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  1. I actually appreciate their large salad bowls because I like to mix everything in my bowl (including dressing) together prior to eating it. And the larger bowls leave enough room to do this.. 🙂
  2. Same here on Eurodam last December. 🙂
  3. Not the case on Oosterdam last Fall. 1 liter bottles of Evian WERE included (no charge). This ongoing inconsistency with how policies regarding the SBP are interpreted and enforced from ship to ship (and even same ship sailing to sailing) is maddening to us! 😣
  4. Very doable depending on what time your ship arrives in port. If you do Stone Island on your own, it can take a little while to get to and from the beach there (walking and water taxi involved), plus you'll probably want to spend at least a couple hours there once you arrive.
  5. Yes, they're available at the dock in Cabo. A tad less expensive than the traditional taxi last time we were there.
  6. Have you heard of turkey bacon? 🤔 Been on the breakfast menus for some time now, but tastes awful.. 😕
  7. Curious as to your husband's take on modern cruise ship movement and 'creaking'.. 🤔
  8. Yes, Lido Market is HAL's name for the Lido Buffet. We've never personally had a cabin directly below the Lido Market, but I would imagine that there may be some noise form all the activity directly above. And you are right, 7 days on a cruise ship (in any cabin) is definitely better than the alternative! 😃
  9. Perhaps my experience has something to do with my 24 years in the US Navy sailing on old Navy warships in every type of sea and weather imaginable (including typhoons and 20+ foot swells). I also have sailed for many years on modern cruise ships, and the 'minor' creaking /movement that I have experienced on those ships have been nothing compared to my Navy days. As I mentioned earlier, it's rather pleasant to me and actually helps me sleep in most cases. I honestly do enjoy it!
  10. I'm with you here. Creaking noises and ship movement while underway don't bother me at all. In fact I rather enjoy it, as for me it is a pleasant reminder that I'm on a ship at sea. 🙂
  11. Does anyone ever take a "doggy bag" back to their cabin? We do it almost every time we eat at PG, usually too much food for us.
  12. I would have gone for the mustard as well! 😋
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