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  1. Sorry, but you didn't end the discussion on the other thread, the discussion was ended for you. Please let it go! 🙄
  2. To put your question in context, and to be clear.. Are you asking what other country (the size of the Netherlands) can boast that, or what other country in general? It does make a difference..
  3. And I would say that you have added nothing material here either, except a bunch of hot air. 🙄 Agree with kazu that your horse died a while ago, so perhaps you should consider not beating it anymore.
  4. Simple solution to this dilemma as was mentioned: Have your booking tagged as 'Do Not Upgrade'... problem solved. No surprise automatic 'upgrades', but you still can and often do receive 'upsells'..
  5. America's 'favorite' pastime is even better than that, where failing to hit 7 out of ten times at bat (.300 batting average) is considered excellent.
  6. I agree 100%, but please don't call me Shirley...
  7. Bolding is mine... Yes, but for many folks (like us), it's those less than desirable assignments (even though rare) that convinced us long ago to select the cabin we want at booking and be done with it. No rolling of the dice, no drama of anticipation, and best of all, no surprises.
  8. The main reason is because your life jackets are in your cabin, and you need those before you report to your muster station.
  9. They'll be right outside the terminal area as you pass through the shops area, no problem. However, if your husband has mobility issues, you may want to reconsider doing Stone Island on your own. Because when you exit the water taxi at Stone Island, there is still a good 3-400 yard walk down the beach from there to get where you want to be, and that may be a bit much for hubby. Plus, the same walk going back to where you catch the water taxi back to the mainland.
  10. Whoops, wrong answer... based on other's responses above. 😕
  11. I'm hoping so as well, and I'm pretty sure that it will be! 😃
  12. Nope, it actually applies to most folks' 'first time' experience of most anything, really.
  13. One's first time is nearly always 'the best', and subsequent similar experiences rarely measure up to that first one. 😉
  14. Apparently there is, otherwise they wouldn't be offering it. 😏
  15. Yes, but there is a remedy for this. Speak to the dining room manager and ask to have your table reassigned. It's usually not that difficult, and they're very accommodating.
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