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  1. Yes, we have the same cruises booked. As i understand it, previously Carnival Australia didn't transfer status automatically. My PVP now says it should be seamless as they have merged databases. I dont find the australia cruise critic boards helpful for researching excursions as we prefer to do independent tours,( not like the caribbean boards anyway). Apparently they dont make ship excursions available until you are on board. As we have already booked, not sure we can use FCC or OBC from upcoming cancelled cruises (we have oct magic, expect will be cancelled and Jan transatlantic ... give it
  2. just an update from OP here, my wife received a different premier cruise offer, EP1, which includes $250 obc. Our PVP allowed us to switch our 7 day south pacific out of Brisbane to a 12 day New Zealand out of Sydney for same price (well free interior), so that checks one more thing off bucket list. Initially when we tried to switch Carnival said we would have to forfeit our deposit on Brisbane cruise (PVP was on holiday) When she came back from holiday she had supervisor change cruise with no charge, love my PVP!!! So now we have 11 day south pacific, then 3 days in Sydney and a 12 day New Z
  3. Just spoke with my PVP, she said call on due date (July 26) and she would postpone final payment date. My situation is compounded as canada/us border will likely still be close for our Oct 24 cruise... if i make final payment and cruise is a go (give it 1% chance) and i cant cross the border i'm out full payment. Still on the fence tho...
  4. how about shareholder credit, we have B2B in oct 2020, that i expect will be cancelled. We have $100 and $150 shareholder OBC, will that tranfer over? Will we get offer for $600 for each leg ?
  5. wow, that is a great offer, we have decided to do 11 day out of brisbane, then fly to sydney for 3 days, fly back to brisbane and do 7 day, then fly home. Thanks for your input
  6. Received this "Australia all in" casino offer... free inside, dou (in casino). I have never seen this one before. Flights from canada are crazy expensive so free inside is not really an incentive. Ports are in south pacific, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Fiji etc. so it is a bucket list thing. Wondering if platinum status transfers to AU carnival? Disembarks from Sydney or Brisbane. Looking at booking in 2022 so covid may not be an issue, i hope. Has anyone ever booked this offer and how was your experience. Sydney appears to be more enticing than Brisbane but really have no idea. Thanks
  7. just to clarify i think you mean Oct 17th...we are booked as an ultra cruise, looking forward to it but not the end of the world if it gets cancelled. First world problems eh
  8. The memory that stands out for me was climbing the volcano in St Kitts to the caldera. Very hard but rewarding. It cant be done now because a golf course owns the property with access to the trail.
  9. I'll be okay then... I have watched every season of walking dead
  10. Is uber readily available at port of miami? Is there a special area for ridesharing? We normally use shuttle service but we have a 11am flight departing from fll
  11. wow, i might have to book one, i didnt think that everyone would get a prize, thanks for your responses
  12. Received our very first ultra cruise email offer today (well... booking starts april 30). My current premier offers are including $500 casino cash but the ultra is only $200. The other difference is "chance" to win gifts like iphone, ipad etc. Everything else seems the same. DOU for both. Wondering what your experiences are? I dont see the deal in my offer section, I expect i will april 30, Thanks
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