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  1. Has the mid-ship staircase, or rather lack of it, issue been fixed?
  2. We used these people for off-site parking, as recommended by Fred https://www.relyongroup.co.uk/cruise-parking. Alternatively you can park actually at the terminal but it costs twice as much. We were perfectly satisfied with Relyon and have used them twice now.
  3. However, at lunchtime in the main dining rooms they also have a ‘singles’ table if you wish to join it.
  4. Fred has fixed dining, so you will be seated with the same group of people each night. I believe they have a ‘single traveller’ table, so it will probably be a large table. You could always suggest swapping places each night so you are sitting next to different people.
  5. Try a comparison site like this one https://www.moneysupermarket.com/travel-insurance/pre-existing-medical-v2/enquiry/
  6. Yes, they accept the waiver for the over-60s. It is widely known that some people go for this. It is a personal decision. We are in our early sixties, but still had it. No problems. I really didn’t want to catch yellow fever! If we were much older/in poor health our doctor would presumably have advised against it.
  7. We have cruised on Disney several times, as well as Fred Olsen (and other lines). There is a great difference between Disney and Olsen! You will find very few children. Most passengers will be elderly. The ships are also elderly, thought recently refitted. They are smaller with fewer passengers, which means they can get into ports other lines cannot. Hence they have more interesting itineraries. It is a traditional cruise line, with fixed dinner sittings and several formal nights. There will be speakers in the daytime and the usual shows in the evenings. Do a search on YouTube to see tours of the ships to give you an idea. Just convert the prices to dollars, get the exchange rate on google. The line is Norwegian, but caters for the British market. You do get some Americans on board occasionally.
  8. http://trendesoller.com/en/ this website will show you pics and video. It is a famous ‘sight’ on Majorca. Oceania are sure to offer an excursion which includes a ride.
  9. If it is your first visit to Majorca, I would do a tour which includes the vintage train ride to Soller. That is a great trip. Caves are caves, I would see the island!
  10. I shouldn’t think it would be at all rowdy. Elderly cricket fans are not renowned for their bad behaviour! It is a very ‘gentlemanly’ sport!
  11. We did an independent fly-cruise round-trip from Cape Town on Boudicca 18 months ago. I recall having lunch and then getting a taxi to the ship, so suspect the time given probably was about 2-3 pm. Hope that helps with your planning. Have a good cruise!
  12. You are comparing apples and pears. Cunard is almost five star, CMV is three star. You get what you pay for. Provided you adjust your expectations according to the price paid, you can have a wonderful holiday. But it could be risky if you are a glass half-empty type!
  13. You can specify a table for two when you book, however they state that there is no guarantee you will get one. I imagine first come, first served, so you would need to book early to have a better chance.
  14. As long as you don’t take the meds ashore with you, it doesn’t matter. The authorities are not going to search your cabin!
  15. He goes to see a nurse to get it done. I’ll suggest he asks to be shown what to do and then if necessary he can do it himself. But I would prefer somebody qualified to keep an eye on it if possible. It’s not the actual dressing, more the supervision of the healing.
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