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  1. I would never enter a Princess photo contest. Why? If you read the fine print they get to use any photo with no remuneration, even if you don't win anything. My photos are too valuable to just give them away to a multi-million dollar company.
  2. I cruised "to" Antarctica and never got off the ship. Fortunately your semantics are incorrect 😀
  3. So you are saying there is no rhyme or reason? I can accept that.
  4. Are those who prepay tips to "even out the payments" just undisciplined enough to put money into a savings account and not spend it? I can't think of another reason but would love to hear others' thoughts.
  5. Why use such large font? It's kind of like shouting like all caps.
  6. I audit my account almost daily. It is very possible to get erroneous charges on your account and they can be settled much easier of you notice them early.
  7. The reference is to those who might be traveling on a similar cruise with Princess 😀
  8. We docked at La Baie. I rented a car and drove around, hiked and enjoyed the day. Did way more than any ship excursion did and way cheaper.
  9. I bet if you asked Princess they would let clothes from anyone in the cabin take advantage of the elite passenger's loyalty benefit. Just makes sense. Is the free minibar setup only allowed to be consumed by the elite member? Have you ever shared that benefit with anyone else?
  10. Princess is just starting up Antarctica cruises again after a long hiatus so I doubt anyone can answer your question.
  11. Usually about 11am to noon. But what a shame to board too early with so much I the city to do and see. I am planning on dropping my luggage off and spending as much time in the city as possible.
  12. Alaska is way easier to book independent excursions than elsewhere. USA, they speak English, etc. But to each their own.
  13. Glad everyone has different priorities. Generally those are mine too but with the exception of never sailing on the Island. Just not worth the risk again.
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