mixed reviews on CC. I, for one, loved our lanai. Convenient with great views, and of course, a reserved lounge chair. I've booked another lanai for an upcoming Christmas cruise.
  11. A friend has booked an RCCL cruise to Bermuda this summer. She has received several alerts from her TA that fares have dropped. She's debating cancelling her cruise and rebooking to receive lower price and incentives.
  12. Gailellen12, I sympathize with your situation. If HAL is refunding for cruises that they cancel due to the virus, I'd probably be tempted to wait it out. As you pointed out, though, no cruise is worth your health. A tough decision. My sister is trying to talk me into cancelling, and my cruise doesn't leave Boston until July 4th! Final payment isn't due until next month. No way am I cancelling before final payment.
  13. Yes. They're sometimes available at New York Deli too, but you have to request them. Yes, they are delicious.
  14. Whirlpools, as far as I know, have never been in any class except suites. Ocean View category and up had bathtubs on all the ships except for Pinnacle Class, which only has the tubs for suites. We did not miss the tub at all in our balcony (VB) category the three times we've sailed on PC ships. The shower is marvelously spacious with a dream of a shower head. Trust me, you won't miss that tub.
  15. On our Baltic cruise, it was either overcast or rainy almost every day with temps in the 50s-60s. This was in July 2016! I highly recommend layers as others have said. Please pack a good raincoat and rain pants. LL Bean sells wonderful sets, very lightweight, and they also serve as windbreakers. Most sensible two items of clothing I've ever purchased for Alaska, Baltic, and New England/Canada cruises. I've more than gotten my money's worth from this rain gear.
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