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  1. Cruise credits will not be an issue as this cruise will give us our four star status. The $6,000 overland, thru HAL, will give us 20 cruise, a nice start for our five star status. DD
  2. Can we lower our gratuities by $xxx or by yyy days at The Pursers Office? DD
  3. We are thinking of doing a five day overland excursion on an upcoming cruise. Will we be automatically charged the $14.50 gratuity on the days we are off the ship? DD
  4. Rats! There was one on the Noordam on our cruise to Australia/New Zealand and we used I quite a bit for lunch (alond with the Dive In).
  5. How big are the room TV's on the Koningsdam, or does it vary with the type of room? DD
  6. Do they have the Taco Bar alongside the Dive In? DD
  7. We are thinking of taking the 44 day Voyage of the Americas on the Koningsdam in March 2020 and would like to take a side trip to see Iguazu Falls. One option is a multi-day overland from Rio for $2999 pp and meets back to the ship in Buenos Aires. The other option is a day trip from Buenos Aires for $1099 pp. The one problem with the short trip is HA states that the total viewing time at the falls is from 1/2 to one hour, which is not very long. Has anyone done this excursion from a HA ship, and if so, how was it. DD
  8. On our last cruise (14 day to Norway on the Princendam) we had a reservation for early seating at a 2 top. One night, due to getting back about 30 minutes late, we went to our table and it was occupied! We went to the desk and they were very apologetic but I told them that it was entirely our fault and they should not apologize for our lateness. They then gave a table right next to our assigned one so we had the same wait staff. They also said that there is usually a 15 minute grace period before a table is reassigned. DD
  9. We had decided to go on the 33 day cruise around South America (ending in Rio) due to the HA “we will pay your gratuities” promotion. We only wanted to pay for an OV cabin, thus my original post. Apparently HA will not honor the promotion with this cruise per various HA people, so we have decided not to take the trip. It is too bad as it would have bumped up to Four Star status. DD
  10. Does the Dolphin Deck on the Zaandam have windows, portholes, or both? If portholes, how big would they be? Thanks id advance for responses.
  11. We were on the May 20th cruise to Norway on the Princedam and had a great time. We really liked the Princedam and would have sailed with her again if we could. DD
  12. On our May 20th cruise on the Princedam I asked for two entrees twice. It was no problem and they were very good. DD
  13. I also pre-purchased it. I also pre-purchased a Gin and Tonic package which was fairly reasonable. At the end of the 14 day cruise, I finished the Gin and Mrs. DD had $1.10 left on. her soda card. She had a mix of glasses and cans. They also gave you unopened cans if you wanted to bring them back to your room. DD
  14. On our last cruise - to Norway on the Princedam- cans of soda were 2.25 and glasses of soda were 2.00 (+ 15%). If you bought a soda card for $25, you got $50 credit and the cans were essentially $1.125 and the glasses were $1.00 each. Best bargain on the ship! We didn’t bother bringing any soda on board. DD
  15. Just curious, what is the typical commission a TA gets on a cruise booking (in %). Does it vary depending on volume? DD
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