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  1. 20 years ago Royal would wheel all passengers off that needed assistance, first thing. They even Wheeled my Father In Law to our parked car. This before scooters. Now so many from first to last can be 9:30 when last is off, not counting those that didnt need assistance. Though 20-30 yrs ago wasnt as many 3/4 passenger or Accessible cabins as is now on newer ships...Agree though, removing Coffee Table creates more room in Cabin, as does having connecting cabin room which has more space by that door.
  2. Been few threads last week or 2 on this. Prices vary sailing to sailing and ship to ship. But as Cabanas fill up looks like remaining are going up. My sailings in Spring are still going for $799US
  3. Yes, as said Luck either way. Just my Experience. Only once in 32yrs Cruising had wait until almost Dinner time get one bag...
  4. Nope. Last 4yrs I've been 1st dozen to drop off my Luggage outside and first ones threw the door. Bags were on my floor or at my room by 2pm every time. Think first carts filled are first to board ship. Still Luck either way.
  5. And this is Common as Royals been doing this for 10yrs. First with Vision Class, then Radiance, now Voyager and Freedom.
  6. Agree. Took my then 12yr old Daughter on 10 nite Cruise , just 2 of us. She looked/dressed older, they all thought we were Married couple(Gross). Never let her Drink or Gamble but took her to Karaoke, shows and even Disco on 2 nites. Unlike Dear Old Dad my Girls like to dance...
  7. Yes. Diamond Plus was added later, like P. Was either 1998 or 99 I made Diamond. Back then at most was 6-10 Diamonds a on a popular sailing on Newest ships. From 1988-2001 went on 8 ships all within 1st 6 months of Launch. Sovereign, Majesty, Enchantment, Grandeur, Voyager, Explorer, Navigator and Brilliance We(Diamond) had Concierge Benefit, was no such thing as Diamond Lounge. So once a sailing Diamonds dressed in Formal took over whole Crown Lounge where we met with Captain and other 6 Dept Heads. Was almost one on one to 2 on one. I talked with Dr first time, Chief Engineer second time. Had kids with me next fews yrs so didnt attend after...
  8. Benefits have changed over the yrs. 20yrs ago Diamond would be first on/off ship(after Wedding parties), meet Captain and all Heads. When Royal makes changes they never update their site as if it's 100% correct to begin with, C&A benefits or Suite
  9. There was similar issue several yrs ago when Totals didnt match but were registered. Not like other time when all totals and names fell off. Cant hurt to register again
  10. We are actually lucky, until 2 yrs ago Royal wouldnt release any dates Mar-Jun only
  11. Each sailing and ship prices are different. Doing B2B and one is cheaper then the other, none my 3 sailings in 2020-21 this high
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