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  1. My wife has taken courses in Italy on making gelato, ice cream etc On most cruise we pass on the free scope of gelato 😉
  2. They doing a Mediterranean cruise not a Caribbean cruise 😉 People are a bit classier on the Med never seen men’s shorts in MDR for dinner 😁
  3. I guess they will only open it if the passenger in the cabin next door wants it open also 🤣😁
  4. If you were to check Celebrity’s website , there is no library shown https://www.celebritycruises.com/ca/cruise-ships/celebrity-ascent/deck-plan
  5. That would be fine for me 😁 since it would probably be my third breakfast 🤣
  6. Never done a ship excursion with Celebrity so cannot comment on that 😉 actual only done one ship excursion, that was on Azamara , the port was Tunisia
  7. If the price is to your liking go for it as all the Sky suite are in the same area They all are under the OVC
  8. Maybe for you I thought the ship did not flow Did not like the Martini bar on the Apex , no Sky lounge , didn’t like Eden etc
  9. Have you check What is the difference in price between IV and real balcony ? Really Instead of asking I decided to check On the Icon for a 7 day cruise they charge more for an IV cabin, it was $100 more pp
  10. Before getting all excited about the answer maybe wait until you see the cost of the real balconies They could just be adding more suites 😉
  11. She does have until July 26 to answer the question 😉
  12. 🤔 That is the same for a resort , you know you can leave the resort you can explore the whole country when you are a resort , they usually have rental car agent there , and there always taxis around to hire
  13. Are that different when you are cruising the Caribbean?🤔 They appear to be same in the couple of Caribbean ports we have seen
  14. In V class of balconies they never had footstool, so I really don’t care 😁
  15. I wonder if she will pass over the hard questions like why they increased the zero package by 30%
  16. I rather do that than a Caribbean cruise , not that we have ever done at Caribbean cruise 😉 I always thought they should stop at Cape Verda on a Westbound TA
  17. I don’t see a problem with that ,🤔 our last TA had 8 straight sea days 😁
  18. We usually do TAs so the Sky Lounge is usually busy our group of friends usually just hang out at the Sunset Bar during HH , this started in the old days with coupons , there could up to 20 people hanging out there We would have our drinks until 7 than change out of “Shorts” than go for dinner We all miss the old days when they sushi in the OVC,
  19. I would like a see a 14 night cruise in the winter months from Florida around the Canary Islands and back , use a M class ship
  20. I believe you can do that or ask your room steward
  21. he sails in a suite so he will have a package to have unlimited drinks
  22. I believe the threads have been merged , as there no need for multiple questions on the same topic What makes you think this forum exists because of funding from the cruise lines 🤬, it is owned by Tripadvisor
  23. You can switch the out sparkling wine for another of their wines if you want
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