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  1. I hear what you're saying but when they changed to the new Lat benefits chart this was a devaluation... Now one plat or plat plus member in a room of two = 4 individual meals. Two plat or plat plus members in a room of two = 4 individual meals. As such there is no benefit for the second plat / plat plus member in the room from a dining perspective. One plat or plat plus member in a room solo = 2 individual meals (unless she/he takes someone so the option for 4 individual meals is there, solos who are willing to look for other plat / plat plus solos to share with can really leverage this into 8 individual meals - 4 per solo). I have heard of some plat / plat plus solos having success with getting 4 individual meals but I understand that to be more an exception than something that should be relied upon. Just after the change (I think 2017) I had a sailing where one of us in the room was plat plus and the other plat so they had to give two different sets of coupons so we did get the 4 meals for 2 but, sadly, no more 😞
  2. Yes one user at a time but one can log off and another can log on. I'll assume the perq you took was for an allotment of minutes so that if you keep it as is the user needs to remember to log off immediately after "checking". Based on what you outlined the 25 year old is likely going to be using wifi for it would seem the unlimited social media package would be right up her alley.
  3. From the Latitudes portion of the NCL website... Benefit entitles each guest to one appetizer, one entrée and one dessert of your choice. Entrée items up to $25 are covered. For items over this amount, an upcharge will be added to your onboard account. Entrée item Côte De Boeuf Pour Deux in Le Bistro, is a shared dish and will be treated as two entrées. No restaurant substitutions, Names vary by ship. Restaurants not available on all ships.
  4. The new version of the app is called Cruise Norwegian and it is free to download and much of the functionality is free. If you want to txt or call other passengers on board there is a one-time fee for the entire cruise per user (was USD $9.95 on my last two cruises). Once a user has opted in to the pay portion on the app you can then add them to your contacts in the app and text / call them. It worked very well for me on my last two cruises. https://www.ncl.com/ca/en/apps This link takes you to the NCL webpage for the app.
  5. Nope - I asked if it was true that NCL takes 60% of the tips I give them. My motivation is obvious - to inform. Your motivation and vehemence leads me to believe you are an NCL insider or sympathizer trying to deflect. Classic strategy - can't attack the message, attack the messenger. Anyway - I'm done with you Ms. know-it-all.
  6. Thanks Takoyaki for A) taking the time to read and understand and B) trying to be a voice of reason. Your interpretation of my posts is correct.
  7. At no point did I ever say I that 6 casino hosts and 20 dealers confirmed anything EVER! But do you really care? Seriously? One know-it-all accused me of endangering jobs (asinine in the extreme) intimating that NCL would now carry out some interrogation and fire those guilty of discussing "compensation". As such I pointed out that the three dealers and one casino host who had spoken with me on the topic over the course of the week were but a small portion of the team of dealer and casino hosts (~6 & 20). The fact remains the information was freely shared with me in the first instance and then corroborated by three others freely. Believe they were lying to me to garner extra tips (which seems counter-intuitive to me but could be plausible I guess) or believe I was told truth - I don't much care. I do believe, however, that we all have a right to know if tips meant for casino staff are partially going in to NCL coffers. If I had reason to believe the tips I was giving a server at a restaurant here in Canada were being partially diverted to a restaurant profit centre I would absolutely follow up on it. Again I DID NOT SEEK OUT THIS INFORMATION IN THE FIRST INSTANCE - IT WAS SHARED WITH ME FREELY! Further if - as Mr. know-it-all suggests - this is a fireable offence, wouldn't you think it would be odd that it was so easily and casually discussed? I'll just close by saying I'm not naive nor easily fooled, I like NCL for the most part as my preferred provider (as my cruise history would indicate) but I'm not inherently and overly positive or negative about NCL... I tend to take a balanced approach. I happen to believe, on balance and based on my experience, that the information I have provided here about the house taking 60 per cent of dealer tips is very likely to be the truth. You are all free to do whatever you want with that information.
  8. Why are you commenting when you clearly haven't read the thread?
  9. We left TPA in an Uber at ~11:35 am week ago Sunday (St. Paddy's day) and was at the port in plenty of time (the ride took ~20 minutes). There was a LONG line snaking around the block with a lot of confusion when we got there. We went to the back of the line and it took ~75 minutes to be on board from that point. Lots of people trying to cut in line and not great direction from ground staff but it all worked out fine in the end.
  10. Six casino hosts, 20+ dealers... find on my post where I named names. As for what you find audacious, LOL, it doesn't bother me in the least. The information was shared with me as part of a much larger conversation about land casinos where this particular dealer had worked prior to joining NCL and NOT as a result of a question I asked. You would think that if this was a fireable offence that none of the four different people with whom I spoke about it (I did directly and discretely ask the other three for confirmation as part of other conversations) would have said anything about it or would have said something along the lines of "we can talk about compensation per company policy" or laughed it off. But, of course, you know better.
  11. I can confirm it was not charged to me on my plat plus meal last week on the Pearl. Interestingly enough there was something new in that regard however. It was made clear by our server that the voucher included ONE starter OR soup/salad, ONE entree up to $25 (was $20 on my Epic cruise in Dec), ONE side, and ONE dessert. No multiple starters / soups / salads / sides with the voucher but a $5 increase on the entree you can order so that the classic ribeye @ $22 had no extra charge.
  12. Tips at a poker table are treated exactly like every other table game. The dealer "taps" the tip on a plastic bar and puts them in a secure tip box... whether the casino profits via a rake or a statistical advantage has no bearing on this.
  13. I said nothing about skimming. This was explained to me as a policy well known to the dealers and casino staff - not as something the dealers felt like was going on behind their backs. Again, believe what you want but don't put words in my mouth.
  14. Who said anything about skimming? Believe what you want.
  15. Understood - it wasn't that way on the Pearl last week. It's a poor quality photo but this is the menu.
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