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  1. Evidently, whoever answered the phone at Guest Services when I called to make the reservation forgot to add our names to the list. At least, they did not have a record of our rsvp. That night there were two ATK aprons on the bed after dinner. We gave one to our daughter and son-in-law and the other to his mother, who loves the tv show. We didn’t need a reminder of the class that wasn’t.
  2. I agree about the Food & Wine presentations. I really enjoyed them, and many were full. It was with them that we got to cook some of the food and then have the chef prepared version in the Pinnacle Grill. Sometimes we had wine while cooking, which made for a very fun class, and sometimes the wine was with lunch. I tried a few ATK classes, but never made it completely through one, I found them pretty boring, especially when they added the videos. The one "private" cooking class we signed up for, we did not do. Somehow, our names were not on the instructors list, and she was very rude when we showed up for the class. She finally said she set up the food for us too, but we could tell she did not want to do that, so we left. That left a bad taste in my mouth, pun intended. I was not disappointed when the association with ATK ended.
  3. Henk Mensink was on the Amsterdam in 2010and 2012 when we were on her in Alaska. We have followed several world cruise blogs for the past several years, and he has been the HD every year including this year. i guess we were posting at the same time.
  4. Agree completely. Another dubious idea was the Brand Ambassador. Have not been impressed with what I’ve seen on FB. Once was enough. Doing away with the production shows was the worst. I know some did not like them, but we rarely missed one.
  5. We did not celebrate birthdays on the cruise. DH did not get a green tie, and I did not get a green scarf. Interestingly, during the dinner with the officers for those doing the full 64 days, we found that DH and Captain Harris shared a birthday, though they were born in different years.
  6. Our kangaroo and joey are on a table in the bedroom, so we see it everyday. We did have second seating, so we may have met at some point. I wonder what other cruise we have been on together. As I said, our 20 something daughter joined us until Tokyo, and we were in the Crow’s Nest most nights before dinner sitting on the starboard side. We also played trivia every sea day. We also saw Perry Grant on the Rotterdam in 2003 on what was the first VOV, but not called that. That was one of his last HAL cruises. Lenda
  7. There were very few passengers on the upper deck. We had heard that a crew member was injured the night before, but later were told that it was not serious. It's amazing the different stories that one hears that are "the facts", and then others hear different "facts". We just looked at our pictures and videos. The video shows the tug as it comes up to the ship, and then, the priest being escorted into the cabin on the tug. If they had taken someone else off, either on a stretcher, in a wheel chair or being assisted, we would have had video. We still have a lot of the "pillow gifts" from that cruise including the bathrodes which are still used, a stuffed kangaroo with a joey, a lacquer box, the looseleaf binders and all the cards they gave us in the Asian ports in the local language. My mistake was not writing the name of the port on the cards. My husband did not get one of the green ties, thankfully. However, we won several green tee shirts, some of which we are still wearing. We have the totes, but since they are white, we saved them as souvenirs. Then there were evenings in the Crow's Nest before dinner, and later in the Piano Bar with Perry Grant. That was a great cruise.
  8. We had heard that a crew member was injured after the announcement that what is now the medical response team was needed. Later, we heard that it was not a serious injury. As I mentioned earlier, we were on the deck above the Lido deck when the tug approached the ship and stayed until the tug Pulled away. All we saw was the priest board the tug. We were surprised we didn’t see an injured person being taken off the ship. We also heard that a passenger had been injured. Obviously, you heard a different story. Remember, that was the time when passengers were not told a lot about what was happening. We might not have known about the priest if the hews had not been printed in the Next day’s Times Digest. Lenda
  9. It could have been her since we think the lady my DH helped had one bag. I guess we’ll never know for sure. Texas to NYC would have been a long, expensive limo ride. 😀 Lenda
  10. I remember watching the priest leaving the ship and boarding a tug outside of Dutch Harbor. The next day, our daughter who was on the first 11 days, called to see if we’d seen the story in the Times Digest. Then, at noon Capt. Harris mentioning they’d been caught not editing the paper thoroughly. I also recall one comedian telling Annie to wake up as he was talking to her. There are a lot of great memories from that cruise. The first night, we meet a couple who were doing the 64 days and it was there first cruise. We never found out how they liked the cruise. Lenda
  11. The 2002 APEC cruise was our one and only encounter with Annie. I remember at the Halloween party where she tried to kiss all the men and the observant ones managed to move out of her way including my husband. Also, the second seating shows would not start until she was escorted to her front row seat.
  12. Ruth, sorry I don't know which port Annie was dropped off in for sure. Some how, the first thought that came to mind was Rotterdam or Amsterdam., but that is just a guess. Someone on the ship mentioned that Annie had died when we were talking about her. We almost missed the ship in NYC as our flight was cancelled after we checked in. Fortunately, an alert ticket agent realized that the Marine Terminal at La Guardia was open as they had a backup generator for the Coast Guard. She routed us through Reagan National and then on the shuttle to NYC. We met a friend in DC who had been routed from O]Hare through DC. Another friend from Ontario spent the night on the train in Albany, but made the ship. That was a memorable cruise, and there were a lot of stories of how people made the ship. It's cruises like this that stand out. Do you remember if Dolly mentioned if she went through La Guardia and was on the bus to the pier without her luggage. There was a lady that would have been about her age on the bus when we got on.. The HAL ground person told here not to worry, the luggage would be taken the the ship. My DH would not let the driver leave the airport until he, the ground agent and the driver went into the dark terminal and found her luggage. All the luggage from the incoming passengers and outgoing passengers was mixed together. Fortunately, they found it because of the HAL luggage tag. Lenda
  13. Ruth, we were on that cruise also. It was quite a cruise especially with the black uut in the eastern US. Kissing Annie was supposed to be on too, but unfortunately she died on board on the previous cruise. She had sailed against doctor's orders. At least, she was doing what she loved. I think we were at a table for the Mariner's luncheon with Dolly a couple of years ago. At least, my memory of the woman nexct to me looked a lot like Dolly. Lenda
  14. Agree. Also her great, smiling, happy crew.
  15. I agree. Don't give up on a b2b. We've done more than I can count and have gotten to the point of staying on the ship if we've been to the port many times. While the new passengers do begin boarding earlier than in in the past, there is still about two hours where the ship is empty except for those doing b2bs. Usually, that is a small number and the ship feels like your own private yacht. In January, on the turnaround day in FLL, there were about 40 or so staying on. Not all stayed on the ship, and some that did went to a lounge in the port building to use the wifi, rather than to the ship after clearing immigration. We spent the morning relaxing in the Crow's Nest and had it pretty much to ourselves. I walked around the ship to take pictures without a lot of passengers, and except by the pool, I don't remember seeing any passengers walking around. I did see the piano turner working on the pianos in the Billboard on Board. Turnaround days on ships can be some of the quietest and most relaxing.
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