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  1. Oh I'm hoping it isn't just seasonal! My favorite, really hope to see it next time I sail.
  2. With the new cakes, has anyone seen Red Velvet?
  3. I thought the food servings were humongous, but my brother was disappointed by the size of his steak on the surf & turf. He asked the server about another portion and was told he could certainly have that, but he would be charged a whole new fee for the steakhouse. I guess he thought that he could get both a full sized lobster and a full sized steak - yes he does like to eat. It was a bit of a surprise to him considering how it's no problem to get seconds in the MDR.
  4. Don't feel like you need to book an expensive excursion in order to enjoy the ports. Research. If a flight excursion is what your heart is set on - then it may be the best choice. But I enjoyed the low key do it yourself activities far more than the helicopter ride I took. Read the boards for ideas and also check out tripadvisor. If you are there past very early spring, bring & wear your bug spray. I went on a first of the season cruise in May, the yukon was frozen & the temps were cooler. But the next Alaska cruise I took in June had temperatures in the 80s in all ports. Be prepared for a tight table situation in the buffet on particularly scenic cruise days. The day we spent at Glacier Bay, people camped out at tables in the buffet near the windows and kept their tables pretty much all day. Not eating, just playing cards or enjoying the view. Had to bring our food to a table & chair on a lower deck in the hall to eat - I'm glad we had trays (I might have saved some from room service, can't remember). We also could have just taken the food back to the cabin or simply used room service.
  5. Are the 3 of you fairly neat, organized, or willing to try to be so on the cruise? I think that is key. If you can try to put things away & not leave everything out (I'm thinking of how my son can trash a cabin & how his room looks at home - this would be a bad thing cruising with 3 in an inside) it should be workable. Over door clear shoe hanger, at least one really helps with things you want to keep handy but not leave out to be a clutter, or need to waste time looking for. You can put it on the outside of the bathroom door, or over the closet door, and if others want to try to do hair or get to toiletries while someone else is in the bathroom they can still get their things. Try not to overpack, with 3 in a cabin there isn't a wealth of storage space unless its a very short cruise. At least with how I pack, I always bring too much stuff. Getting ready in the spa area sounds like a great idea. I've heard others doing this and it really helps to not all use the same bathroom for getting ready. Pack air freshener for the bathroom. Those fans don't always ventilate well, and you may really be glad to have something to spray to freshen the cabin especially with no way to get fresh air in the room / no balcony doors to open.
  6. The excursions I've arranged through the cruise line come with instructions on where to meet and what time, as memory serves the meeting place has been in the theater, and you are told where your particular excursion is seating so you are all in one group. Then they lead you off the ship in groups, and from there wait to board the transportation.
  7. Agree, never in port and if I do have a line with a few things on it, it's strung fairly low. Like chair back height. With the sun & the breeze things dry quick, they aren't out long.
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