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  1. Edge cruisers might want to look for this gorgeous coffee table numbered book in your cabin. The book is dated August 2019 and most have appeared fairly recently. If you are interested in architecture, design, fabrics, lighting etc.. a few minutes spent with this beauty at the beginning of your cruise will add to your appreciation for this ship.
  2. The phone doesn't ring, but its constant. Since I have family on board I have to play them.
  3. I've received 4 marketing calls today on board the Edge (shore excursion, captains club, port shopping, future cruise desk) and about 15 in the last few days. Some come after 10 pm. Not knowing who is calling, i have to listen and delete. Is there a way to shut these down? They're annoying and an infringement on my time and peace. Thanks
  4. I was in Luminae on Edge last April, and that experience was great, no complaints at all. I'm sure some in Luminae on Edge this week are very happy too. It is luck, expectations, and admittedly my personality. A long wait for me is someone else's opportunity to drink more wine, converse and relax. I've now gotten the attention of 2 fine, fine waiters, one outstanding waiter I've previously had the pleasure of meeting before, and they are doing everything possible to make this a good experience
  5. I'm having a wonderful time. I'm the most grateful person on this ship.
  6. I think some of it is very fixable. Restaurant manager seems to have just left on vacation this week, and apparently theres a new person cooking. I hope that by bringing attention to this at a high level it might help.
  7. I said above, a week, a month? ago, that there must be something wrong with Luminae if suite people in Blu are the source of overcrowding. I'm on Edge now and there are problems with Luminae, from waits to be seated as the hostess repeatedly leaves her station to seat guests and chat with them, to hour long waits for food, to improperly cooked meals. I'm a Luminae and Edge veteran (ok to use that word?) and the problems are clear. I've raised the issue to the Food and Beverage manager. We wont eat in Blu, but last night the dining room was half empty at peak time on 'chic' night - and the problems persisted. We are ordering off the menu, nothing very special (hold the sauce type of requests).
  8. I've watched servers at the Mast Grill take empty plates handed to them by passengers, and use the same gloved hands to put a bun on the plate (and repeat). I asked to speak to a manager and showed him what I had just witnessed. He said so what, he's wearing gloves. People think servers in gloves are the answer, but you need common sense too.
  9. A couple on the Diamond- in their 70s married 50 years- decided to stay on board together rather than disembark and possibly be separated in a place where neither speak the language. These choices are heartbreaking and I wish them all the best.
  10. Jim, This is from their website. Their own question is not answered. They do have buried in another answer "other terms may apply." If you didn't apply electronically for the last two, I would give that a try, and if you are denied, ask why. Can this benefit be combined with other offers, onboard credits and coupons? Benefit is non-transferable and not available to employees, agents of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. or its subsidiaries and affiliates, travel agents and tour operators. Benefit is not combinable with interline rates, travel agent rates, and employee friends and family rates. Benefit cannot be redeemed for chartered sailings, any Galapagos sailings or complimentary sailings.
  11. From the reports and photos, it is less. Little or no choice, food packed in Styrofoam containers. The first days the timing was unpredictable and it was cold food like a cheese sandwich.
  12. My point is that you are on a cruise ship with 3000 people. The cruise line sets the rules. Some rules are for your benefit, and some aren't. That's life. If people think that the overcrowding in Blu is a problem (caused by suite guests or not) they would stop booking it. They haven't. The poster above has booked it 40 times.
  13. I wonder how many Aqua guests are also Zenith, who would be pretty upset to lose access to the suite lounge (Michael's or Retreat), despite also having an alcohol package. Several times as a suite guest I have waited to speak to the suite lounge manager as he/she had extensive personal conversations with guests that they clearly knew well (I finally walk away) and I have witnessed Zenith guests camp out at the suite lounge bar with their friends and favorite bartender. The suite lounge is sometimes so crowded that I don't bother with a pre-dinner drink there. With a steady increase of Zenith members, and the breakout in pricing so that suite guests don't automatically get a drinks package, this is a growing issue. I am not suggesting that this change happen now, but I think the Aqua guests who are complaining about suite guests in Blu need to look at all aspects of this.
  14. On refurbished ships and Edge, it is C O Bigelow in suites. I miss Bvlgari also.
  15. According to the Johns Hopkins update immediately above, they are letting elderly people off the Diamond Princess (About 250 people are in their 80s and 90s). Great news if true. Thanks for posting.
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