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  1. We sailed on her last year on December 15th. I still have the email confirmation from booking the shows on November 15th. I can't say how much earlier the shows were visible in the online cruise planner or if higher-ups in the Crown & Anchor rankings get an earlier crack at it (we're Platinum). Everything was wide open when I reserved for 4 30 days out.
  2. Magic inaugural cruise out of Barcelona, May 2011 (second overall sailing for the Magic). Favorite cruise ever to this day.
  3. First cruise overall and first cruise on RC, 4 day Baja out of San Pedro on the Viking Serenade, October of '90 or there about. Catalina Island, San Diego, and Ensenada calls, the cost was more expensive in real dollars, seems like $360.00 per person inside cabin. Service and food were terrific. Disco in the Viking Crown Lounge was terrific.
  4. Our last 2 cruises were on the Explorer and Ovation, with the latter this past May from Honolulu to Vancouver. Didn't notice smoke on either. But, have complete empathy with original poster. We were on the Carnival Vista when she was brand new and there was a substantial lack of ventilation in the Casino. The smell of smoke was overwhelming. We're not super sensitive to cigarette smoke. But, it was enough to cause us to avoid walking through the casino. Club TWO70, the Solarium, and Northstar are terrific all-weather spaces on Ovation (noting Solarium is age restricted and Northstar is a limited time view). The sports court is all indoors. Bundle-up and there is plenty of viewing space on the open decks. Famy27, I believe you will enjoy an Alaska cruise on Ovation.
  5. AT&T with iPhone and Voom package, that is correct - enable the WiFi calling feature and keep the phone in Airplane Mode when on the ship. The iPhone will use the ship's WiFi for placing and receiving phone calls. I have done this on the past 2 cruises.
  6. My wife and I sailed from Honolulu to Vancouver on the May 2nd sailing on the Ovation. 2) this will be my first sailing on the Pacific Ocean so I’m a little concern about sea sickness The ocean was smooth to small chop most of the way. One day in the open ocean the wind was blowing 30+ knots across the bow. That would put the wind at your back going the other way. One thing to keep in mind is that the water temp of the Pacific is cool to cold until you get even with lower Baja California. This means the outside temp may range from the 50's to 60's for the first 3 days on the open ocean, perhaps 4. It might rain part of the time too. However, the Ovation has several really good indoor spaces with open views as you are probably aware, including Club 270. (3) how’s the entertainment on the Ovation? Multiple major productions with about 24 cast members, 2 sets of female singers, 1 male pop singer, Jimmy Hopper (who was terrific IMHO, noting that taste in music is subjective), an Aerosmith cover band, comedian, magician, pick-pocket expert. There were 2 or 3 matinee performances with different material in addition to the primary evening entertainment. Plus, there were the live bands that performed in the bar & cabaret spaces. Enjoy your cruise.
  7. Agreed. Just had one on the Ovation sailing from HI to BC.
  8. My wife and I had the same observations and good time.
  9. Just got off the Honolulu to Vancouver sailing on Ovation. The ship and the crew were wonderful. The vast indoor spaces make her weather proof for having a good time. The food in the main dining room was generally good to very good (lobster tail, prime rib, lamb). My only advice is to avoid the "New York Steak" from the MDR menu. I wasn't expecting it to be fantastic. It was mediocre at best. Enjoy your Alaska cruise.
  10. Missing the call on the Big Island was bad enough. Now, if Royal is honest with itself and us, it is canceling the Mother's Day call in Victoria ( a 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. stop is not materially similar to an 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. call). Docking at 8:00 p.m. on Sunday night in Vancouver is not really giving us additional time to explore there, with the added note that we get leave the ship if we don't like it. The cruise is reduced to 2 days in Maui. How many people would have booked such a sailing?
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