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  1. Just another Royal Ship Switch/Reposition, been at least 4 others I'm aware of last month or so... Some mine no choice Royal gave refund only, no FCC, no Lift and Switch. Have take what they offer or give
  2. Kool! Though Depends, Ship/Sailing. Fortunate with Discounts at most Balcony is 2 times inside I Book, usually less. Cruises have Booked last yr some the OV's are more expensive then Balconies that offered great SOLO prices/Discounts. Haven't done Inside in 21yrs but still compare prices every time. That's reason usually don't usually get Suites, what save with a couple Balcony's can Book another 1-2 legs on my B2B's... My first Cruises on Royal Ships didnt have a Single Balcony, even Suites were only OV Window's. Grateful we all have choices that make us Happy, IN, OV, Bal or Suites...
  3. Wouldn't count on them either. Had dozen canceled Cruises lately, no 125% or Lift and Shift even for Dates available a yr out.
  4. Managed a Bar/Restaurant 35+ yrs ago, Alcohol cost was only 5% of every dollar paid
  5. Sucks. But as said happening on other Cruise Lines also. Had B7B on Royal Booked all in same Corner/Aft Cabin taken away myself this Oct-Dec...
  6. Agree, OP need's to check around. Driving an hr away to get a Test but they have about 1hr for PCR results.
  7. Was one point $45 last yr on one of my Bookings, other Sailings on my B4B were in low $50's. Hit and Miss, get it at price you can live with and if Falls Buy it then
  8. Miss old style ones, seal better and Cold or Hot drinks ok. At least current ones hold more Soda
  9. Many not as lucky taking weeks/months but 3 weeks ago received my 4 Refunds in 7 days and 6 Hours
  10. Agree. In past there was multiple gatherings, all members, Upper Tier, at one time when Diamond was only Top Tier we'd have Formal meet with Captain and all Senior Staff. Meet with Capt/Staff was usually about one on one before C&A became too successful. Then with the CC get together would have 3-4 invites in Cabin after Boarding...
  11. See them on mine. Missing pages happen at times on Royal Site, usually Weekends but can at anytime. Usually reappear in minutes to hrs
  12. Two-three plus decades ago my now Ex could get all her little Dresses in the smaller Checked bag...not me, largest Checked bag and a Garment Bag for my clothes. Seven Nite Cruise consisted of 2 Formal Nites, 3 Semi Formal and 2 Resort Casual. For this packed: 1-2 Suits, 3-4 more Slacks, Sport Coat, 3 Belts, 5 Ties, 7 button up Shirts, 7 white T-shirts, 7 Daytime Shirts, 7 Dress Sox, 7 white Sox, 7 pair Shorts, 14 pair underwear, 2 Swimsuits, 2 pair Tennis shoes, 2 sets Gym Clothes, Sandals, Windbreaker and a Large Shaving Kit... Now travel SOLO, no Garment Bag but use 2 Suitcases as always Cruise B4B or longer...
  13. Yes been over 3yrs since witnessed multiple people turned away for clothing, Shorts-Tank top for Main Dining Formal nites. Had sign outside MD Doors stating same. Sure there is some limit's, like you said swimwear. I remember when had to wear Casual Wear, long Pants and button up shirts in WJ for Dinner, during day swimwear even with cover up was a no-no. Though different reasons now like back then had servers in WJ, at Dinner Waitstaff at your table where you could order from MD Menu Rude, no Class...
  14. Upgrade from those 1970's Bags people carry Wine into Concerts, not sure what they are called
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