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  1. Vtcruising would’ve loved this. I am in a Villa in February so reading this with great interest. Have a terrific time. Thanks for writing this.
  2. All cruise lines have been in the excursion risk assessment business for a long time, not just from a liability perspective, but from a public relations perspective. Not only don't you see the excursions that they deem too risky, but there are the "too young, too short, too heavy, too old" restrictions. There is no way of knowing whether these restrictions start with the vendor or the cruise line, but they become the cruise lines' rules when they put them on their website. My sympathies to all involved in this tragedy.
  3. Yes. You can go to the cashier desk in the casino, and have them load on board credit into your account. You then access it through the personal bank function on the slot machine and your 4 digit PiN which is month and year of your birthday (May 1 would be 0501). You can cash out and keep your winnings. If you are careful you can't lose more than the on board credit (if you have $100 on board credit and are playing a $5 slot machine, play 20 times. Whatever is left in your account after the 20 spins is your cash to keep) .
  4. They should be offered, either in a note, by the butler, or preferably, in advance of the cruise in the pre-cruise correspondence. How would a cruiser know to ask for them otherwise?
  5. We got two in PH of the Summit in late August, but they weren't monogrammed. Butler said machine was broke. They appeared folded on the bed on day two, we didn't ask. Since they weren't monogrammed I asked if they were ours to take and was told yes. There were also two hanging in closet, same style robes.
  6. It will be nice if they allow you onto the Summit’s Retreat sun deck. They have not been clear about that. July 19?
  7. Randy is correct. You will keep what you had, and gain the amenities of the suite - not the current perk booking offer. The chief amenities of the Celebrity suite, besides the extra space, are Luminae and the Retreat if your ship has one. More here: https://www.celebritycruises.com/things-to-do-onboard/staterooms/suite-class/celebrity-suite
  8. To the OP - you didn't state what type of cabin you are in now. If you are in an inside, you might want to bid with the goal of getting a balcony. If you are already in a balcony, the concierge might have limited value to you, and in that case, I would not bid on it (you can cancel a bid). I wouldn't pay much attention to what is currently available, because as other cruisers "move up" through suites (or unfortunately cancel), all levels of cabins could open up. Bottom line, bid what you are comfortable spending on an upgrade and no more, under the usual assumption that you are happy with your original choice.
  9. From what I understand: Celebrity Sapphire Plus - starts in January 2020: 500,000 points to qualify (Sapphire is 100,000 and Ruby is 1 million). Main benefits are premium beverage package and more casino credit.
  10. I was in an S3 on 9 and it had no obstruction other than a thin pole on the balcony which was hardly noticeable. It was an excellent location, very quiet, and I would book it again without hesitation.
  11. Yesterday I splurged on an Edge Villa and I couldn’t wait to come home and find Marilyn’s post about the suite. I loved every word, every photo, and I lamented that I couldn’t message her and express my thanks. So I ‘liked’ it, thinking this morning she would get a kick out of someone liking her year old post. In addition to what everyone said, two things. First, I have no doubt that Marilyn changed the Edge, and likely the rest of the class too. She spoke, Celebrity listened, and she improved the experience for thousands of people who sadly won’t know her. And even though she was smitten with cruising and the Edge, she responded to dissenters with empathy and grace and set the tone for kind discussion. I am sorry Marilyn won’t take those trips she had planned, and won’t see Apex. I send my most heartfelt condolences to Henry and her family. Thank you sweet lady for your countless contributions to this community.
  12. George - most sailings that I have been on have had a couple of game shows after the late "main" show - sometimes in the main theater. Happy anniversary to you and your wife.
  13. I don't recall any room service reviews from someone in an Edge Iconic Suite or Villa Suite, so it is possible that room service could be delivered from Luminae, since it is so much closer than the main dining room. I've never had a hot meal from room service in either the penthouse or a royal suite, and I think you will be challenged to have one too. It's all a trade off - the privacy of dining en suite versus the quality of the meal. Enjoy those two great suites, and we would love to hear how you enjoyed the Iconic Suite when you return. We did have shrimp cocktails many times, and it was never served on ice or in a chilled dish. We would ask that it be left in the refrigerator (penthouse) or wine cooler (RS on S class ships).
  14. I don't know what the synergies would be, but they would be more substantial than a photo op. Whenever a different group become leaders - women, millennials - changes happen. Maybe they will just figure out a way to stop people from peeing in the pool.
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