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  1. My experience with Royal over last 9 months received all Refunds in 10-21 days. This on 7 Cruises where I canceled and they canceled. Feel for others that are not as lucky...
  2. Even with added Cabin's Public Space average square ft per person is Double what was in 1970-80's
  3. Over the last 4 Decades Royal Ships pack more people in them but actual public square feet per person(open space) has also increased from 20's, 30s, 40's to more then double what was 30yrs ago. Couple Decades ago that was a selling point with Royal... Wash and Fold should be called Wash in HOT, Fade and Fold. Had many my Tshirts and underwear come back couple shades lighter. But being on B3B and longer I still use it. Adding self service Machines, hasn't happened yet it's never going to.
  4. Yup, been watching these since start of Lock down last Spring! One type show, Cruise, don't mind watching repeats
  5. Funny! ...my Mother actually is one them. State law get overcharged by scanner get extra $$$ just can't say anything until paid. Always shushing Mom when she wants correct too soon. Though I've benefited from Royal errors in past. Michigan Scanner Law: How much money do I get back when a scanner charges me more than the price displayed for the item? You are entitled to receive the difference between the displayed price and what you were charged, plus additional compensation ("bonus") of ten times the difference. The bonus must be at least $1.00, but it may not be more than $5.00.
  6. Daughter has smoke triggered Asthma attacks. Will/Have called on offenders. Couple yrs ago had call twice on Cabin next door. Was only time had a connecting room, they'd smoke with Balcony door open, smoke would blow under connecting door into mine. Second time called could hear conversation with Cruisers/Royal Rep, were told the Fine was being added to their Bill....
  7. Only time, and active CV numbers. As new Admin has said will not Mandate the Vaccine would be up to Company. What about Kids that Royal has relied on last 20yrs, no Vaccine for them. Currently 26 average and 33% in some areas Medical/First Responder's been tuning down Vaccine, many as a wait and see. This worked for us where I'm at, thousands doses given out this week after only 250 once a week last 3 weeks. Took Mom in for her first this morning, though not needed now her reg Dr Office called this afternoon to come in tomorrow as they are available there. That one I was surprised about. So ma
  8. Agree. And with some area Hospitals running 26-33% of Medical people deciding not to get Vaccine, 30+ percent non-essential declining, millions kids w/o a Vaccine we'll never hit 200 Million Vaccinated this yr or maybe ever. Long as enough get it or had CV, Herd Immunity happens might be enough
  9. True, but that said even Grandeur in 90's was a Mega-Ship, similar sized Sovereign was the first Mega-Cruise ship. Since 70's every Decade there was significant increase in Largest ship, 2010's was first one there was not. Personally will miss the Vision to Brilliance Class sized ships when their gone, Covid shutdown has just sped up when that happen's
  10. Better then the Hot Tub, "People Soup" haven't been in one myself since 80's
  11. Read your post hr ago, I just this minute received my Email from Royal with new Dates
  12. True, but still have my Aft/Corner Balcony Cabin to look forward to. No Tan Lines for me...
  13. In 2022, already canceled my TA/EU Cruises couple weeks ago, looking forward to Spring 2022. Now some Airlines still giving/guarantying flight change and cancellations. Just changed a Domestic flight from couple days ago to March, this 12hrs before flight and no extra charges
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