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  1. Offer a "Fast Pass" another way to make money...
  2. Nothing new, over last yr seen $1000 on a $1600 Cruise myself with most High and some even Lower for Refundable... Only loose $100 on non-refundable rest is FCC.
  3. Cheapest Royal Cruises I ever took were during period Oct2001-May2002, no Single supplements, paid for 2 of them with coins I rolled for Change Jar. One was $9(plus $50 port) on a 5 niter...
  4. Have 7 new Bookings since March myself receiving good Rates, since have over $4500 in deductions on new/existing... Points for canceled Cruises, not going happen
  5. Agree. Be interesting if we could ever get 100% numbers that have/had it. Most that/had CV wouldn't have ever known but for having tested. Even all I've known that had CV no symptoms, well one had runny nose. Yet multiple Family Members had Flu 5 months ago, down for days... Do understand both CAN be dangerous. Being around Family Members at high risk I been most quarantined then almost anyone on here.
  6. Yeah. Think mentioned on previous page or thread. Royals been doing this last 2 months, every couple weeks opening one or few new(late) 2021-2022 dates
  7. Nope, only doing Bahamas just out of FLL and Port Canaveral during that 5 month period. Tons other Royal ships doing 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 niters out of the 4 Florida Ports. I'm actually pleased with Florida choices, have 12 Booked in 2021. Only Cruise on Radiance or Vision Class so I'm usually limited. But only so many Ships to go around, probably be less in 2021.
  8. As others said suck it up and wait for correct FCC. At times Cruises were undercharged on a incorrect price listed on Website. Cruisers had paid in Full when Royal later caught the Error gave then a choice pay the correct higher rate or cancel...
  9. Understand, anyone can it's you...
  10. Agree. Supposed be on Vision myself for 21 nites all in same Corner/Aft Cabin.
  11. What Royal "Said" about all Jewel Canceled dates: "Given the closure of shipyards along with the disruption to the supply chain caused by this pandemic, Liberty of the Seas’ amplification has been postponed to a later date, and the ship will sail to Galveston earlier than planned. Regrettably, only one ship can dock at the Galveston pier at a time" ...Vision is doing the 10 & 11 nite Seasonal Caribbean Cruises next 2 yrs that Serenade had before. If retiring Vision I'd love get Jewel back doing these longer Seasonal. Been doing these longer Cruises for 18+ yrs, love my Radiance Class ships...
  12. Was covering my bases have 36 nites in Nov/Dec Booked on Vision(Carib) and Jewel(TA), HAD 27 nites next Mar/Apr, and 35 next Summer Jun/Jul/Aug. Booked Jewel next Spring Dates incase Fall canceled. Looking like might all fall threw not get Cruise until next Summer
  13. Been watching, figured was good with the 2 Caribbean Cruises. Might do the Repo, thinking about it. Love my Corner/Afts, only thing I book. Usually Balcony 9256 but had 8168 for B2B. Like to keep same Cabins.
  14. Not yet. Hope not but Jewel is down to just the 2 Cruises in Mar/April. The TA and the 9n BAR/Amsterdam Repo after...
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