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  1. I understand perfectly. The single person/widow gets to sit alone while Dave and Kathy enjoy the amenity together.
  2. Thank you for your time in doing this. I loved every minute of your report. I hope you are doing well. Glad to read you have another cruise booked.
  3. I think your TA was 99% correct, and the change in exact amount might have happened later. I will bite - what's next?
  4. If you get the chance I would love to hear what you think Celebrity has done great compared to those luxury lines. (After many cruises on Celebrity, I left and tried several cruises on Crystal, and came back to Celebrity.) Thanks and enjoy.
  5. A number of those folks have free specialty dining, and with all of the good restaurants on Edge, they rarely walk into Luminae. When I was on Edge - a full holiday sailing with kids/quads in suites - by 8 pm Luminae was emptying out for the night.
  6. I think some folks are worrying about nothing. People in the top suites always had the opportunity to bring guests to Luminae, and those in the penthouse were never turned down. If you are spending $20,000 a week or thereabouts Celebrity is going to try to keep you happy. I could have put my mom in the living room of the suite and she would have had free access to Luminae - just as some put four in a Sky Suite and they all have access to Luminae. As I said I passed on this because it made no sense - I would have either given up specialty restaurants - a nice amenity of this suite - or paid three times for my family to eat in them. This program is three months old and there hasn't been one report of someone actually using it.
  7. I found the email describing the benefits: Retreat Lounge Retreat Sun Deck Luminae Priority Arrival and Departure Curbside luggage drop off Reserved theater seating Suite Class distinctive key card
  8. I was offered this in the Summit Penthouse in August. It does not include specialty restaurants, and you need to buy it for the entire week. We didn’t use the Retreat or the Retreat sundeck, so I passed on this, as it was much cheaper to pay for restaurants.
  9. I’m fairly certain there is only one child’s menu. The one that I’ve seen in Luminae is the same as what was posted here as MDR.
  10. Someone this week posted that the filet on the children’s menu has been replaced with a sirloin. Boo! Hcat - I’m a very plain Luminae eater. Steak, plain pasta or white rice, and salad (I tell them what I want in it) never a problem. Just figure out what works for you and let them know.
  11. That's very bad news about the child's filet, and disappointing. I eat it many nights per cruise. Thanks for your report.
  12. If someone wouldn't quote me a perk-less suite I would call another travel agent. But the RS and above come with certain amenities, like a drink package and certain specialty restaurant benefits, and you can't get a quote without those.
  13. Whenever I book a Sky Suite I am able to book without the perks - sometimes my travel agent goes through as many as 34 different fares with qualifications, restrictions, perks, etc. On an upcoming 7 day Edge Caribbean cruise in a S3 as a solo, the four perks adds an additional $1700 from the standard base rate (not senior, not military, not state related). I passed on that. While the Royal Suite and above comes with certain amenities that some buy as perks (beverage package and internet), it doesn't come with other perks (gratuities, on board credit) - so you should always look for the "perk-less fare" or you could be paying for the beverage package and internet twice.
  14. And since there is sometimes confusion on this, you will not be able to get free drinks at the Retreat sun deck. The Retreat does have refrigerators with soda and water so that you can help yourself, and as Gordon said, remove those from the area. The Retreat sun deck is very close to the Retreat and it is easy (for most) to go back and forth to save a few dollars.
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