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  1. Hi, I don't know if this link will work for Champers http://www.champersrestaurant.com
  2. Hi, Been to Champers for lunch and was very nice, lovely views. This was quite a few years ago but it still gets very good reviews. It is not too far from the port for a taxi ride and afterwards if you wish you could go on the lovely beach next door for a swim. In fact I am booked for Sunday lunch on the 26th January 2018.
  3. Well what then is the point to even having a formal menu.
  4. I have never thought that the reason to dress up on formal night was anything to do with the food. I always thought it was to give a different ambience to the evening. Being used to black tie do’s with Round Table and Rotary and 41 Club you don’t expect anything special in the way of food. Most of the time it turns out to be chicken.
  5. Yes it does seem to be the norm and it's a shame. On one of the formals on my last cruise we had a very strange menu and when the maître d asked if I enjoyed I said it would have been nice if we had been served a more formal menu. His reply was that the chef chooses the rotation of the menus. I does make a bit of a mockery of a formal and you wonder what is the point of getting dressed up.
  6. Yes I'm afraid on Arcadia last year there were unpleasant smells emitting from around the promenade deck and I spoke to a few people on E deck who had complained. Quite a few of the toilets had problems, I think Arcadia is due for a re-fit soon and needs it.
  7. Interesting comments I am booked on a 35 night cruise on Oceana for January 2018 and have asked for a table for 2 club dining. I booked in April 2016 so have a chance I might well get it , but I am not so sure after reading that the tables are very close together. My mother and I had a 2 table on Arcadia last year again very close to the next 2 table and it marred our whole dining experience. In the end we had to ask to be moved and I think we were just very unlucky. We felt we would have been better being on a table for 8. I might still see how it pans out and if we are unhappy ask to be moved to freedom.
  8. Well I don't think I'll find my favourites even as a tribute band on P@O, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Hoping to see them sometime for my 50th.
  9. Hi the black and white night is formal as others have mentioned but I like to have a little fun, and as I make crepe paper flowers I make some as either a corsage , or to decorate a hair grip or handbag. You can do the same with silk or fresh. I always find the tropical night well adhered to with many men in Hawaiian shirts. I always wear the most tropical looking dress I have and coincidently have quite a few and I also wear a lei, again some-thing you can make at home, and some bright floral decorations in your hair if you want to continue the theme. I even saw two ladies once in matching tropical shirts. The funniest incident was when my husband had bought his first tropical shirt when we were in the Caribbean. We noticed some people chuckling at him in the bar for pre-dinner drinks and we found out why when we went to the dining room, he had the same shirt as the waiters and took a photo with them . Our friend on the table for six next to us tapped my husband on his arm and asked for some more water as she hadn't noticed his face and thought he was one of the waiters. Sadly I don't think the waiters wear the tropical shirts any-more. I must admit I don't bother with the country and western evening, but my husband will wear one of this checked shirts. But if you are a country and western fan and line dance why not wear some checks and defiantly doll those jeans. Again 60/70s nights are not really one I bother with but a few do, and if you love a bit of fun fancy dress this is one where you can go to town. On my first cruise there was a gentleman who always had to use an oxygen tank resplendent on 60/70s night as Elvis. Just a few ideas, have fun and enjoy your cruise. By the way the photo in the link makes me look much wider than I really am, due to cruise critics strange dimensions for jpgs but I hope it gives you an idea for tropical night.
  10. I was on the same cruise as Florry and am in total agreement about the buffet quality. This was the worst experience where the buffet was concerned of any cruise I have been on.
  11. Yes you cannot completely rely on the P@O shuttle page, it needs updating. For instance for Quebec it says no shuttle and Le Vieux Port but we were at pier 30 and thank goodness had a shuttle and it wasn't a problem. The only mention was the term berth dependant so I didn't know if there would be a shuttle until I was on-board. Again with Copenhagen it stills mention the Langelinie Pier when they are just as likely to use the new Ocean Quay which is quite a distance away. Like the poster above I found this out from the port information and got in touch with P@O and have been assured of a shuttle. So if you are keen to find out where you dock best to look at the individual port sites.
  12. Hi, I am on a cruise with stops in St Petersburg on the 8th-9th July and have found out that White Nights Marathon is on the 9th. I am unsure of which excursions I plan to take but one of the excursions I am interested in is on the 9th and called the St Petersburg explorer. I gather from the excursion information that you visit three areas in central St Petersburg and having printed information about the marathon route I wonder if such an excursion although bookable at the moment will run as expected. Has anyone on the board visited St Petersburg when the marathon is on.
  13. I'm glad you asked this Gina as I'm going to the Baltics in July. There seems so much to try to fit in in St Petersburg that it is quite difficult to know what exactly to do. I will be so glad when the excursions come online.
  14. I don't think there is as it is too far. We are on a similar cruise to you in 2018 and the typical excursions shown do not include Chichen Itza .
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