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  1. Royal Ships had these windows for decades, never an issue. Guess this was problem as Defense says also need to enclose all Balcony's and close off upper deck as they have just a railing. Or as suggested earlier, anyone outside needs have on a Leash/Safety Line
  2. If remember correctly Grandpa refused to do Alcohol/Drug Test
  3. Last time saw Cruises with these drops and this Cheap was right after 9/11. This includes some Cruises 9-10 months out not listed on GGG. Received $2000 in reductions on my Booked Cruises in last week. Many longer Cruises 10-16n going for lot cheaper then some 7niters
  4. Was in the News, cant remember exactly when. Was a traveler, not Cruise Passenger.
  5. Over the yrs was multiple ships doing 7n to Coco Cay from Galveston. So possible, but not as likely with Allure unless longer and goes to EC as part
  6. Agree. While ago thought there was a case of around 18day getting it after exposure.
  7. Typical, Canceled Cruise Refunds take at least a week. Situations like this can be 2-3 weeks...
  8. Wasn't aware. Sounds like treating Virus situation like they do Hurricanes and such, an "Act of God". Nothing extra required.
  9. Agree, have seen line out the Door at FLL at least 3-4 times in last 6yrs. Few times as I was waiting(for my ltr flight) heard some miss Flight and even few groups had wait another day to take off. Would never risk it before, now with possible illness, never. Edit: Twice last 2yrs took until 10:45 to clear everyone off my ship, that after not even starting until almost 8am...
  10. Never had issue with my kids, never left my side. Single Dad of 3 took them on many Cruises time they were 2, dozen trips to Disney, all by myself... Now Me. Was 1 when Mom had second kid, 4 when had her 3rd. Look away and I was gone. I'd ride my Trike up to store, parking with big Delivery Trucks. Was a climber, out the Crib, out the window. And I was fast. Even in school held few sprint records. Mom would tie me on leash to tree in back yard. Tied me to bed until was asleep. You know stuff that gets a Mom arrested today, but was the 60's and she kept me alive....
  11. This change is similar to many last minute missed Ports, "Weather" Happens. As the Infant Policy, Royal has had this for Decades
  12. As 99.9% of the Passengers that have fallen or jumped off Cruise ships are Adults, then all Adult passengers should be on a Safety Leash...
  13. Seen lot more pants, then Dresses on these New England Late Fall Cruises. Done these Cruises last 7 out of last 8yrs
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