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  1. My mom is a sapphire, and we cruised in February (free for her cabin). She's received emails and US mailings offering free cruises in the past 6 weeks, including Christmas cruises on the Edge and Apex. Tip for other sapphires, just tell them what non-suite cabin you want. I've never been told no if the cabin is available. Sometimes I've booked before their casino rates have been loaded, and I've been quoted almost rack rate, but in time they've been reduced to taxes and fees.
  2. I applied for a refund through Celebrity's site on March 27 for a cancelled Alaska cruise. Hearing nothing, today I called credit card company - American Express Platinum card - and immediately received almost a full refund, including a $25.00 deposit made in January 2019 "on them". They are investigating a payment of $500 charged by the TA, and not by Celebrity, but I am confident it will come through. Yesterday I received a full credit card refund for a nonrefundable Air Canada $4000 ticket. I explained that Air Canada cancelled three of my four flights. That dispute has been marked "closed". Air Canada has stated they are not giving refunds when they cancel, despite regulations requiring it.
  3. Reservations made through Blue Chip Club for July 2020 cruise. Cancelled on March 27, fully refundable reservation. On April 19 received full refund on one cabin, taxes and fees only on another.
  4. I vote for the Penthouse. It’s an extraordinary experience from beginning to end. Then save like crazy for the next one. My equal choice to this would be the villa suite on the Apex.
  5. Even if the parent files for bankruptcy protection, I think there’s a good chance that they will reorganize, not liquidate, and emerge as an entity looking very similar. I don’t know who their lenders are, but it seems to me that the lenders will stand their best chance of recovery by letting the cruise line get back into business. And it will be an uphill battle to shed their Petrie dish image and attract cruisers. Therefore I don’t think they will stiff their customers who are holding FCC. They will need to fill their ships quickly, even if just for tips and ancillary income, and holders of FCC will be a target audience. That said, I’m not interested in the 25% credit to have to book under their rules. As my favorite politician here in NY said today, it’s about risk and reward. By the way, the bailout issue is not about where they are flagged, or domiciled, it’s that they somehow reportedly pay almost no US income tax, despite selling the majority of cruises here, and sailing many from here.
  6. His work set the bar of quality in the beginning, something that I believe continues today. Peace to his family.
  7. And only the cruiser can decide whether waiting to request a cash refund is in their best interest. It is not always. I am getting a cash refund on three trips, but I am waiting to request it out of respect for others who are trying to get through now, but there is a certain amount of risk in that approach. Thanks.
  8. One more thing - even if they do survive this financially, why make a $22,000 interest free loan to them (by letting them keep your money)? Let the money sit in your bank account - safely - even if you earn just $100 on it.
  9. Something else to consider: I don't know what else Viking owns, or who owns them, but some companies will go bankrupt over this (one low cost air carrier did today). If Viking goes under, you will become an unsecured creditor, likely holding a worthless claim for $22,000. Again, I know nothing about their financial health, but I would not want to be in that position, however remote.
  10. It looks like the page is still under construction. The reference to the two bottles of alcohol has been deleted.
  11. They added it. And it is wrong - the prepaid gratuities also cover the stateroom attendant.
  12. Also: all suites will now get 2 bottles of liquor, access to pre-cruise concierge (starting soon) and Le Labo toiletries, the way I read this.
  13. There's an asterisk next to 4 perks for all. I can't find the explanation for the asterisk.
  14. I don't think the cruisers above need to worry about not being allowed into Luminae. First, it is Celebrity 's policy that they dont break up families. So children, siblings, parent (in my case), I think will continue to be fine. The program doesn't make financial sense to me - you need to eat every meal in Luminae and take advantage of the other perks of the program. You are far better off paying as you go for the occasional meal.
  15. This program is at least 9 months old. Anyone experience overcrowding in Luminae? I haven't. It is limited to 10 people, per cruise, from what I was told. They start at the top (Iconic Suite, Penthouse) and go down the list contacting cruisers who have linked reservations, until the ten spots have been taken. It is not offered on every cruise.
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