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  1. Agree, run as Credit. But it's getting bad traveling now, so I also bring Cash, Prepaid Card and Credit Card while traveling. Places including some Airlines won't take cash, some won't take Debit and some will charge you extra for using a Credit Card.
  2. Looked at my old cruise pictures, Voyager and Explorer had multiple Tenders in 1999-2001 when were new
  3. Agree, always bring small and large size baggies
  4. Enjoyed it, fun to do once. As the Main show performers are ones that do it If the performers are good the Mystery show is a good show
  5. Agree, Norway had them but multiple Royal ships had 2-3each 20-30+ yrs ago. They were mounted in spot where Lifeboats are now and doubled as Lifeboat/Tenders. They had sliding side and forward doors, were totally enclosed hard side and tops which the regular lifeboats were not at the time.
  6. Yes been a while but Multiple Royal ship's in 1980-90's would carry Multiple Tenders. Used them get ashore on Grand Caymen and Coco Cay to speed up getting passengers ashore during first hrs, then on Labadee before the Pier as there was on Permanent Tender's stationed there. Sovereign, Majesty, Enchantment, Grandeur had them when I was on them and want say Voyager and Explorer did also when first sailed...
  7. Agree, know at least since 2011. Sail on Brilliance almost every yr
  8. Good, wish they were offered on more sailings but got between $600-900 off my Royal Cruises. Though usually not that much saved and hard to find...
  9. Done 3 Military Discount Cruises in two and a half years, always bring documentation but yet to been asked to show it. Rarely offered Discount but lately seen it more and at about 6/7 months before sailing. Mine were only offered on Balcony cabins...
  10. Do multiple Cruises a yr and been at least couple yrs since anyone mentioned "10" to me
  11. This situation, medical Emergencies/Death on Cruise Ships is more common then most realize. Experienced it couple dozen times where we've sped up to next Port, return to Port, went to alt Port and skipped a Port. Even happened yr ago when on one Cruise 3 passengers needed medical help. Pilot boat came out couple times PU sick and twice had Coast Guard Helo come out and lift passenger up in a Basket. My ship left Port Everglades couple hrs late in Nov when Passenger was took off in Ambulance. Sad but part of life.
  12. Most should be. This year they released some in Dec, rest in Mar/Apr that are longer Caribbean, Seasonal and exotic areas. Though anything can change, this is first yr of these dates...
  13. Been eating Pizza on Royal over 20yrs, agree has been improved eat it almost everyday now
  14. Not real big deal, decorated in Dining Room red white blue, some sparklers and a turkey/american meal... But if did B/B the next week will have same decorations and meal. Its a weekly thing
  15. Keep watching. Might be gone but I've checked on a cabin, few min later was non available. Within hr or next day it was ago. Maybe will be released again. Good luck
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