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  1. On Holland America I think any collection goes toward the Seamen’s Fund, a worthy cause. DD
  2. I was under the impression that priests could say multiple masses daily, parishioners though can usually only receive Communion once a day, except under unusual circumstances. I’m sure Himself will set me straight. DD
  3. I’m surprised that nobody has responded to this topic for several days, especially since I’m under the impression that a lot of cruisers choose Holland America because of the Catholic Masses onboard. DD
  4. I’m surprised that no one has suggested that on certain days, Mass is celebrated both at 8:00 AM and at 5:00 PM. I realize that this could be inconvenient for the Priest, but isn’t he getting a free cruise? If not, I apologize. DD
  5. I think I ate mine like I always eat bacon - with my fingers! It was GOOOD!!, DD
  6. We had Water Aerobics Classes on the Niew Amsterdam on a TA to Venice several years ago. The Mrs. really liked them. We are taking a long cruise on the Koningsdam next year and she would love to have them. She even brings her own fun noodles with her (and leaves them at the final destination).
  7. Thanks for all the reply’s. On the Koningsdam, are you “allowed” to go to your muster station early or do you have to wait in your cabin until notified? I have bad knees and it hurts to go down several flights of stairs. DD
  8. Several years ago we were on a TA and Easter was at sea. They had a Catholic Mass in the Showroom. It was very nice. I don’t remember if there was a special Easter dinner DD
  9. I tried searching but couldn’t find what I wanted. With the narrow promenades on the Koningsdam is the Muster Drill still held there? If not, what and where is it held? DD
  10. I can confirm that. I have done it a few times and they were all 1 liter bottles. DD
  11. On the second Gala night, it is fairly common to have the steak and two lobster tails. Never had a problem with this. Mrs. DD just orders two tails, no steak or Prime Rib - o problem there either. DD
  12. I agree. Sometimes they have two of my “favorites “ and I cannot resist! DD
  13. I assume HAL wants the garment bag back. How much would they charge if you keep it? They are pretty nice garment bags. DD
  14. Is the 15% gratuity based on the original price or the discounted price. In a restaurant the tip is supposed to be based on the non-discounted price. I still don’t agree with the whole premise that the tip is based on the purchase amount but I know I will lose the argument. DD
  15. One thing I would like to see is improved fore and aft cameras, especially the aft cameras. I wouldn’t think it would cost a lot. DD
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