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  1. Getting started on the trip insurance, did you get primary coverage or secondary? Unless you got primary coverage, you will have to get a denial for your claim first from your regular health insurance. So submit that first, you will need a letter denying coverage for the trip insurance claim. Just send a copy of that letter in with your packet of info when you submit the claim to the travel insurance company.
  2. Trying to gather info on visiting the Botanical Gardens on my port day in PV. Any advice on do it yourself transport? How difficult to catch the bus, distance / cost etc, or is a taxi much more convenient? One bus ride within walking distance from the pier would be great, probably not wanting to have to transfer or take multiple buses. Would not want to linger too long & have a hard time getting transport back to the ship. Thinking of spending at least a few hours there, gardening & exotic plants a big interest for us - then having lunch at the restaurant. Any feedback from past visitors much appreciated. There is no shore excursion for this offered from my cruise line. Plus if we could do this inexpensively on our own, & have more freedom from being part of a group tour - so much the better.
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