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  1. Listing for those on my sailings are almost half what the other Cabana's are.
  2. Surprisingly I have Cabana's listed for a April 27 2020 Cruise. Though might still be too early for different ship/sailing
  3. Nope, been seeing Singles Lunch and the Late Nite Bar at least 7yrs on 4 different ships. Arranged/Scheduled by Royal. But as with anything Royal, experiences vary
  4. They have Lunch get together's, meet at Lounge gatherings and such for Singles...
  5. Remember as said isn't usually offered until about Day 5 on shorter cruise, seen day 8-9 on 10-12 niters. Not offered on every Cruise, only when Alcohol sales are low on that sailing to make a quota
  6. Understand, bring 12pak Diet Dew bottles myself
  7. Yes and no. It's not really overpriced compared to any other items. Typically a 6 pack these bottles at Grocery store is $12-13, $24-26 for 12. On ship it's $39 for 12. Comparing it's like $4ea for can of soda on board...
  8. Was Helo Medivac, was watching live and Daughter was on Sailing
  9. Have to check the link or save to Favorite and check every week over nite Thursday's
  10. http://www.creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Multi_Dest/Special_Offers/rci_sales_event.pdf
  11. Most of the time because of Safety involved and Distance the best choice for Emergencies they will not Fly you off the ship. Each case can be different though... Witnessed dozens Medical Emergengies where they have sped up to next Port, returned or skipped a Port but only 3 times they brought Helo out to pick them up. Even then most time they dont use the pad on the ship and use a Basket for patient and family was left behind on the ship
  12. Agree. For my Cruise next Spring in my Royal Site Cruise Planner offered are "South Beach Cabanas" "Oasis Lagoon Cabanas" and "Chill Island Cabanas" Prices for mine are currently $399, $799 and $799. No "Bungalows"
  13. In Crown Lounge, nice views over pool and water. Smaller, she fills up and overflows at times when they take over other parts of Crown
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