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  1. 20yrs ago this was a Diamond(top Tier at time) Function. Was a Formal Dress get together Jacket Tie Required, with all Senior Officers. Did it few times back in late 90's on. Ship's then didnt have Diamond Lounge or Pay Rest, so was in Crown Lounge. At most was 6-10 Diamond's back then on a Popular Cruise, almost one on one with them....
  2. ...also Serenade Oct 27-Nov 8 2019. Non-Fake, as suggested. Serenade and Brilliance threw Spring seen to be offering the cheapest prices on many things inc Coco Cay.
  3. As said Age is what are first day of Cruise. Been this way over 20yrs when my kids were younger.
  4. Yes, LOTS of Alcohol consumed onboard... Many us are pickled though dont look preserved
  5. Agree. In past mine were usually assigned 1-4 days after booking, but 50% time that was closer to sailing. Other times 4-7 days B4 Cruise and once at Pier...
  6. Europe looks like will be some changes. w/o Serenade but additions of Harmony, Anthem, Odyssey possible. Will be interesting where they go
  7. This is the 2021 Subject thread. Ask here, think was mentioned also
  8. Doesn't sound like you are past Final Payment, or a Going Going Gone sale, but anyway just make sure the New Price isn't for New Bookings like only. Good Luck, I been fortunate get thousands in reductions last 5yrs. Always watching for them...
  9. Prices vary ship and sailings. Mine for Apr2020 for Over Water Cabana are $999. For A Full Day Thrill water pass $52.99... Thrill Cabana $299, Chill Cabana $499, Oasis $499, Beach Club $699, South Beach Cabana $499, SB Beach Bed $199...
  10. 20+ yrs ago when my kids were 2-9yrs old many times 3-4th passenger on Royal during Spring, Summer and Holiday months was lot higher then 1-2 passenger. I remember at times for 7nite in OV being 799-999ea for 1-2nd and high as $1099+ each for 3-4th passengers. That's why always had take my kids out school in Sept/Oct and Feb to Cruise
  11. Happened to me, booked 15 niter day came out scoring a corner/Aft on Vision. Then was canceled, with only one ship, single sailing from/to Different Ports as only alternate. Another this last release Cruise went from Western Carib to 5nite Bahamas... Like that they releasing them so far out now, but think more possibility of a cancellation or changes happening.
  12. Europe may be in one or 2 as in years past. Still have others not listed. Inc Bahamas, Seasonal Caribbean... Be nice if they released all at this time and not have wait until Spring like last yr
  13. I've had Cabin booked, been on wait list for a better one and seen it show up available online. No Call. So I booked it myself right away. This has happened twice. I look 2-3 times everyday for Price Drops. Saved thousands last few yrs. Last 2-3 yrs scored multiple Military Discounts....
  14. Yes was on other page but thanks bumping it for those didnt see it
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