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  1. Thank you SOO much . Just what I was looking for .
  2. Was wondering if you may know where I may find menus for the Canada New England Discovery cruise? Was wondering if Lobster would be served in the Lido or if we need to go to main Dining for that . I haven't had any luck at finding them .
  3. Maasdam - 05- Aug. - 17 14 Day Canada & N.E. Discovery Razorback Cruiser W/ Friend Ann
  4. This is what has worked for me : I will tilt my chair forward resting on the table and put my napkin over the chair back . Hope it also will works for you .
  5. Do you use Canadian Money or American Money ? Do they do the conversion or do we ? would it be best to get Canadian Money before leaving on the Cruise . Can ya help me out on this ? For in the Canadian Ports that is .
  6. Thank you so much for posting this info .
  7. I have the same question about our room . We have room HH 377 aft area , any thoughts on the obstruction there . Were hoping for some sliver of a view .
  8. Holland America , Maasdam has a 14 day Great Land Explorer that has Hubbard Glacier and Tracy Arm but they are cruising only days at them . I 'm not sure if this is what you where looking for or not .
  9. A question about Gala Night . Was wondering if " Gala Night " is the same as "Formal Night " or are they two different events ? Thanks in advance .
  10. OH Sorry , I caused so much confussion . I thought you thought I was " next one " .
  11. Yes this is our sailing ." Next one " is also sailing on this cruise . It looks to me as though you put in their info and then as you started to do mine , on mine you only put in my user name , but no info . as for the future cruise . I think I am now starting to get confussed . HA HA !! Sorry
  12. Sorry , but you have me on the wrong sailing . Maasdam 20-June-16 14 day Great Land Explorer R/T Seattle
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