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  1. Good to hear from you. I shall stop worrying now and look forward to your posts when you get round to them! I just love, love, love your blog!
  2. I've been checking her blog a few times a day too. Hope everything is okay.
  3. Duh, I only found you again three days ago, even though your blog site has been on my toolbar all year!!!! (yep, should have signed up for email notification, I know!). So my morning coffee time has been much longer, and I have now caught up with you. Am enjoying reading where you are and what you have been doing. We met years ago on the Emerald, so I think of you as a friend now!!! Thank you for doing this.
  4. I have always gone to the buffet on embarkation day as it's the only day I see deep-fried breaded scallops, and I make an absolute pig of myself!
  5. I'd join then, lots of comments, reviews, pictures etc
  6. There are lots of posts/comments/photos/videos being posted, just not on here, if you know what I mean!
  7. Just booked this ship for March 2020. Only 341 days to go! First time with Marella, but have been to the Caribbean a few times. The itinerary on this cruise is what drew me to it, lots of islands I haven't been to before, and of course the AI helps!
  8. I have cruised regularly as a single on Princess where the supplements are 100%. I have just priced a single on Explorer 2 for a two week cruise next year and the price was 2000GBP per person for a double and 2700GBP for a single, which I thought was excellent!
  9. Wee Magoo, following this with interest as we are thinking to do the exact same cruise but in March 2020. We have only cruised Princess in the past, but this itinerary goes to so many of the Caribbean Islands that we haven't seen yet. Plus the All Inclusive is an added bonus.
  10. There is a lovely big smoking area outside the Hollywood Pool Club with seating and tables, on the starboard side. Made a lovely area for smokers compared to the cramped places on other Princess ships. There was also an area inside in the VIP gaming room on the port side, though not sure if that is still open as it was a while ago I was on the Majestic. They are the only two places I remember.
  11. Hiya, not sure if you've tried doing this, I just posted the same thing on another query and the OP has managed to find excursions needed for the cruise they are on. If you go to the Pullmantur website, scroll down to the bottom and click on Excursions a window comes up where. you put in your cruise and departure date. Then the excursions for that particular cruise come up, there is a package of excursions, or you can look at each individual port and the excursions offered in that port.
  12. There should be taxis on the quayside when you arrive who will take you wherever you want to go, I think there is a board there telling you prices of their tours. I live in Lanzarote and it is a very small island. I would suggest you go to the Fire Mountains. You can also walk from the port into the capital Arrecife.
  13. I have followed your blog since the beginning and loved everything you wrote. You went to so many of the places I have cruised to and would have loved to have commented on the blog, just I couldn't work out how to Hopefully you will do another Season so we can all join in again. Thank you.
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