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  1. How will we know when FCC is applied, and will it be visible in our online accounts somewhere?
  2. What? Who cares if they have worked in the cruise industry for years, which is irrelevant to the discussion here. We plan to have a great cruise, and to those of you who are clutching their pearls about the doomsday scenario, have fun hunkering down in your home waiting for everything to pass.
  3. My point is that nothing has changed in San Diego with regard to normal boarding procedures, etc., so even mentioning anything else is introducing the kind of panic that all of us are trying to avoid at this point.
  4. Your post is exactly why people should stay away from the internet and social media right now. Completely irresponsible.. Can't wait until I get on my ship tomorrow to escape this mass hysteria!
  5. And your point? Somehow I lost that amidst all the clutter..
  6. Can you please stop perpetuating the ongoing hysteria about cruising, and about cruising out of SD specifically?
  7. Won't have any impact whatsoever, so please fanning the flames! 🙄
  8. But that's a lame argument... at best!
  9. Not sure which line you're sailing next, but we've really enjoyed the corned beef hash on all the ships we've sailed on. It's one of those little indulgences we allow ourselves, since we normally don't have it at home. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂
  10. Refer to posts 120-122 in this thread.. 😉
  11. Do not agree that this is a reliable way to determine this, but if it works for you...great!
  12. Not to mention that everyone these days carries around a portable calculator with them (i.e. cell phone), so it's easy to whip that puppy out and punch in the calculation for your answer... voila!
  13. How does one determine whether the breakdown is agreeable to the crew or not? 🤔 ...And then tip some more! 😉
  14. Good to hear this since we're sailing Oosterdam to MR in two weeks. 👍
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