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  1. Wish I knew more about the Solstice, haven't cruised on this ship. I took a look at the deck plans, looks to me like you are below the Spa cafe and above another balcony. Maybe others will chime in who can tell you more - even if there is food prep in the cafe hopefully it isn't a 24/7 noise situation like in the galleys. Enjoy, it should be wonderful in an aqua class!
  2. Another thought on the motivation for hiring an attorney; it may not be for the purpose of securing a monetary award so much as trying to sway public opinion. The death of a child is about the worst thing a parent / other family can experience, and to have it be sudden, not the result of an illness ( no warning or chance to grieve & come to terms in advance) avoidable makes it so much worse. May just be in survival mode, trying to do whatever they can to put a different spin on it. Hard enough to suffer such a loss in relative privacy but these folks have none. Going to work, inevitable talk & then everyone shuts up when you walk into the room, even leaving the house to get groceries is going to be tough.
  3. Unspeakable loss to the family and none of them will ever get over the horror, let alone the grandfather. But they are now pointing a finger at the cruise line in their grief and loss. I can't even imagine trying to deal with this let alone acknowledge his part in this. You don't put a toddler up on a ledge or bannister or wherever this little girl fell from, and just let her balance without hands on. You don't put a child up to "bang on the glass" for fun, glass can break. Even if this is thick glass - I can't imagine teaching your kids banging on any glass window is allowed. And yes I realize in this instance the window was open where the child was placed. Again, babies don't belong perched on a surface to balance or not. Even falling in the other direction she could have cracked her head open.
  4. Another fan of the Spirit Class ships here. I love that the Miracle has the most space per passenger ratio of their fleet. Gatsby's Garden, a nice place to sit inside. Nice wrap around panorama deck, library not just for books but for playing board games, good large serenity area, and the french door interior cabins are fantastic. Not just a bit of natural light, but you can open those doors for fresh air. For an inside cabin price! How great is that? The Farcus decor in the MDR is loud, but I don't mind it. Purple and Vegas-y and out there, I wouldn't want to decorate my house this way (maybe for a party or halloween!) but I can enjoy it on a cruise.
  5. Lucky you, boating is so enjoyable. Its been many years but long ago my ex & I would sail quite a bit in the San Juan Islands. His friends had a 40' sailboat. He took his friends with him when we split up, so no more sailboat trips for me. On that particular cruise, I think it was around Vancouver Island - a guy from our roll call who is an avid photographer got a great photo of an orca breaching.
  6. I don't know anything about the central park rooms as I've not sailed on Royal. But I can say that for me a balcony, and fresh air in the cabin is essential. The cruise I booked in an ocean view room (window at the back of the ship, people walking by on the deck / no privacy) was a disappointment. I had read good reviews on the cabin but having the bit of light & feeling like people could look in the cabin if I didn't shut the curtains just didn't work for me. Being able to walk out to a deck just isn't the same. I almost didn't feel like I was on a cruise, my friend who cruised with me couldn't believe I felt that way but I did. In the past I only booked inside cabins, but once I got used to the balconies it changed everything. But that's a balcony overlooking the ocean. I don't think I'd go for a balcony upcharge that overlooked a park area inside the ship.
  7. I thought the water was fairly rough on my one Seattle - Seattle cruise to Alaska. We were going fast after the last port stop in Victoria, and the water was definitely choppy.
  8. I've been called a couple times with upsell calls, about a week or two before sailing. On the upgrade - I got the upgrade from hell on my first cruise. I knew nothing and definitely not enough to see it on a deck plan. I had booked an inside cabin, and it was a nice middle of the deck cabin. I knew I was prone to motion sickness, my travel agent had booked this cabin for me. I didn't know what cabins would offer less movement, but she did. Then at check in, someone sweetly offered me an upgrade to a porthole cabin. Of course way in front. I was so sick, when we hit rough water it was like riding the maliboomer up and down. Never, ever again.
  9. Have you already cruised or do you still need help? Sorry for the lack of response, I'll try to help if it isn't too late.
  10. This was one of my favorite threads on CC, and it fell off the board! How can that be, it needs to be resurrected. I had to do a google search, could not find it otherwise.
  11. Also, for anyone just signing up for Rewards for Good, do not use any helpful promo codes to get extra points posted by well meaning people. I did, in fact I believe a number of us did and lesson learned on what a bad mistake that was. They took away all my points, even the ones I got fairly by taking surveys. Then they locked my account. I ended up opening a new one and having to start over.
  12. Possibly, but after a couple ship tours where I saw the cabins, I can safely say I would not want to sleep there. And Ritz Carlton is hardly my expectation on a pre cruise overnight. It's an admirable ship and I admire its history. I wish the owner would invest more into upkeep and keeping it at something approaching its former glory.
  13. Ew, that sounds bad. The meat on board may be hit or miss. Usually I can eat the bacon if they cook it extra crisp, but on one cruise it was disgusting. It was on the Imagination & it was simply rancid. I only wanted one or two pieces too, but the guy plopped a huge pile of on my plate before I could stop him. All wasted except for 2 small bites.
  14. Reuben or Rachel from the deli. Just to need to ask for thousand island dressing on the side for dipping.
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