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  1. WOW, really?? No accountability whatsoever. Now I have several cabins for family booked that have never been on RCI and I no longer see the link to put their info in for my OBC. Guess that's gone too. :(
  2. I finally gave in and called, fearing I would be on the line for my entire lunch hour, but only for about 20 minutes. Unbelievable, it was MY FAULT according to the rep, my fault or whomever set up my account because the "T" was missing from my last name. Lady REALLY???? I have been a C&A member since 2006, NEVER has my name been misspelled until they (RCI) started screwing up the website. My Fault, I left the"T" out of my name, It's on every sign and sail card I have, I've had the same last name for 39 years, I know how to spell it. ACCOUNTABILITY, no, just blame the customer. WOW. after attempting to get into my account for a month, I was very proud of myself, I didn't get loud or act crazy, I was too cool, but I think at this point, I'm just over it. Now to the great things, I can actually see all of my past cruises and still need to add my upcoming ones, but it's ok, I can work with that.
  3. For three weeks I have been attempting to get into my account. Still shows I have zero past cruises and no upcoming cruises, which I do. I use the old URL to get to the cruise planner, but when I click on anything else, I get kicked into the new system. after the initial 24 hours, it still tells me that my C&A number does not exist. I'm one cruise from Emerald, but my number does not exist... when will they realize this is NOT working. Put the old site back up, test the new one internally before putting this out to the public. I've become exhausted with this entire process.
  4. Traveling on Oasis with family, including 80 year old. She gets around pretty good. We booked 2 clamshells, just wondering which part of the beach has the clamshells and how far would it be from the ship....T.I.A.
  5. Costa Flavia was my first cruise, I was 15 and went with my Grandmother and friends. Had a blast. The most memorable thing for me was our head waiter. His name was Frank and he would meet us at the dining room door and he would put his arm out to escort me to our table. He called me Susie Baby, and it was awesome to hear in that Italian accent. I was determined to grow up and find Frank, lol. I think he was my first real crush.
  6. I cruised the Magic in September and it was awesome. Have a friend that booked for a family reunion Winter 2017. The Cruise director was really great, and the staff was plentiful. Why all the cuts? Does Carnival just not care? Who was the cruise director on your cruise?
  7. You can watch the ships leave from this webcam. I watch them each weekend. At the bottom of the web page you can also click the link for Key West, Port of Miami, Bermuda and many more... I love this website... http://www.portevergladeswebcam.com http://www.portcanaveralwebcam.com
  8. Chris and Shelly, Unfortunately, I do not have a photo of the cabin. The few photos I have in the cabin are of our outfits when getting ready to go to dinner. The cabins were spacious, more than I thought they would be. The only difference was the porthole was in the corner because the cabin was a corner cabin.... The ceiling sloped over towards the window, but I do remember sitting in the window watching as we would sail away from port.
  9. I just cruise Navigator in cabin 9214. The cabin is a really nice size the only difference I could see was over the porthole, you have to be careful of the ceiling. It's a very large porthole and you can see a bit in front of the ship. Great views along side the ship. It was a nice cabin. I would choose it above the 2nd floor window cabins anytime....much higher and great view, plenty of room...
  10. Anyone ever booked an Oceanview on any of RCCL voyager class ships such as Navigator of the Seas? I am looking at cabin 9214. It is the first oceanview on the portside of the ship. On deck 9. All cabins are balcony except the ones at the front and aft of the ship. My question is, are these cabins smaller than the oceanview on deck 2? Looking at the deck map, it looks as though it's in the curve of the front of the ship, therefore a bit smaller. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thx
  11. We have signed up for anytime dining onboard the Ruby in December. When you dine in these two resturants, is the menu the same as the menu in the assigned dining rooms?
  12. :)Thoses photos are simplly beautiful. Skyking, I'm naming you the King of Cruise Photo's. You never disapoint. Thanks for sharing......
  13. I love motion eaze...... I used to find it at Walmart or Walgreens, now the only place I can seem to find it is on their website, www.motioneaze.com It's an oil that you apply a drop or two behind the ears. No side effects and it works right away. I've never had an issue once I apply motion eaze......
  14. Again, there was no intent to offend, to All those offended, and there seem to be quiet a few, that was not the intent of the post.......:(
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