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  1. It goes without saying to bring a wear mosquito repellant, but would you necessarily even learn of a mosquito swarm in advance / getting off the ship? Such a catastrophic result if even one affected mosquito found you.
  2. I don't know the topography of PV or the surrounding area at all. Had planned on finding a taxi or uber to the botanical gardens outside puerto vallarta - will the route there be affected by the flooding? Trip won't be until late november.
  3. It sounds like there must be lots of glass bottom boat tours in Cabo, I would recommend not booking with the cruise line but just scouting out one on your own. That way hopefully you can see the condition of the boat in advance of paying for the tour. My first cruise that stopped in Cabo, I went through the cruise line for the boat tour. The bottom of the boat was so dirty we had a hard time seeing anything, it was that or the water was so murky that day it was hopeless. Hopefully you could see the conditions of the water & know if this would be a worthwhile activity.
  4. This was not a typical Carnival cruise in my experience. It was a 3 day out of Miami to Nassau on the Imagination. In December. Basically a rock bottom price cruise that many wouldn't even need to take vacation time off for - a booze cruise. Our next door neighbor was screaming the F bomb, playing guitar & his female companion howling with loud laughter up to 4AM when I finally called security. They were great, on it, came within a few minutes & no more out of these two for the rest of the night. That morning it was a whole Customs Immigration & ship's security convention outside their door - I don't know what happened but it didn't look good for them. Disembarking, port police running up the ramps looking for people & squad cars circling the pier apparently doing the same. It looked like an episode of cops, there was so much police activity on disembark day. Not typical of my experience either on any cruise line, had this been my first carnival cruise I would have made wrong assumptions about the cruise line.
  5. In my personal experience, I've had more issues with motion sickness on west coast cruises than any other. Even transatlantic / transpacific the seas have given me far less grief overall. That and brrr that Cabo / Catalina Isand / Ensenada cruise was cold in March. Even cold on the ship, I was glad I brought a winter weight flannel nightgown to sleep in.
  6. I don't regret my current booking on Carnival. It isn't a new itinerary for me, but a reasonable price for a cruise over a holiday and in an awesome class of suite I haven't been on yet. That said, I will probably be booking Celebrity or other cruise lines in the future aside from a quick local getaway. My bucket list has itineraries that are not common on Carnival, unless they are Journey cruises - and it seems those are at a premium higher than what the other mass market cruise lines charge. The 1-2-3 promotions on Celebrity more than make up for any disparity in price between the two lines.
  7. A large extended family on the Imagination, screaming at the top of the lungs threatening to beat the #@$* out of another group of people in the atrium. It was mainly noise and not a physical altercation though. I think the most stunning visual was at embarkation on the Amsterdam, a woman I dubbed the sparkle sprite. Wearing purple glitter, battery lights & blinged out from head to toe. The shoes, the ball cap, every visible piece of clothing absolute blinding sparkle & bling.
  8. The other issue is not recommending an excursion unless you've been on it. That is another rule.
  9. I don't know if Carnival needs to cut anything - we all want a great cruise at a great price, but I'd gladly pay 25% more to have the cruises I came to love in the 90s. Or even 10 years ago. BUT, if some things need to be cut - the platinum gift, the horrible chocolate covered mushy / half rotten strawberries, quit developing the photos and just have the photos be available to view from your state room or at kiosks throughout the ship - then pay to develop what you like.
  10. Good point, and I did consider this. But this was not the case of a random employee here or there, it seemed across departments and a significant amount of poor attitude / burnt out staff. I don't think it was a coincidental situation of bad attitude people in the employ, because these things don't exist in a vacuum. It's bad management that affects morale, either working conditions being such that workers are at the end of their rope or no follow up / repercussions for poor service. Unless the management from the top down turned over I don't know if I'd want to chance a replay.
  11. I had a less than ideal cruise on the Imagination, but it was not the fault of the crew. It was a sort booze cruise out of miami to Nassau, and despite the prison yard demeanor of a few of the passengers - security was top notch and on it. But my last cruise on the Conquest - the problem was the crew. Not all of the crew of course, but there was a morale problem and I would not want to be on this ship again. Hoping this was an isolated situation and not the general direction of the cruise line, because it was in 2017 and my first carnival cruise in several years.
  12. I certainly would hope not. It isn't like you have any input on extending the cruise, or decided to book that length of cruise & budget for the extra cost.
  13. The 3 and 4 day Carnival cruises I've been on to Ensenada / Catalina have had pretty well behaved cruisers at least in my experience. On one of the cruises there was a huge family reunion going on, looked like hundreds of folks with the same custom t-shirts. Aside from a very snotty teenager who seemed angry at life in general - no issues at all on these cruises. The 3 day Nassau cruise I took on the Imagination was so bad, I was stunned. There were fights in the lobby, a large family screaming & fighting with another family, and even though 95% of the passengers were perfectly well behaved - the ones who weren't were so bad it felt like being in a scene from a prison movie. Had that been my first carnival cruise it would have been my last. And the 4 day HAL coastal cruise I went on, had an extremely rowdy young crowd roving the ship at night. It was quiet in the daytime but maybe they were sleeping in. Not what I was expecting on HAL. Probably would never happen on a 7 day cruise. You can make generalities about how the different cruise lines draw different types of passengers, but I think it's pushing it to make generalities from limited experience.
