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  1. Have looked at the sketch but couldn't and still cannot figure it out. The cruise is advertised as Inside Passage with Glacier Bay but I guess the 7 Days at Sea are 7 days being tossed around in the Pacific Ocean. We've done a R/T Vancouver 7-night Alaska cruise that started up the Inside Passage and back through it again. So I had been trying to figure how where in the Inside Passage the Royal would would be in. Thank you for your help.
  2. Am totally confused and lost with the new Cruise Critic site. Have tried several times to insert our 2019 cruise but nothing happens after I save it. I tried to limit the expanded signature to only 6 lines but nothing takes after I hit save. I even deleted all prior cruises and that doesn't even take. Anybody know how to make changes stick? Thank you.
  3. Have been trying to access Cruise Critic for days and cannot figure out what has been done to it. So excuse me if this ends up in the wrong place. Recently booked the R/T Los Angeles cruise to Alaska for September 17, 2019 on the Royal Princess to avoid flying. There are 3 days At Sea going to Alaska and 2 days at Sea returning. Question: Between Glacier Bay and Victoria is also At Sea. Is this At Sea Day in the Inside Passage? Or do we exit the Inside Passage, go to Victoria and then head home? Thank you.
  4. Agree with the above. We booked a March 18, 2020 cruise on March 3, 2018 and after reading all the threads about the non-refundable this & that and payment in full, I still don't understand what's what. We were offered a $200 pp discount if we did the non-refundable fare/payment in full. We declined even though we purchased the platinum insurance. We were really surprised to get $265 pp off the cruise fare because of some kind of casino play. Never heard of this and we're not high rollers, unless it's based on time spent vs. amount spent.
  5. As soon as the HAL representative brought it up, I kinda dozed off when I heard the "non-refundable" fare option. Think the savings would have been $200 something each. Don't understand how it works but declined.
  6. Just saw today that HAL has Full Transit Panama Canal cruises for early 2020 open for bookings. Does anyone know if this means they will be releasing the 10 & 11 night Partial Transits soon for early 2020? Thank you.
  7. We've taken 3 HAL cruises and were offered upsells to a Neptune on all 3. We always book cruises directly with the cruise line. We declined the offer for the Nieuw Amsterdam because they could only tell us the Neptune would be in the far front or far back of the ship on an unknown deck. We declined and stayed with our Signature Suite. We accepted the offer for the Volendam from a Vista Stateroom to the Neptune portside directly across the hall from the Neptune Lounge. We declined offers for Koningsdam. Each upsell offer (when added to what we initially paid for a Signature Suite) exceeded the cost of a Neptune had we booked one in the first place. Doubt we will get an offer for 2017's cruise because it is the one we won while on Koningsdam. We did a self upgrade from the inside we won to a Signature Suite on deck 6 but would take a Neptune if the location and price were right.
  8. We had Signature Suite 7100 on the Koningsdam last March and the balcony was fully covered. Remember standing on a dock looking up to see the Signatures and the balconies all looked identical to us.
  9. Can't seem to copy and paste from Word 2013 to anything. Probably messed up the review trying. multiple times. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  10. I thought adding the countdown clock from cruise critic's list was easy but I can't find them or instructions on how to set one up again. Also how do I change the print color on my signature? I've got black, red, and grey now??? Thanks.
  11. Lots of good information from everyone. We'll check out the deck plans very carefully and have a few stateroom choices in mind. Thanks for the water side question...I meant when docked which was answered. Sounds like a really nice ship. We've taken this cruise on another line and have done land only trips. Nowadays we're concerned about safety in these ports. That's why we were thinking about just staying on board. But we'll see. Never been on a cruise when we didn't get off at a port. We'll want to do that at least once on this cruise.
  12. Gotta love that Koningsdam! On the very last day of our 11-night March 22 - April 1 Cruise I decided to buy a chance to win a free 7-night cruise to either the Caribbean or Mexican Riviera. This is for an inside cabin for two. I won!!! Thank you Koningsdam. The perfect "gift" for two elderly people celebrating their anniversary while onboard. Gotta love that Koningsdam! We'd prefer the Caribbean but it wouldn't be a "free cruise" what with airfare (from Southern California), transfers, pre-night hotel, cabin upgrade, and shore excursions. So we decided to drive to San Diego for the Mexico cruise on the Oosterdam in February 2018 and not get off the ship. Will be posting a separate message but if anyone reading this knows the answer to these questions, we'd appreciate it. Is there any worthwhile difference between a standard balcony stateroom vs. a vista "suite?" If vista, we'd be interested in the bumped out section on either deck 5 or 6 (unless someone knows a better location) to get the double whatever it is towards our Mariner status. Has the Oosterdam been dry docked lately? What condition is it in? Which side faces the water - port for starboard? Did we love that Koningsdam? Our review will be coming once we get settled in from our return. Hint: Gotta love that Koningsdam, but it's not problem-free. Thank you all.
  13. Thanks for the information. The upsell department is closed until 7:00 AM on Monday. I'll give them a call then and keep checking my email. Wonder if there's any negotiating. We're in 7100 now. Someone asked about the upsell phone number. I think you have to receive an upsell offer via email lin order to get that number.
  14. HAL's website was down this morning but went up early. Checked our Koningsdam cruise and there are no more Neptunes available except the ones way in the front of the ship. There had been several before the website went down Friday so I guess they sold them all one way or the other. That's that. Wasn't meant for us. I had called the upsell number on Friday and they were still quoting us $1.099/person. Wonder if anyone got a super deal on one at this late date. Going to start figuring out what to pack and print the boarding documents. Getting excited!!! Will post a review.
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