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  1. One of the posters living in Toronto had the opinion approx 70% were masking and he didn't think that was very good. 100% isn't realistic knowing human nature. Not sure what you're basing the 'participation' opinion on re farther from the big cities....are you referring to the cities in the US or Canada...do you travel a lot outside Toronto?....in my limited experience, most in our smaller city follow the recommendation re masking. It may be 'where' you live in Toronto and 'where' you go for entertainment (I know the bar scene isn't really taking masks too seriously per my DGD); ...conversely where are you working in the 3 states mentioned? If you're travelling from city to city (wherever your job takes you - highway or midtown, dining in smaller centres, etc), you would have more insight than I. Can only go by the numbers and count per population is working here in Canada, so far. Sorry you're not proud of our effort. Do you wear a mask when you're 'away'?
  2. Absolutely right....I kept asking...where was that during the entire 3 periods....exciting finish. It was a mirror of the prior game when they lost with the exact same score in OT. We'll see what happens tonight.
  3. A friend of our son had a serious motorcycle head injury - no helmet- some years ago as well. Family was also devastated...never the same after the accident, but lived. Off topic...I like your mask....did you see your 'friendly' hockey opponents down the highway from you play their 4th game Friday night....3 goals in last 4 minutes and win in OT. Just thought I'd lighten this up a bit...LOL.
  4. Agree with your opinions re 100% compliance. Pretty sure that is recognized by medical science. If we can get a healthy (no pun intended) percentage of the population cooperating, it MIGHT greatly reduce some of the spread. Toronto is a mega city with travel to the surrounding areas for recreation or business or family visits. We live in London Ontario, near Toronto, where the virus count is low and we would like it to stay that way. I can honestly say, in any store or business I've visited (which haven't been that many) and in restaurants on the way to their table (reminder on the door outside which helps), I haven't seen anyone without a mask INSIDE; I have seen many people wearing them OUTSIDE as well. If the Toronto visitors come into London without wearing a mask INSIDE as recommended, it would be inconsiderate and potentially a cause for virus increase. As an example, in the lower virus count USA areas, visitors from high count areas could be the cause of a state virus count increase, and potential deaths, as well. None of us want to live where we will be 'snatched off the street', but a simple act of wearing a mask to protect oneself and their neighbour in proscribed areas, goes a long way (says Dr Fauci) to help prevent spread. JMO.
  5. Translation: You are not at fault, only those of us who don't recognize our faults when they happen! Took 3 years of Latin (private girls school - mandatory), but word for word my translation of above didn't make sense to me...so Google is my friend as most likely is yours? Said an awful lot of mea culpa's in my day....mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa...LOL
  6. You're not suggesting that you're giving me the finger? LOL.....I can never find the right finger...DH would manage it better. I prefer Robbie Burns quotation, there's no choice in it...just a comment on personal review. Learned it very early in life and try to remember to not be judgemental. Interesting that those who point sometimes are the ones who perhaps should look to themselves. As I said in a prior comment....mea culpa....I recognize I have human faults.
  7. Message received....mea culpa.....some pointed fingers should be pointed at ourselves.....however, Robbie Burns said it best..... “O, wad some Power the giftie gie us To see oursels as others see us! Or, in modern English, “Oh would some Power the gift give us, to see ourselves as others see us.”
  8. True enough. Judging by the number of your many comments, you choose to participate offering opinions quite often and at length. Many others do as well...........ergo....we air opinions here on CC whether it be ships or cruising or each other it seems. I've been on CC many years, longer than the indicated 2008 on my profile - when it was new and required $$s to join and the comments have changed and deepened into something not akin to cruising. I keep my comment numbers much lower than some....there's many read, not ignored, and some I don't care to respond to as I recognize click bait when I read it. Only what you and I would consider 'interesting' although, of course being different people we would see some comments in a different light, or sometimes when I'm proud of my heritage and all that goes with it...I read misinformation. I wouldn't dare to comment on anything I truly know nothing about or feel my participation wouldn't add anything to the conversation, and that covers an awful lot. I do learn from others here, especially the 'inside info' some seem to have a link to, enjoy the exchanges, see the humour in some, and the pointed 'dis' in others. It's a good forum for discussion not accusation or 'fun' at others' expense. That could be kept to inside friends and family, although I recognize many would not feel that way as we really are strangers to each other.
  9. Yep! Don't need to 'face it'.....we know we're cold in winter, but for the most part we enjoy a lovely (wet) Spring, beautiful summer and very pretty autumn. Banana belt refers to we (London included as we're more south than most of your northern states) are warmer on average than the rest of the country. No way it refers to the southern American states or the Caribbean. BC is wetter and has a more consistent temp than the other provinces. Here's some interesting fact-based info... "When they hit the Rocky Mountains, the air gets pushed up forming rain or snow. As the air moves down the slope on the other side, the air pressure rises, which causes warming and drying. This climate can be described as a "rain shadow," or a "banana belt."Feb 20, 2019 "Southwestern Ontario has the warmest climate in all of Canada, that factor, combined with the warm-moist humid air that comes up from the southern U.S. gives SW Ontario one of the longest growing seasons in Canada. Hence the name "Banana Belt". Thank you southern USA!
  10. I'm not from 'Missouri'...but show me. I can't find messages that refer to Canadians blaming Americans for the virus...or dissing them for that matter. Comments maybe, re the prevalence of 'non-masking' and the hoax some believe it to be. Re Florida non taxes for their residents.......Canadians pay home tax when they own their Florida home, along with all the other revenue they bring to the state, so they should be welcomed. We stopped our Fl winter after many years enjoying what it has to offer, but when you feel like the uninvited guest from SOME, not all, it was time to sell and move on. We Canadians know enough NOT to share opinions in the favoured state but it does become like a gag after awhile of being 'dissed' for even being Canadian or having a 'different' opinion.
  11. If someone says to me 'urban', I think city, but apparently some would think it's a pointed reflection on a group or lifestyle. But if it's taken in context I may think music. All depends. Re language....Not sure "syntax is taught"or that we purposely "shut ourselves off from the greater society" whatever that is...... it's 'picked up' naturally. Our peer group, parentage, surroundings, experience, education are all factors. Young people put their own flavour into language via music, lifestyle. Some of these styles prevail, others fade. Doesn't mean we should all embrace the colloquialisms or even be required to be aware of them if our personal circumstances are such that we're not exposed to these styles of language. Why is this even a topic on CC?
  12. Where do you live in Canada that it's -40? My DD was part of an entertainment group performing at the army base in Resolute Bay (very extreme north) and temp wasn't that low; close but -36 C low during month of January. Unbearable means just that. Parts of Canada will have very cold days (Ottawa comes to mind), but most Canadians are used to the cold. I sense you know that and being bored, really like stirring the pot for reaction here on CC. I bite occasionally. Joke was kind of immature? You also seem quite familiar with Tim's and their products....your usual order? twice a day?
  13. Holeee cow! if I can say that in this overly touchy world....URBAN in the city of my birth, Toronto, just means that....living in a wonderful metropolis which of course is diversified and acceptably so, bustling and busy, but why put labels on it. We're going over the top in this thread with unrelated topics which have developed a life of their own.
  14. "So I would have to answer that, no they are not the same people. At all. " This is where I disagree....collectively they are not all the same people....but individually, some are defiant re the virus protections; they may live to regret it...or maybe some family member will.
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