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  1. thank you for this detailed review. I am just starting with all this as we are going on a 2 week cruise soon to st croix and that area but this is on the summer list. my issue is how to decide which ports or way the ship goes . how did you decide?
  2. just booked a JNJ tour for 50$ each for a day of touring. anyone want to join us for the tour? we are booked to be there on DEC 8, 2019. here is the email The tour will consist of the-: Annandale Waterfall Spice Shop(You will get a first hand demonstration of all the spices) Grand etang Rain Forest/National Park/Volcano Lake Ft. Frederick Grand anse beach (I will wait for you at the beach and return you to the ship when you are ready) The cost of this tour is $50 per person and this includes all admission fees and ice cold beverages You can pay in the form of cash at the end of your tour
  3. any recommendations of tour companies etc to use on a sunday in December? or other than a beach what we can do?
  4. so we go to St vincent but there is no cruise critic board for it. is it under another name or am I missing something?
  5. how do you contact him? does he have a page that explains the cruise? I only found a page to contact him with my info. is there no site that explains what he offers?
  6. is it the same island that you ferry over to from St Thomas? I am so confused. our ship docks on st johns Antigua. is this the same island?
  7. I decided to not deal with it all cancelled my air flight, rebooked to Miami and booked La quinta hotel where we have stayed before. I couldn't deal with it all. I may have to suck up the 100 cost for the hotel but its worth it
  8. this whole post has me more confused then before. so I cant go to the airport and get the shuttle I have to fly in the same day? and my flight out of FLL is noon so taking their shuttle is not a good option? so who do I book with?
  9. can you tell me what the access desk is and do I do that onboard?
  10. thanks I know it will be tough just did not know if there were any tricks to get dining room food. will try the lactose idea
  11. we eat whole food plant based and while I can not control the way the food is cooked etc I at least need to eat Vegan. I don't want salads the whole time. is dining in dining room going to be an option?
  12. so we have an inside cabin and they did us a "favor" and upgraded us to deck 11 with the pool but its in front of ship. not sure I want this level and do I want the front of ship? sailing in month thinking of asking to go lower?
  13. brnsofia

    POA Day of Departure

    that would be good I cant find the info anywhere on the ncl site
  14. brnsofia

    POA Day of Departure

    we have the same question as we are renting a hotel room night before but they between checkout and the ship 5 pm time what do we do with the luggage?
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