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  1. As it's not been Licensed Vaccine and Emergency Use Authorized think is main reason they won't(or can't)order Military take it. Think I read it somewhere. Know numbers are higher now but few months ago only one US Active Duty Service Member(a Sailor) had died from Covid, along with 18 Reservist/National Guard Members. Know when I was in ARMY I had many Vaccine's including at least one Experimental, even Annual Flu shot's and don't even remembering if I wanted or approved.
  2. Thank you, don't know why so many questioning what I was saying. Infos all available to anyone. Most people not getting Covid Vaccine are not traditional "Anti-Vaxers" As said before can't get a large percent get Annual Flu shot. Flu killed more kids last year then Covid, so not surprised many(60%) say they wont get their Kids CV Vaccine either. Not against any of it myself, my Parents and 10 Younger Siblings age 34-54 along with my 3 Kids all got our shots...
  3. Think read it in Army or Navy Times but link on CNN: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/nearly-40-25-of-marines-have-declined-covid-19-vaccine/ar-BB1fu8dl
  4. Yes. Over 30% US Military, 40% Marines have Declined Vaccine. Over 30% Medical Field including up to 40% some areas inc Detroit. This and parents of 60% kids say they have no plans getting their kids Vaccinated. Majority these are not "Anti Vaxers" against all Vaccines which stands at 5-7% the US Population
  5. Was discussing if would ever be needed. Wouldnt matter if was "Anti Vaxers" if dont get first two no need get a third. If third is ever needed most likely wouldnt be until next yr Early Fall anyway. But so far most people that decline the Vaccine are not "AntiVaxers," they are people that are fully Vaccinated for most other Diseases
  6. Agree, dont think 3rd will be likely needed unless Variants cause outbreaks with the fully Vaccinated. What a lot heard and read on topic. Looks like Vaccines are holding up so far with Variants and Fully Vaccinated
  7. Sorry. What was their reason to wait, was it see if they Cancel First? Been fortunate myself, over last 10 Months 2-3 weeks each Refund with 2 of them in 10 days. I've called, filled out Form after cancellation, even filled out on site Form before Final get FCC. Only issue is one FCC out of 8 didnt get sent to me
  8. Kool, I remember decades ago every Sea Day and Day at Labadee was a Charcoal Barbecue. Back then had wear Clothing in WJ, no swimsuits allowed. With cooking out on the Pool Deck everyone there could eat at the Chairs. For every 2 Deck/Lounge Chars there was a table for Food/Drinks. The Table's are sorely missed...
  9. Agree, even going into 90's on Royal the Main Show was well known Entertainers. Cruises I was on had Temptations, Four Tops, even had The Monkees on one... Wasn't that long ago even in WindJammer for Dinner was Semi-Formal, there was Menu's and Waiters.
  10. Skeet Shooting and hitting Golf Balls off side of the Ship. Did this on Sovereign in 1980's and Majesty in the 90's. Free Soda Pop with Meals! Tea Time. Once tried eat all 14 Meals served during the day. The then new Labadee, Rustic, nobody selling anything, no Amusement Park. One Room Attendant to 8 Cabins, would Clean it dozen times a day, clean sheets every day. In Cabin Stationary, list all shipmates names and where they are from.
  11. Thing is we'll never get 75% US Pop Vaccinated. But with the 10% with natural Immunity, up to 1/3 had CV, with the Vaccines we'll have Herd Immunity
  12. Just on a Plane last week. Rules are take a bite and chew with Mask on. Wasn't like this 3,6,8 &10 Months ago when flew on same Plane/Airline. Reason for change I'm sure is because of people like that Poster.
  13. They like all Companies only charge what people will pay. If prices are too high and cheaper pay by the drink then just do that.
  14. USA deaths per Million pop: 1739 UK: 1866. UK come long way in short time, 6+ weeks ago UK was 230 higher per million then US. US Cases per Million: 96,723. UK: 64,269. Cases to Deaths, with 1/3 more cases in US not sure why death rate so higher much in UK. That being said we are all in this together Cousin. My ancestry 1/3 from England, 1/3 Irish, 10% Native American and rest German.
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