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  1. If you walk to Back Street (2 streets from the Boardwalk) there will be a small area about every 3 intersections where the buses will pick up passengers. It is a rectangle shape painted on the street and the buses are really just min-vans with a placard in the window that says "Maho" or "Mullet Bay". You can also just flag them down and they will pull over and stop. You have to go Back Street, however, since that is a one-way street heading out of Philipsburg in the correct direction.
  2. Which specific port are you talking about? The forum covers half a dozen of the cruise lines 'private islands'
  3. From what I understand, you are not able to access the hotels and beach from the back-side of the golf course. I can't confirm that, but the photo in the link below does show a pretty unscalable fence which looks like it could go the entire length of the road. The walk via the golf course is easy and it puts you right at traffic circle and the beginning of the little road that goes perpendicular to the edge of the runway. However, if you do find it really is a short-cut, please let us know. We would be very interested! https://www.google.com/maps/@18.0406055,-63.1237408,3a,47.7y,342.39h,76.39t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sAF1QipOz6i8L31FZU1qCCBwk1UOjt2Z6ZMPzCoJuwTrg!2e10!3e11!6shttps:%2F%2Flh5.googleusercontent.com%2Fp%2FAF1QipOz6i8L31FZU1qCCBwk1UOjt2Z6ZMPzCoJuwTrg%3Dw203-h100-k-no-pi-0-ya229.90471-ro-0-fo100!7i14000!8i7000
  4. That is pretty much our itinerary every time we stop in St Maarten and it is usually the best day of the cruise. Mullet Bay is beautiful, not crowded, and very laid back. They do not have any fancy restaurants or day passes, so if that is what you are looking for, it may not work. We typically take the bus from Philipsburg ($2 a person) to Mullet Bay. The buses are all marked and easy to catch. You pay when you exit. Cabs are just as easy to catch, and you can get them from to port if you do not want to go into Philipsburg - but I don't know the cost. After swimming, snorkeling, and enjoying Mullet Bay in the AM, we walk over to Maho beach - which is the next beach over - in the early afternoon when the big planes from the US and Europe start to arrive and depart. It is an easy 15-minute walk through the golf course and the small town of Maho. The planes are very cool and always a highlight. Just don't set up on the beach directly across from the runway or the jet blast will blow all your stuff into the water when they take off. After you have your fill of planes, it is easy to catch a cab or a bus at the roundabout back to Philipsburg. Great day and if you bring your own food the total cost is about $9 for the bus and a beach chair. Not too bad.
  5. Yes, stand-up paddle boards and kayaks are available to rent at Nellie's beach. When we were there last year, the price was $20 for a half hour (paddle boards, did not ask about kayaks).
  6. They do sell out of the All Day passes on the website, but I think they are available once you get to Labadee at the same place you get your wristband and sign your waivers. Also, if you plan to take a free passenger along, the passenger has to have a (free) wristband too. I think that is to show the people manning the ride that they have signed a waiver.
  7. We never waited in line longer than 30 minutes, but I have read posts of people waiting 1+ hours in line. The lines are much shorter at the beginning and end of the day. You can literally walk right up and get on a cart an hour or so before the All Aboard. A lot also depends on the attendant who tells people when they can go. One guy was joking and talking to people and he would forget to tell people to go on time so the line got long with him. The All Day Pass is a good value if you plan to go more than once - you can also take passengers (adults or kids) with you for free. The coaster is much more thrilling than the zip line, in my opinion, and when we return we will get the All Day Pass again, unless it is crazy expensive.
  8. Not sure if you want to be on the French side of the island to purchase French pastries, but Maho is on the Dutch side of the island. The French side is about 3 KM (1.8 miles) from Maho in Rue des Terres Basses, but I don't know what the French Pastries are like there.
  9. I would wait and see - especially for the water slide. It is not a thrilling slide if that is what your kids are looking for. I think the cost is the same, unless you get it on one of RCs excursion sales. The advantage of waiting is that there may be reasons not to do it that you cannot foresee (weather, other more interesting things to do, etc.) The disadvantage is that some excursions sell out before you get there, but I have never seen that with the aquapark or water slide.
  10. Under the Restrictions section for the coaster it says "Minimum Age 12 Years". So, the 5 - 11 rule is if children want to ride with a parent, they can, however, I am pretty sure the rules will not let an 11-year-old ride alone. With that being said, they are very chill at the coaster and I am willing to bet that if a parent shows up to do a ride or two (passengers are free, but you do have to get a passenger wristband) with an 11-year-old, they would let him ride alone after that - but that is speculation on my part. I would not sent him alone at first. The all-day pass is the greatest thing ever on Labadee and if your son is a thrill-seeker, it is possible you will not see him at all that day, it can be that much fun. I also realize that was not your question. So.... back to your question. It is about 1/3 of a mile between the bungalows and the coaster. The normal path takes you through Artisan's Village which has some VERY aggressive vendors. I would think twice about sending an 11-year-old down that gauntlet alone. It is not a safety issue at all, but he may not feel comfortable. There is an alternate path under that water slide and via Nellie's beach that would bypass the Artisan's Village that I would recommend if he is going solo. Hope that helps.
  11. Paddle board and kayak can both be done on a walk-up basis. The only risk is that they are all reserved for the day and you don't get to do them, but from what I understand this is rare. You can ask about it at the rental shack at Nellie's Beach. Snorkeling right off the beach is pretty much non-existent in terms of seeing anything other than sand. You might get lucky and see something close to the rocks at Adrenaline Beach, but Labadee is not the place for snorkeling off the beach. I have heard the snorkeling excursion is good, however, They take you away from the regular beaches, but I have never done it.
  12. If you walk the same route as the tram, it is about .6 miles from the end of the pier to Columbus Cove. That will take you through Artesian Village that has a lot of aggressive vendors that some people would rather avoid. There is a shortcut via Nellie's Beach and under the waterslide that will take about .2 miles off of that walk and it avoids the vendors, but you do have to ascent and descend some stairs, so it would not work if you had mobility issues. The shuttle boat is still running for one-way trips in the morning from the pier to Columbus Cove. But you have to return through the security tent so you can't take the shuttle back to the ship.
  13. It is also closer to the center of the peninsula and shopping, hair braiding, splash pool, bocce ball, etc. There are also kayak rentals and paddle board rentals at Nellies, so people interested in that will stay there. The two beaches are literally about 50 yards apart, so if you don't find the perfect spot at one, you can go to the other one.
  14. Not really. The beaches are very sandy which means not a lot of fish. The are a few rocks under the water slide that has some very small fish, and there is a rock barrier at Adrenaline Beach that you can sometimes see one or two interesting things, but overall, the snorkeling at Labadee does not compare to most other places in the Caribbean
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