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  1. Great food and beverage at Molokay! 😎😋
  2. Agree with snowdogsmm on all points. We always do Stone Island on our own because it is so easy and very inexpensive compared to an organized tour like OP describes. Another place to consider for lunch/drinks is Molokay... our personal favorite! 😎
  3. No, probably more like cabin tap water is real water.
  4. Alrighty then... I guess all is right in the world again!
  5. Interesting.. I thought the pre-made sandwiches on our recent Eurodam cruise were awesome! 😋 In fact, the sandwich station at the Lido buffet quickly became my go-to place for a good sandwich onboard. Isn't it funny how subjective people's food preferences are? Which is exactly why comments about food quality, taste, etc. made in forums like this should be taken for a grain of salt. 🙂
  6. The only designated smoking area on Eurodam is on deck 9 (Lido) aft, starboard side near the Sea View Pool and Bar. The area is outside and partially protected from the elements. The casino on Eurodam is 100% smoke free.
  7. Looks like less actually, based on my last flight. 😏
  8. No tractors or other transportation available for DIY trips to Stone Island (other than the water taxis to get you over there). Although sometimes available in conjunction with ship sponsored, paid organized excursions.
  9. Tempting.., but personally, I'm just not quite ready to trust Uber in Mexico yet.
  10. This is not gender specific behavior (stupid, yes, but not gender specific). Women do this too..😏
  11. Personally I prefer not to deal in hypotheticals..
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