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  1. Not trying to get you started, but this is strictly a matter of opinion, right? Having spent the past 50-55 years (or so) visiting all parts of Mexico, we have never had a bad experience with the cabs/cabbies there. That being said, our comfort zone for getting around in Mexican cities is with the cabs, and we are just not quite ready to jump onto the Uber platform there yet. Your mileage (and opinion) clearly varies..😉
  2. Couldn't agree more..! 😋😊 From Oosterdam last December..
  3. Appreciate your commentary and opinion, although your experience seems to be the exception to the rule; as most visitors here rave about Stone Island, and we're in that group! 😎
  4. @Cruising-along did not say whether their excursion was private or arranged through the ship.
  5. Contact Ship's Services and let them know of the birthday, and they will note it on your booking. That way the MDR staff will be aware ahead of time and make the appropriate arrangements, i.e., birthday cake, singing, etc. 🙂
  6. They know the systems and the excursions way better than we do..
  7. You fell for that line?... I'm very surprised.. Lol! 😉
  8. To be honest, the photographer was probably right in that you likely had plenty of time.😉
  9. Wonder if this is true for all Vista Class ships... sure hope so, as we are sailing Oosterdam in March. 🙂
  10. Assistance with what? And an explanation of what... heavy seas? 🙄
  11. This whole story can be condensed to these two sentences. Nuff said.. 😏
  12. That and blaming the passengers for their obvious ignorance.
  13. Oh, Please... save us the unpleasantness of resurrecting this thread. It was dead a long time ago (or so I thought). Let in RIP for everyone's sake! 😧
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