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  1. The Ruby, Emerald, Crown , Caribbean , Royal and Regal Princess ships do not have covered pools.
  2. Cutbacks and adjustments will be found on all cruise lines. We had a good cruise on Disney last month, but there was room for a lot of improvement in the food. Change is good sometimes. Variety is "the spice of life". Looking forward to cruising the Sky in December.๐Ÿ˜Ž
  3. We experienced one of these balconies as a guest during sail away. Great cabin to have when entering and leaving ports. If you have no motion problems, they are the best.
  4. On our cruise last month, we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary with our family. On formal night, my husband wore a suit and I dressed up for him in a cocktail outfit. The rest of our family also dressed for the occasion.We had family pictures taken and will have many beautiful memories in the years to come. How "Sad" to think you would be making fun of us were we on the same cruise as you. My husband is the best and I am so lucky to be his bride.
  5. Plenty of escargot on Disney cruise our family took last month.๐Ÿ˜Ž
  6. Since your cruise on the Royal during its inaugural year, there have been updates to the ship: Central staircase was opened and side aisle access stairs were added to the theater. I guess you missed the third pool in the forward section of the ship. It is right outside the Sanctuary and is called the Retreat pool. As for the useless balconies, they come in various sizes depending on which cabins you select. We have had wonderful cruises with small and large balconies. Perhaps if you had not selected an inside and researched the ship before booking , you could have sailed in a "useful" balcony.
  7. The Retreat pool is by the Sanctuary and is present on the Royal and the Regal as well as the Sky.This area is forward on the ships. The pool at the stern of the ship is called the Wake pool on the Sky. The Regal has a splash pool on the stern and the Royal has no stern pool.
  8. In the laundry rooms that I have used on Princess ships, the signs are there. I've been on 17 cruises on 10 different Princess ships.
  9. Each laundry facility onboard Princess ships has sinage indicating the length of time the washers and dryers take to finish each load. Setting a personal timer on your phones or watches should be adequate enough to inform you that your clothes are ready for removal. Any machine idle for more than 10 minutes is fair game. If you don't want anyone touching your clothes, be mindful of the time.
  10. In the beginning of our travel history, we always used a TA. When we started cruising, we discovered the benefit of booking on ship and transferring the booking to our TA. After many years our TA retired. He told me he would gladly advise me if I had any questions about booking myself. I found his tips to be very helpful and we now do all our travel plans online. We watch for price changes and onboard credit deals and have done quite well.
  11. Thank you so much for this info. We did follow your suggestion and it made our day! The passenger services desk called the taxi cart for us when we were ready and the ride was right outside the ship when we exited the ship. It took us directly to the beach and picked us up at the info booth by the tram when we were ready to go back to the ship.๐Ÿค—
  12. The only thing they couldn't make me was a frozen mocha. I had to go down to the IC to get one.
  13. On both the Royal and the Regal, the Pastry shop was open all the hours of the buffet from morning to late night. The International Cafe was open 24 hours. There is a coffee bar in the pastry shop also. There was a varied assortment of goodies in both locations.
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