  14. My last cruise to Alaska was in June several years ago. And every single port day we had temperatures in the 80s. It was beautiful, but I didn't plan for that much hot weather. I like early season best I think for Alaska, first cruise of the season in may was perfect. Not hot, rain unlikely, lots of snow in the Yukon and no mosquitoes.
  15. Sorry, my ensenada outings have all been on cruises that specifically stopped there. Quite a few do, I've taken some from long beach that also hit catalina island, or frequently longer cruises use ensenada as their foreign port stop. It's really quite far from cabo and your other port stops. Also, ensenada is not everyone's cup of tea. I love it because I love to try food off the ship, and to me La Guerrerense is as good as it gets. But it isn't a polished port town, a little rough around the edges for some people.
  16. I have my 3rd mexican riviera trip planned, same ports you mentioned, and I like the itinerary. I had traveled on regular land vacations a few times also to Mazatlan. Pretty easy to navigate with the buses or taxis, just have to negotiate the fare before you get in the cab. I love Ensenada even more, great food & I have a spa day every time I have had a port stop there, at Massage & Facial Care. I think it's worth at least one cruise to check out the itinerary, but the beaches are definitely not like the crystal blue, warm water at half moon cay etc.
  17. Curious as to the camels, are they foul smelling? All I know about camels is the ones at our local zoo when I was a kid. Could not stand within 10 feet of them without gagging the smell was so bad.
  18. No, no problem at all buying discounted carnival gift cards from AARP. Used my barclay card, got only single points though - not double. This was just recently, a couple weeks back.
  19. Wish I knew more about the Solstice, haven't cruised on this ship. I took a look at the deck plans, looks to me like you are below the Spa cafe and above another balcony. Maybe others will chime in who can tell you more - even if there is food prep in the cafe hopefully it isn't a 24/7 noise situation like in the galleys. Enjoy, it should be wonderful in an aqua class!
  20. Another thought on the motivation for hiring an attorney; it may not be for the purpose of securing a monetary award so much as trying to sway public opinion. The death of a child is about the worst thing a parent / other family can experience, and to have it be sudden, not the result of an illness ( no warning or chance to grieve & come to terms in advance) avoidable makes it so much worse. May just be in survival mode, trying to do whatever they can to put a different spin on it. Hard enough to suffer such a loss in relative privacy but these folks have none. Going to work, inevitable talk & then everyone shuts up when you walk into the room, even leaving the house to get groceries is going to be tough.
  21. Unspeakable loss to the family and none of them will ever get over the horror, let alone the grandfather. But they are now pointing a finger at the cruise line in their grief and loss. I can't even imagine trying to deal with this let alone acknowledge his part in this. You don't put a toddler up on a ledge or bannister or wherever this little girl fell from, and just let her balance without hands on. You don't put a child up to "bang on the glass" for fun, glass can break. Even if this is thick glass - I can't imagine teaching your kids banging on any glass window is allowed. And yes I realize in this instance the window was open where the child was placed. Again, babies don't belong perched on a surface to balance or not. Even falling in the other direction she could have cracked her head open.
  22. Another fan of the Spirit Class ships here. I love that the Miracle has the most space per passenger ratio of their fleet. Gatsby's Garden, a nice place to sit inside. Nice wrap around panorama deck, library not just for books but for playing board games, good large serenity area, and the french door interior cabins are fantastic. Not just a bit of natural light, but you can open those doors for fresh air. For an inside cabin price! How great is that? The Farcus decor in the MDR is loud, but I don't mind it. Purple and Vegas-y and out there, I wouldn't want to decorate my house this way (maybe for a party or halloween!) but I can enjoy it on a cruise.
  23. Lucky you, boating is so enjoyable. Its been many years but long ago my ex & I would sail quite a bit in the San Juan Islands. His friends had a 40' sailboat. He took his friends with him when we split up, so no more sailboat trips for me. On that particular cruise, I think it was around Vancouver Island - a guy from our roll call who is an avid photographer got a great photo of an orca breaching.
  24. I don't know anything about the central park rooms as I've not sailed on Royal. But I can say that for me a balcony, and fresh air in the cabin is essential. The cruise I booked in an ocean view room (window at the back of the ship, people walking by on the deck / no privacy) was a disappointment. I had read good reviews on the cabin but having the bit of light & feeling like people could look in the cabin if I didn't shut the curtains just didn't work for me. Being able to walk out to a deck just isn't the same. I almost didn't feel like I was on a cruise, my friend who cruised with me couldn't believe I felt that way but I did. In the past I only booked inside cabins, but once I got used to the balconies it changed everything. But that's a balcony overlooking the ocean. I don't think I'd go for a balcony upcharge that overlooked a park area inside the ship.
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