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  1. We are on Emerald Princess and if there was Noro or flu on board the buffet stewards would be spreading it. Passengers are mostly washing their hands very well. The stewards clear tables of used plates and silverware, handling the silverware which passengers have used. Then without washing their hands they serve iced tea and lemonade to passengers and contaminate the glasses by holding them by the rim that we drink from. No straws any more. We get out own drinks now we noticed this.
  2. We are on Emerald Princess at the moment and they have absolutely nothing for Mardi Gras. No decoration anywhere and nothing in the Patter, We checked with the CD and Aaron confirmed they had nothing planned whatsoever for Mardi Gras. Its disappointing since we brought some masks and beads and so on with us. Any of the other ships celebrating it today?
  3. Cannot agree with that, all the new CD;s I have seen recently have been promoted from being junior assistants cd crew. Including Angela, Dave Clark ( who no longer works for Princess as far as I know) and last week Aaron on Emerald.
  4. I am on Emerald Princess right now and have applied 4 of the gift cards to my account with absolutely no problem at all. If I had any problem I would have asked for the Customer Service Manager on board. Maybe you were unlucky enough to get an inexperienced crew member? I have used these cards with no problem on many Princess ships over the last several years.
  5. Ok well the thing is - are you a possible health risk to others on the ship? Could you have been infected but have yet to show symptoms? Did you get off the plane in Mainland China? Yes its short notice. I see the notice from Princess says from or THROUGH mainland China thats you really isn't it?
  6. We are due to board tomorrow and just received an email from Princess as follows - at last We feel happier now there should be no pax on board from mainland China. It helps considerably. CORONAVIRUS TRAVEL ADVISORY We are closely monitoring the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) situation and wish to reassure you that the risk to our guests and crew is low and our medical experts are coordinating closely with global health authorities. As a precautionary measure, any guest who has traveled from or through mainland China within 14 days of the beginning of this cruise will be denied boarding. This does not apply to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. If this applies to you or your client, please contact us at 1-800-774-6237 (North America) or your country s office to provide proof of such travel and we will process a full refund of all amounts paid to Princess Cruises for this voyage. In addition, all guests will be subject to pre-boarding health reporting and screening at cruise check-in, in addition to other precautions being taken. The above is subject to change based on the interests of health and safety of our guests and crew and any other requirements imposed by local authorities.
  7. Its usually Twinings but sometimes some Bigelow which IMHO is just as good. For me its the English Breakfast tea - two bags per Princess mug and let it brew 4 minutes then add the milk.. Builders Tea.
  8. Think of it like car insurance - you have to purchase it before the collision not afterwards. You cannot claim on insurance for something you know is actually going to happen, like you are going to cancel.
  9. Sorry I didn't realize it was you who wanted to know. I am afraid you will have to be a little more exact if you want to be helped. Is it a particular hotel?
  10. What part of Long Beach do you want to go to?
  11. Read the full fine print from the Princess page which had the link posted and saw it said "and may not be combined with other offers or other onboard credits" so no Stockholder or Military OBC etc? That would make a big difference.
  12. I've been looking at the John Hancock travel insurance, does anyone have any experience with them? They have a Primary medical, and decent amount of coverage and good evacuation/repatriation cover too, it seems much better than Princess and about the same cost.
  13. Quite often we take a bottle of wine into Crown Grill and sometimes they don''t charge us corkage, I am inclined to be more generous with a cash tip then. Works for me.
  14. I have been to one where a solo gentleman invited the Captains Circle hostess. Before you ask yes you would pay for her as well as yourself.
  15. Today these were delicious and like excellent Maine Lobstah! No complaints! The MDR lobster the other night were the usual little things, decently cooked but not a patch on todays. All in all it wasn't a bad way to spend 25 days, but very average, nothing much outstanding, missed ports, a little roughish weather, food was OK and sometimes great. service was OK, ship is a bit tired looking here and there but comfortable, and really that's pretty much enough for us after getting on for 800 days on Princess. Our opinion but YMMV!
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