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  1. On our upcoming 44 day cruise on the Koningsdam around South America we were offered “Club Orange” for $15 per person per day and we accepted it. For us, and our circumstances it makes sense. DD
  2. OK, question answered! I’m sorry that they are not allowed, but if the “rules” state they are not, I won’t bring it. I just hope my sciatica calms down before the cruise. Thanks for the info, even though it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. DD
  3. Can you bring a heating pad on board? I use one for my sciatica. I know that other high powered appliances, such as hair dryers and irons are not allowed, but a heating pad would be therapeutic. DD
  4. I personally like to look at trivia questions and answers. It shows me how much I know (if I get them right) and how much I don’t know (if I get them wrong - or have no idea). Keep it up, Kathy! DD
  5. We were on the Princendam on a trip to Norway last June and this is what I remember. In the MDR, the first time DW got a soda with the card she was brought a can. In other dinners she was brought a glass. The price was different, as I mentioned before. In the Showroom, we asked for two cans, unopened, and was brought, no problems. The price was different, though. DD
  6. The charge for glasses and cans of soda are different. I think the glass is $2.25 and can is $2.50. You can usually specify which you want and can get unopened cans. DD
  7. FWIW, the Koningsdam does not go through the Panama Canal, something about the location of the lifeboats. We e will be going the long way around! DD
  8. I always keep a small flashlight on the nightstand. I shield the light with my hand so it doesn’t bother the DW. The little LED flashlights don’t take up much room in the suitcase or carry ons, If you use lithium batteries, they cannot be in checked luggage. DD
  9. If it’s that cheap we will probably take the shuttle. DD
  10. Which would be more convenient/cheaper/faster from a Hotel on 16th Street (Embassy Suite) to the Holland America dock, Uber, Lyft, or. Taxi? Would the same apply from the Airport to the Hotel? The hotel has a shuttle service, but I assume it is $$$ per person, but can consider it. I have never used Uber or Lyft before but have an account for both. What is normal for tipping, if any? If so, would it be in cash or via the app? I would feel funny giving a driver a $1 bill for an inexpensive ride. Thanks in advance. DD
  11. What is wrong with what the OP posted, if it is factual?
  12. We had early fixed dining on the Princendam (was all one level dining) last year. I think you have a 15 minute grace period for your table. One night we were about a half hour late and when we went to our table, it was occupied by someone else! We went to the desk, explained what happened and they apologized profusely and brought us to a table next to “ours”. I explained that it was entirely our fault for being late and they should not apologize. When we were going to the Pinnacle or Cannoletto we told our waiter the night before. DD
  13. DW has me buy sugar free tonic for my G&T’s. It tastes the same. I may buy a squeezable lime the next trip. DD
  14. On past Holland America cruises, there was usually a chilled soup appetizer option. I understand that this has been discontinued. However, in the current World Cruise I noticed that they are on the menu. Is this fleet wide or just for the World Tour? We are taking a 44 day cruise in March and DW would be very happy if they are back. DD
  15. I think I heard that the ship photographers were contractors, not HAL employees. Their income might depend on how many photos they sell. If so, this is probably why they are so aggressive. Personally we aren’t too bothered by them, we just politely say “No Thanks”, and they go to someone else. DD
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