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  1. Just curious, what is the typical commission a TA gets on a cruise booking (in %). Does it vary depending on volume? DD
  2. Does anyone know how much the Taxi rate is from the Amsterdam airport to the Amsterdam Cruise Terminal? The TCA taxi link was very unfriendly to me. Also, is there any difference between a taxi and Uber or Lyft when returning to the airport after a cruise? I was told that the rates from the airport are the same but is the reverse the same? Doggy Daddy
  3. Thanks for all the information. If the rates are the same (taxi vs Uber), it is probably more convenient to use a taxi from the airport to the hotel. Does anyone know the approximate current fare to the hotels around Central Station (Doubletree)? I assume that the taxis all use Credit Cards - is this true? Also, what is the norm for tipping taxis in the Netherlands? Doggy Daddy
  4. We will be flying to Amsterdam to join the Princedam for a cruise to Norway next week. We will be staying at a hotel very near the cruise docks. Does anyone know if we can use Uber from the airport to the hotel? I know the train is easy but we have our bags to shlep and we are not as young and agile as we used to be. Also, is it reasonable to use Uber for a very short ride (from the DoubleTree near Central Station) to the cruise terminal. If I had thought about it, I may have picked another hotel. I have ave never used Uber so it may be an adventure. Doggy Daddy
  5. No problem with pouring a drink in your room and then wandering about the ship with glass (or thermal mug) in hand. We have done this in the past. Doggy Daddy
  6. We did a 35 day cruise from SF to Auckland a few years ago. We bought the thermal pool etc. for the portion from SF to Sydney as they were sea day extensive. DD
  7. KAZU, will you be on the Princedam until she leaves Holland America? We will join her for the May 20 sailing. DD
  8. KAZU, will you be on the Princedam until she leaves Holland America? We will join her for the May 20 sailing. DD
  9. I have been hearing about the new Pinnacle Menu but have not seen one. Do all ships have it. We will be on the Princedam for the May 20 sailing.
  10. We have been to Kelly’s Landing twice, but for New England type seafood (fried whole clams, scallops, fish). It was very good both times. DD
  11. We got ours (100 day) last year on our cruise from SF to New Zealand. It was a nice ceremony with a drink of our choice. We were then individually escorted to the dining room for the Mariners lunch. I got the old style and Mrs. DD got the new style. It was a nice ceremony. DD
  12. We have brought on multiple 12 packs of diet soda for our extended trips, both on embarkation and ports. No problems. As Regnig pointed out, the cans in the mini-cooler are not free, you will pay for them. We usually have the room steward empty out the cooler so we can put our own stuff in it. DD
  13. Due to the recent cyber sale, we will be getting a $25 beverage card for an upcoming cruise. As we are 3 star Mariners, will our specialty coffees be full price, discounted, or 25% OBC given afterwards? DD
  14. Interesting that Heineken (a premium beer) is cheaper than a Miller Light. Could it be that the Heineken is considered a “local beer” (brewed in Holland) while the Miller Light is considered an import? 🙂 😄 DD
  15. Yes, you an bring on non-alcohol mixes. We have done this in the past with no problems.
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