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  1. Didnt know they offered cans in plan. When was on NCL 18-20yrs ago they actually had Vending Machines with Pepsi Bottle products....
  2. Agree, havent used TA in 20+ yrs. Most time do all my own work, something trivial nontime I text Royal do the work... Lot of times NFD is cheaper, some not, gotta watch it. Seen few Cruises have seen the Refundable at high as $950+ more just for me
  3. Cost, Fountain Drinks are really cheap compared to Cans. If they offered a Coke Plan with Cans, would be $30 a day not $9. Back when I managed a Restaurant we'd charge $1 for Fountain Drink, actual cost pop/cup/straw/top was 8 cents
  4. Serenade Bars are not open first thing in am, but can get a glass or fill the refillable cup in Wind Jammer or Main Dining. Dont remember Fountain drinks having Caffeine Free Coke.As suggested bring 12 pack cans or 12 of the 16.9 oz Bottles as I do Diet Mountain Dew.. Have to carry on though...
  5. Anyone been Traveling over the yrs know programs change without notice, small print backs them up. Royal over last 30+ yrs I been taking their Cruises same. When I first made Diamond over 20 yrs ago was first on and OFF the ship. They even pushed my FIL wheel chair right to our Car then. Cruise to Cruise on same ship can have lost Lounge perk when there is too many of an upper Tier. Is what it is...at least cheaper to Cruise then was 30 yrs ago, dollar for dollar not even taking Inflation into account
  6. Think only the few Spectrum...guess have wait until China Phase 2. Many others been delayed...
  7. Used Thermometer in couple different coolers. Temp was dropped 5-7 Degrees with Cupboard door open, this on Serenade and Brilliance
  8. That's good. People dont realize many their own Countries do plan for many type Mass Disasters/Casualties...
  9. Yes. Continental Breakfast-coffee Free, Hot Items room service charge
  10. These a difference in all, smaller to larger. To me even the 2 different size Balcony Cabin's make a difference. I prefer the larger Balcony, even though just couple ft deeper it comes with shelf's that smaller one doesnt and Couch instead of Loveseat
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