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  1. Or thought you signed up for is probably a better description. Sounds like somebody screwed up, and probably not the ship.
  2. Huh, check your ships activities on HAL website for ATK? Please explain.. 🤔
  3. When you have a promo on your booking, and you re-fare for a lower price, do you typically lose any promos you had on the original fare? For example, we have the 'Have it All' promo (which expires end of Sep) on a booking for next March. If we saw a price drop and did a re-fare, would we lose the Have it All promo with the new booking?
  4. Bolding mine.. I believe, at least at this point (things can/will change) that only the combined Hawaii/Mexico sailings are/will be cancelled, mainly because of Hawaii's strict visitor policies. The Mexican Riviera only itineraries from San Diego this Fall and next Spring haven't yet been cancelled, and we're booked on Koningsdam from SD to Mexico next March!
  5. Bolding is mine.. As in most sates and jurisdictions, law enforcement resources are limited, and I'm sure that the police in NC have bigger fish to fry than to actually station a cop at every retail outlet in the state to be a hall monitor with regard to mask wearing. Here is an excerpt from the new NC Executive Order: Under, Executive Order 147, businesses must have all workers wear face coverings. Retail businesses must also have all customers wear face coverings when they are inside the establishment and may be within six feet of another person, unless the customer comes under an exception identified in the order. The order states that citations can be written to businesses or organizations that fail to enforce the requirement to wear face coverings. Law enforcement personnel cannot criminally enforce the face covering requirements of this Order against individual workers, customers, or patrons. The wearing of seat belts is state law in NC and most other states, wearing of masks is not, so therefore is not illegal to not wear one.
  6. It's already there. 🙂 Sailings from San Diego to the Mexican Riviera on Koningsdam begin October of this year. We're already booked on this itinerary for Next March! 😎
  7. On the phone with my TA as we speak..
  8. Sounds like HAL is the perfect brand for you!
  9. Sounds like a CD by a different name to me. And the rest of your commentary is simply subjective opinion of your particular experience. Our CD on Eurodam was quite engaging, personable and got around the ship a lot mingling with passengers... you know, kinda like what CD's (or whatever they're called now) do.
  10. At our advancing age, we always get at least full medical (with pre-existing conditions waiver), evacuation and repatriation coverage, regardless of the cost. In our view, the premium cost for this coverage is a drop in the bucket when compared to the potential cost of an injury, illness or even death onboard a ship, which could run into the tens of thousands without insurance. Saving a few hundred dollars on insurance doesn't outweigh the risk of not having the coverage (and peace of mind) that comes with it.
  11. This is incorrect. There are at the very least, several sailings to the Mexican Riviera beginning in the Fall of this year still currently being offered.
  12. Actually, they do. But perhaps not as aggressively as some of the other brands. A relatively recent television spot that caught my eye, and pretty much describes why DW and I continue to sail HAL
  13. Wow, that's pretty harsh.. 😏 While we haven't yet sailed Celebrity or Princess, last I checked they both had beverage packages similar to HAL, as do most, if not all main stream lines.
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