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  1. Thanks for sharing Hyperpipe! We will be spending time in Venice before a Med cruise we have booked for the end of June. Really looking forward to it after seeing your photo! :)
  2. Also, I would really like to recommend Bombas socks as well as those from Duluth Trading. They are like some of the best socks I have ever purchased....to include their footies! I have size 11 feet and have never have I had success with most socks staying up and both are serving me well. I just bought a compression sock from Duluth in Merino wool because my office is cold and they help with keeping me warm and all I can say is they are fantastic. Hope you are able to find something because this is a most annoying issue!
  3. JJill sells resort wear which is very nice. I am a huge fan of Soft Surroundings as well, although they are very pricey.
  4. I've bought these as well....awesome pants! I've used them for our cruises. They are a little bit on the warmer side, however they are nice in the evening going to the dining room and to shows. I pair them with one of my longer blouses. Made very well and if you are a light packer like I am, you get two different looks out of one pair of pants.
  5. I couldn't find one of us on our Celebrity Edge cruise but I this is what we wore on our Panama Canal cruise on Princess. We are light packers and I dress for my job daily, so I do like to relax when on vacay....this was a cool dress though that I love, so cool that I bought one in paisley, a pattern I just dearly love....it just looks fun! We've never not fit in and no one has ever given us glares. I say dress in what you like....life's too short! =D
  6. We are going on a land tour and seven day cruise of Europe next June, so I am really looking forward to hearing your report of what worked out for you as I am a very light packer. We will be gone for 16 days and I've really been trying to think this out and I went as far as to buy 2 reversible skirts and a reversible dress off Poshmark to help lighten the packing load. I've also purchased some lighter fabric clothing so that I can take a little more. We especially don't want to be taking our huge suitcases as we will be using the vaporetto's on the Venice part of our trip. My wardrobe could very well change as some pain in my knee has me losing weight right now.....time will tell. If I finally lose the weight, it will be a good problem to have! Need to hear about Venice Lois.....even though we lived in Europe, we didn't make it to Italy.....let me know what you think and what you liked! Have a WONDERFUL time! :)
  7. I use Marie Kondo's method of folding, not necessarily her way of putting clothing in her bag. Certainly all methods will work, but I prefer the Marie Kondo method of folding because I was able to take more (the folded clothing was our trip to the Panama Canal). As was said, everyone has their preferences, but because we usually have more than one stop now, this one works the best for me.
  8. This is the method I use when when I bundle. I usually use this if I we are only going to be staying a day or two beforehand at our friend's home before leaving for our cruise. I've been packing in a carry on for about 10 years now and I really prefer it. I just pick out what I'm going to wear and bundle it.
  9. I'm with you....I now have four different kinds and I'm definitely not sold on them. We went with an eBags backpack only on our recent trip to Hawaii and while it organized my bag well, I still think I fare better either bundling or folding our clothing Marie Kondo style. Bundling actually has kept my clothing looking nicer, however it is work if you are doing multiple locations. If I'm just cruising, it works perfectly. I find Marie Kondo style packing works for me better all the way around though. We are going on a 16 day European trip next year to include a cruise and I'm going to have to creatively pack because I do not want to deal with anything more than a carry on when we begin in Venice. Everyone has what they believe works for them and while I love the organization part of the cubes, I can get more in with bundling.
  10. I want to jump in here because I was a HUGE Swimsuits for All fan, however I just bought two from Amazon that were less than what I paid for the one that I just got from Swimsuits for All and actually fit me better! They are definitely worth a look! I'll include the top I bought. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B073PWM6S4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. My foot is a size 11 and I have two pairs of Rothy's that I went up the 1/2 size in. I have a fuchsia blue fun pattern of the pointed flat (feels very small still) and the rounded flat in pink, which while they do fit a tad better, I still have issues with. They are nice and I do like that you can wash them, but I find the Tieks fit much better.
  12. I get sparkly sandals at Boscovs. They have all sorts. I've also seen really nice ones at Beall's in Florida. I've never been ousted from the dining room, so they must be ok. I also have Tieks and Rothy's.
  13. OK....so I tried this tonight. My husband and I go to a diner near our home on occasion and as soon as I walked out, even in our oppressive heat, I could smell the food in my clothing. I decided when I got home, I would make a bottle up and spray it on my clothes....and this is in a word, AMAZING! I did 1:1 on the ratios and the food odors pretty much dissipated. I have to say this is exactly what I was thinking and it's a cheap fix! Even if you don't drink, you could get a miniature of vodka at the liquor store to make it up for your clothing.
  14. Celebrity cruiser here....shorts, t-shirts, swimsuit and coverup during the day. We change for dinner....business casual or somewhat evening chic (my Old Navy little black dress works!). I keep my packing light these days. I just refuse to stress out about packing any longer before, when I'm on or after the cruise and yes, I did all three.
  15. After this day of work and then meeting with a contractor about a bathroom demo and new carpeting for our condo, those vodka selections could very well be gone....LOL! I'm just eating lunch because it has been so crazy! I usually have a spray bottle with me as well. In my case, I usually spray water it on my hair as for some reason on a cruise, it's very unruly. This is my Panama Canal cruise....only 10 days and I still brought home some clean stuff. I know I can do this 14 days carry on business!
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