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  1. In my experience on the ships in general, the breakfast times for all those venues are staggered--they don't all open at 6 a.m. Compass Rose and La Veranda probably 7 or 7:30 depending on the port schedule, pool and Coffee Connection are the early ones.
  2. Thanks, I'm not sure. Those policies are usurously expensive, even if available. The rules are different here in Canada. I know I can get pre-existing coverage up to final payment for this trip, not sure about "any reason", and I'll have to inquire about covid restriction coverage. Since the U.S. is opening up to Norwegians, I have hopes that this will be reciprocated, although I don't believe Norwegians are banned from Canada right now, so not sure that will help Canadians.
  3. Do you think you'll be allowed to leave NZ by that time?
  4. Yes, as I said. It's the 72 hours that's the issue, when you have a pre-cruise stay. So it sounds like you'd want to: test before you leave home; then test again 72 hours prior to boarding; then of course Regent would test you again on board. Of course. I was referring to the language issue.
  5. Wow, good point. I wonder what the U.S. and Canada do about this problem, i.e., tests that returning travellers must take abroad?
  6. Yes of course they do, for insurance and liability purposes. But don't they want you tested 72 hours before you board as well? What if someone takes a week-long pre-cruise, for instance?
  7. Except for countries where they don't have that requirement. Like Denmark right now. I assumed it was 72 hours before you boarded. Pre-cruises definitely stretch that model, especially if they are several days long.
  8. Yes, everything we have booked is totally refundable. But not after the beginning of February, which is a big issue for us, and now a little more than 3 months away. Norway may not be a problem for EU citizens, but I'm talking about North Americans and their ability to enter this and other countries. As for St. Petersburg, yes, an issue too, although we visit there after Norway, near the end of our cruise, and frankly as wonderful as St. Petersburg is supposed to be, it's Norway and the other Baltic countries that we're really looking forward to.
  9. I see that just a couple of weeks ago Norway eased restrictions for entry by many EU citizens. But not for North Americans, Canadians or U.S. Citizens. We have a fjords and Baltic itinerary booked for next July. We can all live in hope that this thing will be behind us by then, but is anyone else worried about this? Especially since final payment comes up for many of these cruises around February. I'm thinking that Norway has a strong incentive to open up further for the summer '22 season. Do you think this recent easing is the start of a broader one, or should I be worried?
  10. Sorry, yes, 'autocorrect' got me. Threads is what I meant. They are all helpful in their way, even if there aren't new posts for a while.
  11. No. Two ships in that bracket, a third on the way but not built yet. Navigator date from just before the turn of the century, and Voyager and Mariner from the early 00's.
  12. I think the number of pinned tweets is fine, as long as we don't get any more!
  13. Yes it was! We stayed onboard for the 2nd week, and made two sets of good friends, Fred & Pat and Kathy and Frank.
  14. We have shared meals with staff in completely country club casual wear and felt quite comfortable. Albeit a tropical destination.
  15. Greg, you'd be considered one of the dressed-up ones! Very few tuxes these days, in my experience. In general, don't worry, we folks who take the casual approach actually enjoy seeing people dressed to the nines--everyone gets to do their own thing, and that's one of the joys of Regent.
  16. Well, not really an extra day, but potentially part of a day, for sure.
  17. So I presume you're going to Churchill to see the polar bears? Not sure since I haven't personally done this (I'm still in self-imposed exile in Canada), but I have many snowbird contacts on Facebook, and the best bet is to find a drugstore locally that can provide the test, and email you the result. I will ask online about the timing--there's the "ArrivaCan" app to consider as well. Having data on your phone so you can receive results and emails seems to be vital. Will report if I find anything of substance. (Okay, I have asked the question online, will summarize the responses I get here, or I can email you directly if I have your address, which I probably do, somewhere.) And here's this: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/coronavirus-disease-covid-19/arrivecan.html
  18. New topic. I know it's early to think about next summer but... What are the current requirements for entry into Denmark with respect to covid? Tests, and if so what sort, and proof of immunization? What about the availability of covid tests in Copenhagen? Since we're doing a pre-cruise stay in your fair city, I assume we'll have to get tested again before we board ship (this will depend on the cruise line of course, as will the type of test required.)
  19. Not really, you just have to coordinate testing, probably multiple times. But you've got me thinking. Assuming things don't change drastically by next summer (an we all know they probably will), we will have to get tested to fly to Denmark from Canada, then test again in Copenhagen before we board the ship. Hmm. This does get complicated.
  20. Well that makes it easy then, ha ha! Given that I'll be embarking on a luxury cruise ship, I think I'll pass.
  21. My big doubt would be that Canada at the moment demands a PCR test within 72 hours of boarding an aircraft to return to Canada. Not many ships do PCR tests, if they do tests at all, and the results aren't that rapid (don't know anything about RCL). And perhaps by next year things will change--we're flying into Copenhagen next July from Toronto, and flying home from Stockholm, but we'll take several days in Stockholm to sightsee before we fly back. I guess we can hope that things will relax a bit, eh?
  22. I looked at both websites. The prices took my breath away!
  23. Interesting, thanks Dave. I had no idea they'd made that change. Have used the split several times for cruises beginning or ending in Miami, no more I guess, huh! They got smart, for sure.
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