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  1. Hello Everyone My wife, and i, and 2 daughter's (9+6), are on St Thomas for the day, very shortly. This is on a Wednesday, early November. We just want a nice beach, gentle slope, and facilities. Toilet is important (children). 4 ships in port, we are first at 07.00, then the other 3 in the few hours after till 11.00. I was set on Secret Harbour, but now am looking at Honeymoon Beach, on Water Island, again. This is because the ferry is in Crown Bay, same as us, and it is a shorter journey time, and less than half the price of taxis to and from Secret Harbour. But it is about the best choice, so a few $ is not the thing, having the best day is ! I understand that both are small beaches, and may seem full. We will be of ship early, and just want a nice beach, food, drink, TOILETS, and will probably leave about 14.00 - 15.00. So both provide this i think ? Just wanted to get some thoughts, and experience from you all.I Thanks
  2. Please don't take it as gospel, but from posts i have seen on here, and other boards, I thought the Butterfly Farm was destroyed in the hurricane. It was said it wouldn't be re-opening ever. Not heard good reports about le-galion beach either. Someone correct me, but tropical wave (Pat's) has supposedly gone as well. Spent a long time planning our day there, and now we have to go somewhere else. I don't know about now, but even up to July the beach was in a real bad way.
  3. Hello Everyone My wife, and I have been to St Thomas a couple of times,12+15 years ago. We did the a couple of tours, often mentioned on these boards, and had a good time. Things are different now, with two young children. We just want a beach, with facilities. I know Secret Harbour was always one of the quieter beaches. I have heard of the damage, and rebuilding of the hotels. I have also discovered that when we visit St Thomas in November, our ship 'Independence of the seas' is going to be one of 4 cruise ships in port that day. 'Carnival Magic' Disney Fantasy ' Oasis of the seas' and us. That's a lot of extra people on the Island. Maybe 15,000-,19,000 that are not normally on the island. So as I started, Secret Harbour, is small, and secret (HaHahaha), but because of it's size, and the sheer number of cruise ship passengers that day, am I and my wife, with 2 young children, as well to go to any beach on St Thomas, because all will be full (but many bigger, more space) or to hope it is too far, too unknown, too much trouble to get to, and it will still be the best beach (must have facilities, and food) to go to on a 4 ships in port day. I know there are smaller islands about, and ferries, and might have done it several years ago, before with just me and wife, but now with 2 Kids, and my reduced mobility, are not going to do that. If I do St John through the cruise line, it is guaranteed to get back, but the horrendous cost, and limited hours, means, we would rather go our own way, in taxis, on our schedule, on St Thomas, so that rules that out. We want to support the island, and really don't want to stay on board the ship, but it certainly looks like it will be the quietest place in St Thomas that day ! Opinions welcome please ?
  4. Thank you for those words, I have wanted to do this, and it has been my chosen destination whilst in port. I have posted a few questions over the last year while planning our trip (not much response) and so have still been looking at other options. That has made my mind up, we are going to Secret Harbour, going to stop looking elsewhere. Sent from my KFGIWI using Forums mobile app
  5. Hello Everyone Been waiting awhile now to see what the photo package gets offered at. This is for the all digital package on a usb stick, for a 14 night transatlantic crossing. Just got an e-mail offering it at $190. I am from England so it's £151.99. I think that is good, cost me $260 for 14 day Disneyworld package (o.k a lot more photographers, a lot more possibilities). But looking at what you pay as Americans, for the digital package, arm a a good deal to me. Am I right thinking that ? Sent from my KFGIWI using Forums mobile app
  6. No, afraid not, we join in Southampton for the transatlantic crossing on the 28th.We too are deck nine. We are from Chesterfield/Sheffield. Whereabouts in Florida ? Sent from my KFGIWI using Forums mobile app
  7. Hello We are on the same cruise. What we have done, is book our only shore excursion with an 08.30 departure from ' Independence ' to get on a coach trip to an airboat ride, and various other sights. This drops us off about 13.30-14.00 at Miami airport. Then a relax in the airport, till flight home. The point I am making is that these trips, many sorts, Fort Lauderdale or Miami, and others, keep your luggage locked in the store under the coach. Then drop you off afterwards to either Fort Lauderdale or Miami airport. We decided, because it is not that much more than a transfer to Miami airport, to do this. Alright it is an early start, first off boat, morning excursion, looked after luggage, and dropped at the airport. Pick your choice of excursions, all airport drop offs. Sent from my KFGIWI using Forums mobile app
  8. Hello Everyone Not had any problems with the 'Royal' site. Although we are in England. Booked a trip at 150 days, checked in at 90 days before. No problems. Sent from my KFGIWI using Forums mobile app
  9. We are on Independence TA at end of October. 90 day online check in was other day, and it offered us numerous time slots. So I picked 10.30. I always thought they did it by class of room booked, but they let me choose, So we'll pleased. Sent from my KFGIWI using Forums mobile app
  10. Or so I thought. Sent from my KFGIWI using Forums mobile app
  11. Am I mistaken, please let me know ?For cruises out of Britain, the limit is $14. Sent from my KFGIWI using Forums mobile app
  12. Sounds like we are there on the same day, we are on the 'Independence' .I have been researching this, for before, and after the hurricane. I am still none the wiser ! I decide on one place, then weeks later swap. The last place i decided upon, was honeymoon beach, on water island, but then after reading more, am having second thoughts. It seems to be the best place, but I was reading that, not many cruise ship guest's make there own way there, but the people 'cruise ship guest's included' who take the boat tours around the island that fill it up. Many, many boats with dozens of people, come for food, and drink, mostly at the same time, and it's not that big, with just 2 food bars. We have 2 children as well, So toilets are very important to us. I think I am just trying to over plan it ! But it is a transatlantic crossing, 15 days, only 4 islands, So trying to get it right !I I have made a few posts saying about the possible 20,000 extra people, and where to go ? Sent from my KFGIWI using Forums mobile app
  13. Thanks Bob Sent from my KFGIWI using Forums mobile app
  14. Hello Everyone, an i correct in thinking that ships sailing from the U.K have a $14 limit ? It's just i thought I had read that it was higher, several times across the internet ? Thanks Sent from my KFGIWI using Forums mobile app
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