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  1. We are signed up for the 44 day tour in March, also the overland to Igazu Falls with HA. Does anyone have any rough estimate of what private tours would cost, including air fare from Rio and ending in Buenos Aires for a similar itinerary? DD
  2. When we were there this year (late May) on the Princendam we and another large ship both tendered. I don’t remember seeing any dock. DD
  3. Just a word to the wise. If you book a domestic flight directly with an affiliated credit card (such as a Chase United) you usually get a free bag checkin. If you book through Flightease, even though you use the same card, you have to pay for the bag checkin. Just keep that in mind when comparing prices. We were unpleasantly supposed when this happened to us and had to pay $100 more (RT) at the airports. DD
  4. On our last 12 day cruise we pre-ordered two soda cards. They worked well. We got both glasses or cans, the price was different. The first time we used each card, they scanned the users key card, after that only the soda card. Mrs. DD doesn’t always carry her key card, so I had to go back to our cabin to get it. No biggy. DD
  5. We’re taking a South America cruise next year. While the Costco excursions look good, they were priced significantly higher than other similar tours. Of course they are lower than the ship tours. DD
  6. WisRiver, did you order the bottles of Gin or the gin and tonic? 2020 cruise??? half of the time I just drink Gin on the rocks, that is why I wondered about the difference. At home I drink Beefeaters or Tankeray. On a whim I tried a bottle of New Amsterdam- it wasn’t bad but I won’t do it again. DD
  7. What kind of “Black Friday” sales has HA had in the past? We have a 40+ day cruise next year and would like to save some money. DD
  8. How much difference is there between Bombay and Bombay Sapphire? On longer cruises I get a gin and tonic setup for the room and it is “Bombay”. For a fair amount more I can get a bottle (both liter bottles) of Bombay Sapphire. The tonic has been both no-name and Swepps(sp). Question - is the Sapphire worth the difference? DD
  9. We have also stayed at the Embassy Suites and liked it. It is very walkable to our favorite restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale, Kelly’s Landing, for New England seafood. Mrs. DD is from the Boston area and loves her whole belly fried Ipswich Clams. I usually get the seafood platter. Has always been excellent. Onion rings are good too. DD
  10. The free gratuities would save us about $1000 but the fare went up by $2000. Guess what we are going to do! DD
  11. Another benefit to attending the ceremony is they give you a free drink of your choice! When we got our 100 day medal I asked for and got a gin and tonic and Mrs. DD had a lemon drop. I got the old style medal and Mrs. DD got the new style. The Captain presented them. After the ceremony we were all escorted to the dining room and we wore our new adornments. Various people asked what they were. We enjoyed the ceremony and liked the medallions. But, please don’t ask us where they are now! I think they are in the infamous “safe place”! DD
  12. We stayed at the DoubleTree on points! Good location but still needed a cab to the ship - at 20 Euros. Just a little to far to ship our luggage, others have done it. DD
  13. FriendswithDave mentioned a carving station at lunch. I believe that this is only in the Lido. Lido lunch is very good, lots of choices. DD
  14. We didn’t get pins when we got our bronze medallions. Were we supposed to? DD
  15. I’m sure that if you really want one you can take it with you. I’m also sure that HA will charge you for it. There is usually a note somewhere how much the charge is. DD
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