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  1. thied

    Cairns cross

    The Brisbane dry dock Carins cross is closed for good, un less some comes up with 11 mil to buy it
  2. but the cruise lines / p and o are not paying and tax and it should be way cheaper on there ships
  3. thied

    Brisbane new cruise terminal

    The temp cruise terminal at the grain wharf will close, where the new cruise terminal will be a hotel and shopping.
  4. Brisbane new cruise terminal will be going be built on the eastern side of the gateway bridge and on the south side on the river, if you look at google maps it is between aquarium passage and port Lynton national park at the moment the roads to the area are Anton rd and Barku crt, also can use the Pritchard rd over pass link as well.
  5. [quote name='horrie33']We have taken a suite on the Pacific Dawn in July. Apparently there is CD/DVD players available in the suite. Can someone tell me if there is a library to choose from or do you have to take your own? Probably won't use them anyway - more things to do![/QUOTE] you have to ask your cabin personal for them
  6. thied

    The first Png cruise

    that would be great as so many have been on this cruise
  7. thied

    PNG cruises

    so what has happened to the png cruises?
  8. Why did the Husband leave his wife with dementia on the ship alone?
  9. I do know that barry, tuckexr and me plus families were on the first cruise to PNG
  10. I think its a new cruise and ports and no one nows alot about it and they are waiting to see what other poeple say about the PNG cruises.
  11. [quote name='Skyrules']No, I think more for weapons from the markets (there were lots of wooden spears, knives, etc available) and for drugs. They weren't too worried about food coming back on board, we brought bannana's back on a couple of times. Also the security staff on this cruise were a little bit slow & methodical, and there were a lot of people who, putting it polietely, needed a lot of assistance gettting on and off, and through the metal detectors.[/QUOTE] how many tenders did they have running at the tenders ports
  12. thied

    Oh No ! Schoolies Week

    on our last cruise 31/10/2013 the first PNG cruise there was four escorted off the ship in townsville and by the way demo was on board till townsville as well.
  13. thied

    Oh No ! Schoolies Week

    [quote name='Esilef']Agree. It's more about not liking the mentality of how Australian school leaving "kids" behave. These little angels turn into little devils during "schoolies" anything goes and often it's the first time away from mum & dad. Alcohol & peer pressure leads to these kids going crazy. The worse they behave the cooler they are to their friends. I don't want to be around them and I have a child. I also don't want my son to go to schoolies (well he is 4 so a bit far off for him yet)[/QUOTE] most of the (Australian school leaving "kids") are 18 yrs of old and are not kids as you say. They are young adults
  14. thied

    Oh No ! Schoolies Week

    What is the question really about on this thread? is it about the young people on cruise ships? or is it about the old farts don't like children or young people on cruise ships? if this is so then should the cruise lines be asked to have old farts cruise only and under 50s cruises only? that do have swingers cruises and gay cruises why not old farts cruises there is the question .
  15. thied

    Oh No ! Schoolies Week

    great for the Australian human rights commission and that the agehas been changed 15. Minimum age to travel To ensure there is suitable supervision, there needs to be at least one guest 18 years or older in each room. However, to accommodate families cruising together, children may occupy a separate room to their parent/legal guardian, including an inter-connecting room, providing one child is 16 years or over. Subject to applicable laws, for cruises departing from an Australian port between 1 November and 7 January, any guest under 19 years of age on the day they board the cruise, must travel in the same room as a responsible adult 19 years or older. In addition, from 8 January to 31 January, there is a limit on the number of guests under 19 years of age who can travel unaccompanied. Once the limit is reached, a responsible adult 19 years or older must travel in the same room. We can advise you at the time of booking whether the limit applies to your booking. The responsible adult is accountable for guests under 19 years of age in their room for the duration of the cruise, and the ‘Rights of the Captain’ will be applied to anyone who displays disruptive behaviour.