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  1. In past when Hurricanes effected Florida/Cruises it then took 4 weeks get refunds and FCC, this is 10times worse. Members on here said they were told end of April get theirs and this was 2 weeks ago.
  2. Agree, I know. At least this, it's a first from them
  3. Yeah kind of ran that way. First was recommendation by Govt's, within week or so was changed to required Dr letter. Couple days later they stopped sailings
  4. Well dont think they were going give money back anyway, at least this change the Transfer of FCC is option
  5. Unfortunately sure its In small print, changes happen, no refunds. Good Luck... Might change again Sad but assumed Dr requirement wouldnt change for quite a while and it's not really a Royal policy
  6. Same thing happened after 9/11. Took well over 6 months before Surviving Cruise Line prices went back up. From Oct2001-May2002 I took 4 Cruises. On Royal paid little as $9(+ $50 Port) for 5niter and $799 for Cat B 7niter with no Single Supplement, this on the Newest/Largest ships and they still left Port 15% cabins empty.
  7. You can. Last week used a FCC on previous booked Cruise I'm taking this Fall
  8. Agree, though at this point we're down less then 1/4 what was even predicted 3 weeks ago...
  9. "Weeks earlier than expected: April 19 named new projected peak date for coronavirus in Texas"
  10. Thanks for sharing, one my favorite Link/Sites. Been watching future protections going lower every day, dropping by about half in last 2 weeks
  11. Still remember first time saw the Neon Anchor lighting up the dark sky. 33yrs ago...
  12. Mom did a Heart Dr appt over the phone yesterday. My Ex has sinus infection, for appt drove to Primary Dr parking lot, called them, they come out see her while shes in car. Both different States on lock down...
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