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  1. I have been to one where a solo gentleman invited the Captains Circle hostess. Before you ask yes you would pay for her as well as yourself.
  2. Today these were delicious and like excellent Maine Lobstah! No complaints! The MDR lobster the other night were the usual little things, decently cooked but not a patch on todays. All in all it wasn't a bad way to spend 25 days, but very average, nothing much outstanding, missed ports, a little roughish weather, food was OK and sometimes great. service was OK, ship is a bit tired looking here and there but comfortable, and really that's pretty much enough for us after getting on for 800 days on Princess. Our opinion but YMMV!
  3. Williams first language is Afrikaans and I was not there at Trivia to hear what he said, in fact I have no idea whatsoever what he said, - and with my ethnicity etc believe me I am not making any excuses for him - but maybe he didn't realise what he was saying? His English has been a little unusual at times. He seems a nice enough lad otherwise. He needs to remember who owns 51% of Carnival who own Princess. Mickey Arison probably would have no sense of humor at all over that sort of thing. And nor do I though I am generally not over sensitive.
  4. On Crown at the moment William one of the host's first language is Afrikaans, he has a very good command of English but phrases some unusual questions in an Un-English way so its not always obvious what he wants for an answer - the B2B2B2B pro trivia team get it correct anyway but the rest of us are floundering
  5. Type 0 negative - mine - is Universal Donor so anyone can have it as there are no antigens in it. I believe the lady who needed it was actually A positive. So that would be ideal for her as well. The Medical Center was closed for the morning and early afternoon while the Doctor dealt with the emergency
  6. We were busy packing, which host was it? Will, William or Mark? Unthinkable!
  7. Delicious Cold Lobster Lunch in the Buffet served by the boss Chef there Denise They were never ending, plenty for everybody, and good oysters on the shell too
  8. We really should have got together to make up a good team early on, we have 3 total deadbeats on our team and one of them often has a negative effect on our score, we got 17 as well on that one, didn't get the Steve Rodgers or the A Line designer or one other I forget. We are poor on entertainment and sport.
  9. Thanks for the tip off about the new Princess GC availability, just went on there and bought another two $500 ones for $450 each . I don't have their insurance and had no points available until recently but just accrued some. Interestingly I have their APP on my phone tracking me and I seem to have been accruing points for safe slow driving without harsh acceleration or braking on my current transatlantic on Crown Princess.
  10. After reading Geoherbs post I went to Internet café yesterday afternoon and after a 2 or 3 minute friendly enough conversation with the manager he has promised to give me a 50% refund of what we paid for the 4 device 25 days package after initially trying to blame my laptop settings. Haven't checked my shipboard account yet, I did find it once on my Ocean app but it seems well hidden now, not obvious to me anyway so its a trip downstairs to check my account Yesterday evening around 6.30pm all our devices ceased getting internet, it didn't work again in our cabin until nearly midnight, we now seem to have our service routed via Miami rather than Luxemburg and it does seem a lot better.
  11. With entertainments crew in the junior positions you have to realize why they are doing the job, often its because either they can't get a job at home, or they want to see the world or that they come from a country with poor pay. Its not generally because they are exceptionally bright academically so its a struggle for some of them. Will is apparently 36 years of age and still the most junior position there is on the entertainment crew, having worked on several lines and seems unlikely to have bright promotion prospects or he would be in a more senior position by now. I do think he is trying his best but its tough for him. Trivia players are pernickety, and don't like getting dissed, what entertainment crew don't always remember is that we might appear to be useless old folk now but many of us have had long distinguished careers in professional capacities or we wouldn't have the money to cruise so much. I believe Will is going to Royal Princess next contract.
  12. Not that I can see apart from the Medallion thing and a revamped coffee bar and pizza and salty dog grill on deck 15 its much as it has been for years
  13. OK so there is general dissatisfaction with the Trivia answers and the ignorance and attitude of Will a frequent Trivia host. Today he disallowed correct alternative answers on two questions in the cumulative Trivia, both easily googled, Will says the internet is wrong and he is right. According to Will a spiny anteater which is an Australian animal is not an echidna, even though they are the same thing, and insists that you cannot have a covey of quail Cost us 2 points. Very unhappy. And Will is very dismissive. Will is lazily using a lot of old trivia questions, he keeps saying that passengers usually get this or that wrong answer to a question so they cannot be new ones. And as mentioned by the OP there is one couple who seem to have lived on this ship for the past few cruises and are scoring 20 points a game quite often, and they are also going to be on the next cruise .
  14. Calypso Cove where you can buy various tobacco products is already out of stock of British passengers favorite Golden Virginia, just several days out of Southampton. The sales clerk's usual reason they give is that they load it on in Southampton and now the ship has been in the Caribbean for the season so they're sold out. This time their pathetic excuse is that they didn't know there would be so many British passengers on board buying it all. Both as a passenger who wanted to buy some and a fairly decent sized stockholder interested in not having lost sales and profits I am annoyed about this. If the ship runs out of the British passengers favorite teabags, English Breakfast tea then we are well prepared, 480 more in our cabin we bought in UK just in case. We never did get out Elite toiletries on here but don't care as we bring decent products for the bathroom. Not even worth mentioning to our friendly cabin steward who was feeling seasick last night as the ship is rocking around a bit, but nothing is falling over or drawers sliding out so its not that bad. Spray was coming up to our window on Deck 8 If anyone is interested the cutoff number of days for the MTP cocktail party is about 630 or so depending if every higher passenger accepts the RSVP. About 100 more days than the previous cruise around the British Isles. The day we embarked the ship Sep 13th I noticed a buffet chef sneezing into his hand, when I remonstrated with him about this he was sent to wash his hands, about 3 or 4 days later we went down with a cold which we still have and are now on antibiotics for bronchitis, mine is on the way out now but Mrs Griller seems as bad as ever in spite of the Z pak. Fortunately as we are both retired medical professionals we carry an extensive first aid kit so had what we needed, but there is a lot of coughing and sneezing around the ship.and passengers seeing the doctor at $95 a time plus cost of meds. The flimsy Chinese Kleenex in the cabin are not up to much but the paper napkins from the grill or pizza place on deck 15 are great if you have a cold.
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