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  1. I cannot understand why they won't provide a movie theater especially if they already have one. I would much rather watch a movie in a theater than in my stateroom. It certainly is an inexpensive way for HAL to provide entertainment.
  2. We're not sure if the shipyard doing the dry dock sustained damage in Hurricane Dorian. If they did, the dry dock might be postponed.
  3. Eurodam doesn't seem to be scheduled between November 29 - December 9, 2020. Do you think it might be in drydock?
  4. Did you notice if there was a section in the dining room for Club Orange?
  5. I am still curious about the dining room setup for Club Orange. Does anyone know if it is a special section of the dining room and if so, where?
  6. Do you know how Club Orange was set up in the dining room?
  7. I wonder if new dining room plans will be made after Club Orange is introduced on all the ships.
  8. I'm not sure if this will stay in effect after Club Orange is rolled out on the rest of the fleet. They don't mention Club Orange at all on this chart for the rest of the ships.
  9. Can you let us know where Club Orange was situated in the lower dining room. Was it on the sides or toward the rear of the ship?
  10. The topic was "Club Orange on Oosterdam" (page 10 on the HAL board) and the posting about the rollout of Club Orange was by Maclet on July 23.
  11. It is on another topic on Cruise Critic. Someone had posted the rollout of Club Orange on the various ships. I don't know where they got the information.
  12. Loreto, Was the Club Orange section in the back of the dining room or on the sides?
  13. This program of Club Orange dining is scheduled to be rolled out into all the ships starting at the end of July. Does anyone have any knowledge of where it will be located in the dining room?
  14. Was Club Orange seating in the dining room in effect? If so, how did it work?
  15. My understanding is that Club Orange is already added to the Oosterdam in the main dining room and the rest of the ships will be added in August and September. But, I can't understand why there is no information from HAL about this.
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