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  1. tommy2tone_1999

    Please don't - Little French Key

    What an interesting coincidence that !newbiecruiser66 appears on the CC scene right when all the conflict between the Roatan government and LFK starts, and THE ONLY thing this person has posted about is ...wait for it...............Little French Key. Makes one wonder if maybe this poster is a member of the Roatan government, a rival resort, or maybe a little of both. HMMMMMM:confused: :confused:
  2. tommy2tone_1999

    Carnival Dream Cabin 2485

    COOL! We booked this room for October 2018 for our 30th Anniversary! Thanks for the video.
  3. tommy2tone_1999

    10-26-17 Thursday weigh in

    Just booked a cruise on Carnival Dream for October 21, 2018. I have an entire year to get beack down to my fighting weight! Time to bring it!(y)
  4. Anybody using Beachbody on Demand to get their workouts streamed to them?
  5. tommy2tone_1999

    Low Carb Dieting

    I'm reading studies showing that foods like whey protein that are low carb, illicit an insulin response in the body. Considering the reason for me doing LCHF, is to lower the insulin my body produces, this is a big concern.
  6. tommy2tone_1999

    Shakeology Cafe Latte' - YUM!!

    Oh I like this one. Probably my favorite so far. They not only use the coffee bean but the entire coffee fruit that surrounds the bean. Loads of antioxidants. Anyone else try this one yet?
  7. I'm a gym rat, not much into the bouncy cardio so this program seems like a natural fit for me. I also see a new one called The Master's Hammer and Chisel. Has anyone else tried Body Beast yet?
  8. tommy2tone_1999

    Anyone on the 21 Day Fix Plan?

    It looks like the food containers from 21 Day Fix are now a regular fixture with Beachbody. They are now a part of 3 additional programs. 21 Day Fit Extreme, Cize (it's a dance moves workout) and now The Master's Hammer and Chisel. I just ordered Hammer and Chisel with Shakeology, and have joined an upcoming accountability group to keep me commtted to my goals. This program from what my coach told me is like Body Beast and 21 Day Fix combined! I am so stoked for this!
  9. tommy2tone_1999

    Fitness: How do you keep yourself accountable?

    Always more productive to have people to give you a nudge now and then
  10. tommy2tone_1999

    Rum runners

    I will smuggle booze on board for every cruise. All those with disposable money please don't patronize me with your petty guilt trips. I'm sure I speak for everyone here who uses Rum Runners, mouthwash bottles flasks etc when I say shut the hell up. Oh and have a nice day!;)
  11. Question for all of you: How do you keep yourself accountable to keep up your fitness journey? I know some folks like to workout in a group at a gym, some belong to biking or running clubs. Some people like me use online challenge groups to post there progress in. We post the good the bad and the ugly LOL. It's all to keep going to reach our goals. So how do you do it? :confused:
  12. tommy2tone_1999

    Guys!! perfect bmi for a girl?? please help!

    Really, don't worry about the BMI issue. BMI was never originally meant to be an individual indicator. It was meant to be used for population studies. BMI is a joke anyway. Most lean bodybuilders are considered "Obese" on a BMI Scale. Keep training with the weights. "Strong is the new skinny" is now the slogan. Don't worry if your progress is not going as fast as you hoped. Slow progress is STILL progress. It's all about the journey anyway. Keep up the great work in changing you lifestyle. Shoot me a message when you get a chance. I always like to meet others on the path to changing their lives.
  13. tommy2tone_1999

    Focus T25

    Thanks Keith, I get to try it next Saturday. I'll let you know what I think
  14. tommy2tone_1999

    Shakeology Fans - Vanilla

    New flavor of Shakeology JUST came out this weekend. I've already ordered it, and will let you know how it tastes. Message me with any questions.:D
  15. tommy2tone_1999

    Focus T25

    Brand new program designed by Shaun T (INSANITY) comes out Monday 6/24/13! It's called Focus T25. It's 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week, All out, NO REST! I think I'm gonna try it. Anybody want to join me? Look for me on the link below. It would be great to have a small online group of us doing it supporting each other along the way.