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  1. thank you all for your recommendations
  2. Yes Honolulu is correct ty.
  3. Hi we will have 2 nights after our cruise looking for the best area to stay in and around. Not looking for low end. looking for 4 star or better. And is it recommended to get a car rental or just uber?
  4. Hi we are cruising on the ncl spirit and we are looking for the best experience at a resort that offers day passes. Any recommendations would be appreciated
  5. which date are you going on the joy we will be on it the 17th
  6. did you notice if there was a seafood buffet and what night was it?
  7. hi looking to see from recent guests if the ship has a seafood buffet and when was it?
  8. we are booked on coastal helicopter tours temsco would not do it on our day day are already booked with ncl for the entire day.
  9. do you know if they had a big seafood buffet on the 2nd night of the cruise we are going in aug and we are trying to see if i need to leave that night open
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