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  1. Over on the Regent and Oceania CC forums, some people are reporting recent refunds (last week) for cancelled March cruises. Hopefully a good sign for NCL refunds.
  2. Checking our May 17 cruise reservation - the option to prepay DSC has gone away. A sign the cruise will be cancelled (most likely will be) or just a recent change to the NCL reservations webpage?
  3. NCL just posted on their website new cancellation info: Our suspension that was for voyages embarking March 13 to April 11 has been extended to now include all voyages embarking through May 10, 2020. We plan to recommence operations beginning May 11, 2020.
  4. Regents just modified their policy with Regents Reassurance cancel and rebook within a year. So perhaps NCL and Oceania will follow: https://www.rssc.com/collections/details?Id=f0941649-a430-4456-ba43-f4c2c78b7232
  5. For our mid-May cruise, no changes to DSC. Still $18/day/person for a suite. We haven't pre-paid.
  6. Some similar concerns expressed about the Star on our mid-May Star cruise roll call (mostly about possible missed ports). MizzouMary posted this on Thursday Dec 12th: "I received this from the VP of Guest Services: “We are in the process of making some updates.... we will have readily available by next week.” " Hoping NCL will follow through with more info next week.
  7. Thanks everyone for your great feedback! Our POA cruise is next year so maybe the protests will have resolved by then and we can try the day trip up the hill. .
  8. Wondering if anyone has left POA in Hilo and reboarded the next day in Kona? There is an evening Mauna Kea observatory tour that looks interesting but happens after POA leaves Hilo for Kona. We would find an overnight hotel after the tour. If you have done this, what arrangements were made with staff on POA? Thanks!
  9. There's a YouTube video here (if you haven't already seen it) We had this suite last March for a Mexican Riviera cruise. The room was the standard aft suite we've had on the Jewel Class ships, and Star. We were disappointed in the depth of the balcony compared to the Jewel class aft balconies. Still, we could sit out on the balcony and enjoy the aft views. We have a Star reservation next year and have decided to not get an aft suite due to the small size of the balcony. It can be a bit of a walk to get to mid-ship and beyond. If you don''t mind the walk, the location is quiet. We did have a problem with the butler not wanting to get dinner from the specialty restaurants for in-suite dining. However, an inquiry to the hotel director got a quick response from both the hotel director and concierge and we were able to have in-suite dining from the specialty restaurants. I suspect the number of rooms the butler was responsible for and the distance to the specialty restaurants from the aft cabins had something to do with the butler not wanting to provide that service. But this had not been a problem on previous NCL cruises in aft suites. Did you have other specific questions about this suite?
  10. For anyone who has been in POA cabin 12000 (which is located right behind the bridge), did the bridge extension cause any problems (sightline, privacy, etc)? From a few photos and videos I found, it doesn't look like the outside bridge edge is visible from the balcony area nearest the bridge. But can't tell if that's true for the entire balcony. Is there a better side of POA for the Hawaii cruises - port or starboard? Thanks for your help!
  11. Same here - price adjustment through the big box agency last week and PHOTO25 showed up. Still haven't found any T&Cs for PHOTO25
  12. We were on the Star in March. During boarding, announcements were made that it was OK to take luggage to cabins and drop them off. That was well before the announcement that cabins were ready. This was the first NCL cruise we had heard an OK to drop off luggage in the cabins.
  13. I posted the Star towel animal thread. Not an April Fool's Day joke. We were on the Star last week. The Star Hotel Director confirmed to my wife that the Star was not doing towel animals any more starting last week (3/23/19 sailing) due to environmental concerns of cleaning the towels used for towel animals (and probably room steward time). Don't know if it is just a trial on Star - the HD did not say. Multiple people we talked with on the cruise confirmed they did not get towel animals. Some missed them and some didn't.
  14. Earlier I had posted about no towel animals on the Star this week. That appeared to be resolved. However, we just received a follow up call from the Star Hotel Director. He told us that effective this week (3/23/19) there would not be any more towel animals on the Star. The reason given is environmental concerns for all the additional towel cleaning just for the towel animal towels. The Hotel Director also told my wife the room stewards would be recieving additional training in answering passenger questions and concerns regarding the missing towel animals. Since my wife likes the towel animals, the Hotel Director said our room steward would be doing them for us the rest of the week. My wife talked with the Hotel Director so I can’t say if this is a new fleet wide change or just a trial on the Star. The Hotel Director also said we would be hearing from the Restaurant Manager about Specialty Restaurant Room Service for Suites. I’ll post an update if there’s any changes in what the Suites can expect. I guess change happens...
  15. An update and thanks much for the suggestions. A quick note in the Ask the Hotel Director box in the Atrium got both of these resolved. We heard back pretty fast from the butler and room steward that there had not been any changes in towel animals or in-suite dining. We’re happy to have our questions addressed so quickly by the HD staff.
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