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  1. Not for me. I am getting my check in time at midnight the night you are allowed to get your check in time. Nothing more to it for me.
  2. I take my backpack to the pool chair that I sit in until I can take it down to the room. It is not worth $100.00 to me to be able to stop by the room. In fact I think even if I had immediate access to the room I would still just head straight to my pool chair. That first hour around the pool while everyone else is stressing about getting into the cabin is one of my favorite times on the cruise. All that said I realize that all people cruise differently and I respect your point of view.
  3. I wouldn't get it. I have found that I get on about 15 minutes after the FTTF. 15 minutes is not worth $100.00 to me. I would rather put that money towards my bar tab.
  4. Unfortunately they can't depend on the employer or the cheap people lined up to remove tips.
  5. As long as the cruise workers are not depending on a bunch of miserable cheap people who are standing in line all day long to remove tips as soon as they are added to the account I don't care. Call it a service charge subsidy whatever you want to call it. If it keeps cheap people from being cheap I am for it.
  6. You can't have a true all inclusive experience. It is not feasible. You can't have the spa be all inclusive, or the hair salon. Some things just have to be an extra charge. I think the all inclusive non alcoholic drinks, wifi, gratuities, and specialty dining is going to set Virgin apart from other mass market lines. Hopefully it will keep the annoyingly cheap people off the ship.
  7. I thought the price was very reasonable when you consider all the extra things are included. If the bar prices are even close to reasonable I believe you are going to come out with a much better value than the other mass market lines.
  8. As long as they are actually giving the workers the money, I applaud them for not allowing cheap people to screw the hard workers out of their hard earned money. I can't stand cheap and entitled people.
  9. You should leave the tips on and tip anyone that gives you great service over and above. When you remove gratuities you are taking them away from people who are supporting your steward and waitress or waiter.
  10. My last cruise I just bought cruise cash on the website and it was on my account as credit when I boarded.
  11. I don't care about cruise directors. I have never had a cruise director make a cruise better. That being said he was the best cruise director I ever had. I found his announcements amusing.
  12. I am a carnivore and the Indian vegetarian is always one of the best things on the menu. She can go to the deli and get a veggie burger, I think. They have vegetarian sandwiches at the deli. She can go to the Mongolian wok and get veggies. The Cucina del Capitano has a pasta bar for lunch. Always vegetarian options on the buffet.
  13. Anything they can do to help alleviate the billions of pounds of plastic that end up in the ocean is a good thing in my opinion. I guess we will see if I am allowed to have an opinion.
  14. You can buy first aid stuff in the liquor store in the Fun Shoppes.
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